State of The NPC

When tomorrow’s page of NPC goes live, the most startling thing you’ll likely notice is that it’s the first page, after 6 full tales, to not be drawn by Hawk.

Instead, it was penciled, inked and colored by the talented and obscene Ali R. Thome, who we’re lucky enough to have on for the duration of 7th tale.

Have no fear however, as Hawk is still the primary artist on NPC, but after a run of 73 pages, I felt he deserved a well deserved break.

That said, the next few tales will be done by a myriad of different artists before coming back to Hawk at the helm.

With that in mind, I’m always on the lookout for artists to hire for a tale or two, so I bring the question to you-

What artists would you like to see on NPC?

-Because I Can.

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