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Jun 25, 2013

As we’re neck deep in a new Kickstarter, I thought it was a good time to go over the last and only other LFG Kickstarter we’ve done to date, LFG: This is War.

The purpose of that KS was to raise enough funds to finish an animated musical short, the spiritual follow up to Slaughter The World. Any left over funds would be put towards pre-production of the LFG Movie.

As a side note, the LFG Movie is something we’ve been working on for the last 5 years and something we’ll be working on for the next 5 as well. It’s a massive project, and the way we’re doing it now, is going to take a great deal of time and money. Any other LFG projects we can get under our belts is a huge help to getting more financing for the movie.

But, back to Kickstarter!

I’m a huge fan of transparency, and the more you can see, the better you’ll understand why we do the things we do.

So first, let’s do the financials:


$37,063 transferred over to help fund a film with a projected budget of approximately $7,000,000. Granted, it’s barely a drop in the bucket, but please don’t be discouraged. We’re using that coin on pre-production for the film, hiring a story editor to refine it and begin work on all the art assets.

Remember, as badly as you’re waiting to see a feature length LFG film, Lar and I are waiting even harder.

If you’re a backer, you’ve been updated throughout the process, but for everyone else: TiW is going live to Backers in very early August, and live to everyone else a week after that.

So, now w’re busting our asses on LFG & The Fork of Truth, hoping for two things. 1, to create a ridiculously fun game that we’ll all enjoy for years to come and 2, to add to that LFG: Movie War Chest.

Any questions?

-Because I Can.

  • lisa

    really appreciate all that info; awesome job explaining everything :)

  • Cindy Lewis

    “$37,063 transferred over to help fund a film with a projected budget of approximately $7,000,000.”
    “the LFG Movie is something we’ve been working on for the last 5 years and something we’ll be working on for the next 5 as well”
    In other words,unless the fanbase increases exponentially and donates a whole lot more, or you get a studio contract, chances are this film will never actually happen and continuing to fund your campaigns is pointless.

    • Rothshaan

      Many successful lines started small and grew through word of mouth and fan donations.

      The October Toys line OMFG! is one example, and many other older lines have been given new life through dedicated members, not funds (Battle Beasts, He-Man, ThunderCats, anyone?)
      Yes, some of the lines I mentioned would have the possibility of bringing in more money, but by many they are still virtually looked over and are kept alive by love and dedication through the fans that they have, and with word of mouth and exposure, gather more everyday. People don’t even have to be fans to appreciate the effort someone is putting into a unique project, which can be enough of a reason to back it.

      I’m sure you’ll just find something else to nit-pick with, and say why it’s still pointless. To each there own, but perhaps you need to see the results others have had with even fewer on board and a shorter deadline than what these guys are working with.
      You want to make this more of a possibility? Stop griping and start introducing people to the comic and the other things these guys are doing, and what these guys want to accomplish.

    • sohmer

      No, that’s not remotely what I’m saying.

      I’m saying it’s a huge project that’s going to take years, and we put money into every day, and will continue to do so, along with whatever sources of financing we find.

      We’re doing a film, but we’re doing it right.

      Also, to set the record straight, the fanbase isn’t ‘donating’ anything, they’re purchasing items through Kickstarter, and we are using the profit margins to fund the movie.

  • Dru Bolack

    wait, one week for everyone else? make it a month, those backers deserve to feel like they are getting there $$ worth. granted i’ll enjoy the fact that it is only 1 week later, but still.

    • sohmer

      Backers also get HD and downloadable versions, as well as a few other perks ;)

      • TattooedSasquatch

        Sohmer aren’t you also re-vamping Slaughter the World with the new art as well? I thought I had seen such a statement but I’ve slept and drank a lot since that occurred.

        • sohmer

          Man, I wish. We’ll do it sometime in the future, but not yet unfortunately.

          • TattooedSasquatch

            This is what I was thinking of…..

            “Digital Level – You’ll get a DRM-free HD Digital Copy of “This Is War” as well as a high-rez Digital Copy of “Slaughter Your World”

  • DaveSangor05

    SO uh.. i was never answered on the last post…

    Is 30 days the maximum that Kickstarter allows? Because 600k is ALOT for 30 days… For me personally, I’d LOVE to jump at the $175 collectors package.. but timing isn’t exactly the greatest right now… I’ve got birthdays, etc. coming up in July that take up money… August is a maybe… I’d love to see this game happen!

    Thanks Sohmer!

    • Andreas Gustafsson

      Setting your project deadline

      Funding can last anywhere from one to 60 days, however a longer duration
      is not necessarily better. Statistically, projects lasting 30 days or
      less have our highest success rates. A Kickstarter project takes a lot
      of work to run, and shorter projects set a tone of confidence and help
      motivate your backers to join the party. Longer durations incite less
      urgency, encourage procrastination, and tend to fizzle out.


      • DaveSangor05

        Hrm.. I dunno 30 days still seems like so little to raise such a large amount… sure projects have done it.. but I dunno.. I guess we’ll find out in 24 more days.

        • FearTheHero

          I think in terms of size if they attempt this KS again they should extend it out. People like me are barely scraping by and would love to donate; unfortunately even a bare minimum donation would take a month or two of budgeting. I failed to be able to help on the last one (due mainly to lack of cash but also lack of confidence in the creators to deliver) and upon seeing proof of completion of their other KS promises I want to jump on the next one(s) if I can. [Posting the short as public was a very generous thing to do; I am just glad to see proof of it being done and would happily have settled for other people's comments - but thanks for the video!]

          I have an empty trail mix jar that I toss change into whenever I happen to have some. It now has “LFG KS FUND $ – DO NOT SPEND” written on it in Sharpie. I hope to have at least $50 in change stashed in it for the next KS.

    • sohmer

      What we’ve found in the past, is that 30 days is still the sweet spot for a campaign. I’d rather try and fail quickly, then linger on for 2 months ;)

      • DaveSangor05


        so does not hitting 600k in 30 days mean death of the game?

        • Paladin Studios

          It means the game will get zero funding from the KS campaign. In practice that means the game will not get made anytime soon, unless there is a miracle and we find another source of funding.

          But that is only IF the Kickstarter fails! There are still 21 days to go, and a lot can happen in that timeframe. :-)

  • CharlesL

    I am a first time contributor to the LFG Kickstarters, long time fan of the comic. It’s not that I didn’t want to contribute to the other Kickstarters, just circumstances made it impossible.

    I’ve been reading the negatives posts about LFG and their attempts to “weasel” money out of their fans without showing any progress lately. That’s why I am glad that you have taken the time to make this post. A post like this is what crossed my mind when reading the negative comments. I in no way support or even see the validity of these comments , and will support LFG in their future endeavours.

    I wish while reading the comments, that I had seen more community support backing you up but that’s the problem with the internet. Almost any good deed done in this world, goes without acknowledgement.

    Thank you for the many years of entertainment and I am looking forward to many years more.


  • Matthew Cleary

    awesome! it is good to see progress in the area. as i stated before i know alot goes into making a movie, and granted its a small amount but I think if this keeps going it will happen sooner than you guys expected. keep up the awesome work!

  • Will

    so what your saying is you need 140,000 fans to donate $50 bucks or 70,000 fans to donate $100 bucks or 35,000 fans to donate $200 bucks … do you know your fan base? and if you do why not ask in such a definitive way? you gave a great explanation of how it all works.. but if fans really want to see this movie and play this game.. i just don’t see how a stuffed animal really makes that much of a difference or compensation…. if your fan base all has jobs and make a moderate amount i’ll bet they can spare $50 bucks without expecting to receive some stuffed animal/nick nak that they are going to set of a shelf and let it get dusty anyway and throw away in 15 years.. and lets be honest if they have the money and they really do want a little nick nak.. why cant they just buy it? as an example there were enough fools (including me) that bought BF3 when it came out and got screwed by EA and had to buy the game again in order to get the DLC. lets be honest guys.. if you can fork out $50 to help fund a movie, you’ll probably have no problem paying a bit more to buy it when it comes out. heck if your fan base is 7,000,000 … $1 thats it.

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