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Nov 26, 2013

As the holidays are fast approaching, we thought it might be a swell idea to help you with some of your shopping. Because we’re good people.

What’s that you say?

By picking up one or more of these items you’ll also help us create a 22-minute pilot for an LFG: Animated Series. Not a bad deal, no?

Click the following image and pick something up for that LFG-lover in the house.


-Because I Can.


  • David herbert

    Oh yeah, I remember getting Kings Comics to stock LFG when issue two came out. I think you would have done a lot better on sales with a bi-monthly instead of quarterly releases, especially since it came out months after the comic went online, but then Lar’s hand might have fallen off.

    Personally I’d rather that not happen.

  • Fusionater

    Hm…sad to say, things aren’t looking to good for the pilots funding so far(last 5 days of kickstarter campaigns are always impressive so I’ll wait for that), if it doesn’t succeed, will you give it another go in a couple of months?

    As for buying LFG stuff as Christmas presents…that only works if everyone in my family is enough of a fan to want that stuff, no one else in my family is even a fan.

    • Wesley Foxx

      He’s made it pretty clear that he’s just going to keep trying kickstarters as long as there’s no reason (beyond bad publicity) to stop doing them.

      • Fusionater

        It’s very clear that the reason he wants to do these big projects is to get the LFG name to a broader audience, no shame in that. Though he could work to improve his overall planning of these things.

      • sohmer

        After this one, we’re not going to be doing an LFG Kickstarter for quite a while. We’ve got some changes to LFG coming in January that we’ll be focusing on for 2014.

        • Wesley Foxx

          Especially if you manage to hail-mary the other 3/4ths of the funding in the next two weeks, I’d hope you’d be more than busy enough :P

          • sohmer

            That’s the dream ;)