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Volume 6 & Another Teaser?

Dec 13, 2013

Can I interest you in a signed book, my friends?


Can I also interest you in a closer look at NPC?


-Because I Can.

  • Max Russell

    NPC has already caught my interest–simply as a Sohmer-endorsed project–and my head is buzzing with questions. Will it keep the RPG feel LFG had toward the beginning? Is it a supplement, direct spinoff, or short like CADs sillies? Why have I already fallen prey to the deliberate and obvious “mysterious” marketing? Will there be chicken? Here’s to some answers!

    And sorry about the kickstarter. I know I’m a bit late, but it honestly hurt to see something so beloved take a chance and fall short. Hopefully you guys have no hard feelings.

  • The huntress in the night there already is one.

    • sohmer
      • JadeStarrz

        That was such a good issue #1. I really hope we see issue 2.

      • bnohe

        Yeah, you’re using the exact same name, the exact same tagline, but, ooooh, you have a different URL. That makes all the difference…

        • Steven Thomas

          the other one has made a point of saying on multiple occasions that they ARE. NOT. NPC.
          However this is sohmer saying “I can use the Pre Existing NPC name and tag because he can…..
          Excuse me?

          • Christie deSouza

            …probably because the acronym “NPC” has been around way longer than “LFG”… 9_9

  • jmoschner

    My guess is this is a strip that will focus on the supporting LICD characters. The idea being Richard and co. are the PCs and characters like Tim NPCs.

    • sohmer

      A mighty solid guess ;)


      Tim is a striper?

  • John

    Sohmer. I have loved the last few comics. The return to pure storyline with subtle punch lines makes me stay up late to see what is coming next. If you keep this up and NPC is as good content wise as lfg is now becoming. You could have a mega million kick starter this summer