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A Whale of a Tale

 You may have noticed we’ve begun a brand new tale on NPC this week, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that it’s being penciled and inked by the very talented Bobby Timony:

New Jersey born artist Bobby Timony has been writing and illustrating comics and drawing storyboards for over a decade.

Bobby’s career in professional art started with some of America’s top advertising agencies – including Bates AdvertisingJWT, and BBDO, where he drafted storyboards for M&M, Campbell’s Soup, and Gillette.

In 2007, Bobby, along with his collaborator and twin brother Peter, debuted his paranormal detective webseries “The Night Owls” with  DC Comics. In 2009, “The Night Owls” was nominated for multiple Harvey Awards for Best New Series and Best Online Series, and earned Bobby a nomination as the Best New Talent. When the print edition of “The Night Owls” debuted in 2010, the book received a  Lulu nomination for Best Female Character and a a  Cybil Award nomination for best Young Adult Graphic Novel. His work has been featured on MTV, Comic News Insider, Publishers’ Weekly, and New Jersey’s own Independent Press newspaper.

Most recently Bobby has been hard at work on his own comics like Goblin Hoodon Comixology and Detectobot at Monkeybrain. He’s also been busy working on some storyboards and concept art at Disney.

Bobby counts Carl Barks, Jack Cole, and E.C. Segar among his influences and is compelled to capture a bit of that unapologetic fun in his own work. He is an active member of the National Cartoonist’s Society, is a bona fide “No Prize” recipient, and lives in California with his wife and bunny. 

If that’s enough, I’d urge you to check out Bobby’s Kickstarter, Monster Pin Up Girls Playing Cards & Hardcover Art Book.

It’s well worth your investment.

In the meantime, sit back, relax, and enjoy the tale.

-Because I Can.

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