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Nov 11, 2013

It’s never easy to try something new, or go in a completely different direction than previously planned, yet it’s necessary. Scary as all hell, but this is what it is to create. And call me a liar if I don’t admit to loving every second of it.

With that, we head once more into the breach with the beginning of the LFG: The Animated Series Pilot Kickstarter.


Most of the answers to any questions can be found on the KS page, but a few things I did want to note -

LFG: Volume 6


We are starting the pre-sale on LFG Volume 6 a bit differently this year, rolling  it into the Kickstarter. If you’d like to get a signed copy of LFG 6, the KS is the only way to do so.

By signed of course, I mean from both Lar & I.

The Dick Hat


We’ve been working on this little item for a few months, and they should be hitting our warehouse in a few weeks It’s a great hat, one I think you folks will love.

It will eventually be on the LFG shop for sale, but long after the KS has come and gone.

The Crew Shirt


One last exclusive item, is the fantastical Crew Shirt, available only to those who pick it up off of the KS.

Once again folks, if I didn’t say it enough in the KS video, thank you.

Thank you, thank you.

-Because I Can.

  • Final Echelon

    Now you’re cooking with gas :thumbsup:
    Can’t wait to see that pilot :)

    • sohmer

      You and me, both.

  • Brendan Conway

    Episode + Hat==$40, Hat==$25
    Episode + Shirt==$50, Shirt==$35
    Episode + Book==$50, Book==$35.

    Episode + Hat + Shirt + Book== $140
    $15 +$25 + $35 + $35 !=$140

    What’s the deal?

    • La Volpe

      The deal is that you are not “buying” them. You are contributing to the project. Those are rewards, no in-sale items.

  • Fusionater

    So…wait…all that stuff about people saying you should wait until after the holiday season…which is logical…was just ignored? Why? Is there a reason this kickstarter had to happen right now?

    • Dru

      Maybe there’s a record for the most KS launched in a single year?

      The question is if this fails, it’ll be relaunched AFTER the holiday season like it should have been in the first place.

      • sohmer

        Nah, if it fails, it fails. And if it does, I’ll be focusing more on LICD animation, and just keep my LFG attention on the comic.

        • Dru

          So, does that mean if this one fails, you’re just giving up all together on something animated for LFG?

          • sohmer

            Not forever, just temporarily. Go back to the drawing board, and focus on other projects for a bit.

          • Sylihra

            If it fails I doubt it’d be because of a lack of interest/want in the series. It’d be more likely to possibly fail due to it being the holidays and people not having the extra cash. Sucks that it would be pushed to the back just because of that; since, as you say, you use KS just as a way to feel out what people would want and not just monetary reasons…
            I hope it works, cuz it would suck to have to wait and wonder if this will actually happen eventually or not just because the timing for a KS is poor. :(

          • sohmer

            Like a fox ;)

        • Marco Vivero

          I think that if this KS fails is because of its poor timing, not because people don’t want LFG animated.

          Me for example, I’m not gonna lie to you saying I would take the Voice Cameo Level or something (although I would like to) but if you had waited for next year I would maybe take the Treat yourself level. But right now? Well my Bear 2 books are here so as I promised I’ll pledge, but I’m afraid I don’t think it will be anything over the digital omnibus level. Sorry.

          So, back to my point, I really hope that if this fails you won’t give up or wait years to try again because I’m almost sure people want LFG animated, they just can’t afford it right now.

    • sohmer

      Some folks said to wait, more folks said to go for it, and tie in our regular christmas offerings into the KS.

      If we didn’t go now, it would’ve had to wait until October 2014, unfortunately. Scheduling with the animation studio, and other factors.

      • Fusionater

        Some folks could have been added to the more had you waited…but if October is when you would have had to open up shop again, I can see that as to big a window to put the next big project on the backburner, so I leave it to you.

        • sohmer

          We really look at all the feedback, and the statistical data that KS had. We made the call, only time will tell if it was the right one.

          • Fusionater

            Question, could you have raised the funds around febrary, and began using them to produce things come october?

          • sohmer

            Technically, yes. But then we would’ve raised funds in February, but only delivered the pilot in April/May of 2015. That didn’t seem the way to go to me.

          • Fusionater

            All right, time will tell how this works out. (:

          • sohmer

            Usually does ;)

  • Wesley Foxx

    So I guess there’s no real downsides to having a kickstarter project fail, because you guys REALLY aren’t afraid of having a lot of them.

    • sohmer

      We’ve had one LFG project fail, and one succeed. I’m hopeful on this one!

      • Sylihra

        Hopeful is awesome, but still….if it doesn’t? What happens to those pre-orders? That’s good information for your fans to have, just in case.

        • sohmer

          If the project fails, all the money gets returned (usual Kickstarter form). And we’ll wind up doing the books the same method we have in the past, here on the site.

  • King Zamiel

    Sometimes you just have to sit back and watch the train wreck happen.

  • Semphris

    Good job guys. Knock it out of the park!

  • Gonadius

    This’ll be the first LFG book I won’t get a signed copy of… A pity. Still, never mind.

    • sohmer

      If you come to any shows, we’ll be happy to sign it for you there. We’re doing 10 next year, I believe!

      • Gonadius

        Only if you meander across to the UK. You didn’t this year and I… Well I probably wouldn’t have come see you anyway but that’s not the point dagnabbit!

        • sohmer

          Yeah, we had to skip the UK show this year because of the birth of the twins. I’m hoping to do MCM next year again.

          • Kang the Unbalanced

            You and Lar had twins? Congratulations!

          • sohmer

            Yeah, it was quite the miracle of science & sorcery!

  • sohmer

    I appreciate that man, thank you.

  • sohmer

    Not hearing any issues on the sound, but if it persists, please let me know!

    • darkorical

      Well it took a while to get around to watching it again but upon re watching it the audio was not as horrible as I originally thought however the amount of extra noises in the beginning at the blueprint style portion was a bit overwhelming. but all in all not nearly as harsh of a response on a second viewing. Thanks for taking the time to check and reply.

  • Brendan Conway

    Wouldn’t shipping be included in the original cost of each item? And there’s no way that shipping for all 3 together costs more than shipping each of them separately.

  • Fengor

    You’re freaking kidding me right? I have to back the kickstarter if I want to get a signed copy of volume six this year?

    I’ve been buying a signed copy since volume 1, and volume six will be the one not signed because I’m not interested in funding a lfg tv pilot? Sorry to be blunt but I think that’s BS. I wait every year for the pre-orders to start so I can be sure I get one since I can’t make any of the conventions you guys go to; hell I can’t make conventions period. Hell, I’d pay extra on a pre-order if it meant I could still get a signed copy without backing the kickstarter.

    As a long time fan, I sorta feel like I’ve been kicked in the balls. I mean, when I say I look forward to the pre-order announcement all year long, I mean that multiple times during the year I’ll find myself trying to locate my past invoices to make sure I didn’t miss it.

    I just don’t really know what to think about this, other than I don’t like it. I still want it, but not if it means I have to fund something I have no interest in.

    • sohmer

      Over the past few years, we’ve been signing less and less books. With our schedule, it’s just a hectic thing to do, and unfortunately, we can’t spare the few days it takes to sign thousands of books.

      That said, we’re doing 10 shows next year, and we’re more than happy to sign anything there. And if you can’t get into a show, we could always post our hotel information and do it there.

      Apologies for the inconvenience!

  • Arvamas


  • megas88

    *Insert long evil laugh*
    YES! ALL THE YES!!!!!!! I will totally back this. I wanted to fund another kickstarter but I don’t get paid until after it’s over BUT THIS! This falls right into my pay day. Happy fishy I am ^^.
    Oh, and my friend says there was quite a bit of hate on this project. I’d like to introduce you to my friend on the right here Mr FWOOSH. And his lady friend on the right SHWING. I will let them explain to you why you don’t hate on things that are too awsome for you to comprehend.


  • Max Elsen

    OMG Nooo…
    Fuck the kickstarter site
    Is there anyway i can donate 15 euros for this
    I have no credit card i would love to do it with pay pall tough

  • regularjoe

    I watched the video and had no problems at all.

  • Juri Bitsenkov

    I would love to back this up for the signed book as I got all the previous books signed but 70 dollars is just too much for me, hope you will do the book signing the traditional way aswell

  • gixgrey

    hope all goes well here with this! just sad i cant contribute to the cause…soo…Good Luck!!

    • sohmer

      Appreciate the kind words, man!

  • sohmer

    No, we’re gonna limit the amount of books we sign so that we can spend more time making content.

  • Max Elsen

    Please once more open this kickstarter for people that do not have credit card and u might actually get tons of more money
    Please do so cause im not going to that much difficulty to kickstart since its not that easy here to get a bloody creditcard
    but i do want to help once again
    Open up to Pay Pall or Ideal or something more then just those Bloody credit cards

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    On a completely unrelated note, #723, another good one; wryly funny and pointy in the Tom Lehrer sense of the word. When you guys are on, you’re bloody well on.
    (Typically when you’re not it’s because you’re *cough*coasting for months at a time between intermittent bouts of story*cough*.)

  • MuchachoNL

    The game fluked, so you decided to do an animated series now?
    I’m starting to see why people didn’t want to back you on the game: you just want to do too much.
    I’m a huge fan, but I don’t see this going anywhere soon…

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