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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • JorTanos

    And now we know why he truly snapped.

    • Silly Zealot

      Yeah, those interest rates really get to you.

  • safyrejet

    Is that gonna be clipboard demon’s excuse for everything? Where’s his clipboard, under the pillow, right?

  • westerlywind

    I’d like to think it was Richard and his life falling apart that made Hcitb snap but I have a feeling there is one more hellish event to just push him a little further off that cliff. I’m also waiting for Hctib to somehow get Richard in the demon world so they both can do very bad things. These comics are so much better than the current version of LFG.

    • Piret Rhapsodos

      Yeah, okay. We get your ‘trope’ You favor Chaos, Hellish things, blah, blah, blah. Could you have a seat with the rest of the predictables? It gets old now, as does seeing other predictables trying to ‘guess’ a plot that isn’t under their control.

      • ArkArks

        We knew someone like you will eventually raise a voice against us sharing our theories.
        You know we’re prognosticators, right?

        • Piret Rhapsodos

          Yep. Which is why nothing gets done. ;)

          • Fengor

            That’s procrastinate, prognosticate is predicting the future.

          • Piret Rhapsodos

            That’s nice. ;)

          • DerpyKee

            You’re trying so hard! :)

          • Piret Rhapsodos

            Nah. You guys try the most hard. :D

          • Zatheyll

            Sure smells like Middle School in here.

          • Guest

            Sure smells like ballzacks on you. :3

      • westerlywind

        Did someone piss in your pie hole or are you naturally a butt hurt grumpy pos because your mom keeps reminding you that she should have had an abortion?

        • Piret Rhapsodos

          The only one butthurt here is you, sweetie. :3

          • Rarazal

            Woooah, guys! Calm the fuck down. It’s just a Comic, right? (I mean, it’s an epic Comic, but still)

          • Piret Rhapsodos

            No, -you- calm down.

          • Rarazal

            I will :) I just wanted to say that I don’t see any reason to get rude here. I was adressing not only you, but also westerlywind, because Sohmer said that they’re going to take the commentaries down if there are two many insults and stuff. I’m on your side with the whole ‘we don’t need predictions’-thing, but it’s not necesseray to insult the predictors. Of course, this is the internet, trolling and hating are almost tradition here, I’m just saying that being nice is an option too ;)

          • Piret Rhapsodos

            Oh, fine….

  • LaughingTarget

    Poor guy just isn’t cut out to be a demon. He’s way too nice. I suspect that Clipboard Demon was supposed to be Richard’s familiar. He really enjoys the whole “being evil thing” and probably would have been perfect for Richard. But, he lacks the self control to think of the future and, deciding for the most evil thing he could have done immediately as opposed to long-term evil prospects, sent Hctib off to Richard because it was just funny.

    • Da’Zlein

      And Richard has only relatively recently started to consider what his actions mean for others and looked back at what he’s been doing… Seems like Hctib stayed sane for longer than many would have in his situation…

  • Soeroah

    Hang on, we need some more focus on his wife for a bit.

  • TruDivination

    wow. just….wow Hctib sucks at being evil. Poor guy.

  • Raxxiloxx

    demons must have invisible sex organs

    • Matt

      Or retracting. Just sayin’.

  • Orolandes O’Rourke

    He’s married to a sucubus. What was he expecting?

    • Fengor

      I mean, he does know they’re demons…right?

      • Da’Zlein

        Everyone knows that to demons, marriage just means living in the same house for extended periods of time…

  • Kent Anderson

    I think it is still Hctib;s house, he only got the eviction notice 1 week prior, don’t those things usually take 30 days or something? Still awkward…

  • BatchElder69

    ya know…….
    we still don’t know who his Master is ……
    Richard may not even be in the picture yet….
    Htcib may have already been a broken toy by the time Richard got him…

  • Da’Zlein

    But why did he start wearing mickey mouse gloves?

    • Bound Fenrir

      Because Richard was going through his Disney period, and super-glued them on.

  • Fusionater

    That kid…that was flat out shitty…damn.

    • Lars

      You know he’s a demon, right?

  • Piret Rhapsodos


  • Qwefg Lockheart

    this really doesn’t make much sense… 1st there was poor ooochek and then the whole “the more he destroys, the more he wants to.” line which seems to show that his master is evil… yet he keeps turning well less evil or the other demons hate him more because of his master (which is more likely).

  • ShadowRaavenTK

    I see two things here. One is the title being “Hctib” Diaries. Not “Hctib Elttil”. Perhaps its about the family in the end? If it really is him, then I see him as being too good hearted for a demon. He obviously doesn’t have what it takes to be a true demon or he wouldn’t be bothered by all the things happening to him. “You know we’re demons, right?”
    Also it seems his life is falling apart because he’s never around hence his son saying “strangers”, thus linking his hatred for being summoned too much.

  • Emily Stamp

    From looking at the design of Hctib Elttil, I believe the character we are seeing is not the Hctib we know and lov–loathe, as Hctib Elttil has a goatee, a much longer nose, black horns and toes, as well as a rat like tail. Also the Mickey Mouse gloves, the pants, and the constant EEEEEEEEEEEE and caps.

    Although I could be horribly awfully wrong, and Richard gave Hctib some plastic surgery for the longer nose and tail.

    • o0m-9

      Demon junior in this arch has black horns.

      You think Richard gets the son, too?

      • ryan

        Richard is evil like that.

      • Phlosioneer

        I’m betting the father got Richard’s father and the son is Hctib.

        • Sifar

          wasnt richard a good guy sorts before he went on to being a warlock.. On page 338 it shows that Richard used to be a little kind hearted boy.

      • Sifar

        He has the tail too .

    • ZenithC0

      You also have to realize the Hctib we know is insane. I’m just speculating but it seems this one is not insane, yet. He does look like he is getting there quick, fast, and in a hurry.

  • Kyle Hedleston

    Marriage is a legal thing, just for humans it tends to be conducted in front of some god. There are LE deities.

    • John Belrose

      Devils are LE…Demons are CE….

  • Piret Rhapsodos

    Does it now? Well, clean it up. :3

  • Piret Rhapsodos

    I have an answer for you, Crocell. Cry. Go sit on your bed and cry. If you do not like what I post? Continue to tear out your hair in annoyance that I’m posting. I don’t need to “Take a Look Back”. that’s for your kind. ;)

  • B Smith

    Ya’ll do realize, that nowhere have we been given the “main” characters name….. He started to give it on a previous page, But was cut off. This may not be Hctib we have been following, Maybe as said, The Son is Hctib

    • fghjconner

      Richard was the one who named him Hctib, so he wouldn’t have said Hctib even if this is him.

  • masterdebate

    Reading the comments is what pushed him over the edge you know…

    • Piret Rhapsodos


      But yeah, it gets stupid to see people talk about dumb speculations of the future, fap to Richard, and use stupid puns, rather than comment about the actual here and now plot. :/

  • Guest

    not richard

  • Rarazal

    “The Invisible Sex Organs”? Oh yeah, I’d totally listen to that Band. Just because of the name.

    • Enepttastic

      The catch is that the band’s really named, “The Invisible Sax, Organs.” It’s a band with two dueling organs and a saxophone player who never appears on stage…

  • Lucy Bodenhemier

    thats sad!

  • Lewran

    my coclusion of the Hctib Diaries so far:

    talented optimistic demons make the craziest M*otherF*ckers when they literaly SNAP (out) of it.

    i wonder what it says about cale?

  • Ceric

    Wait, Why wouldn’t he be able to pay his Mortgage? He’s obviously working more than he did. Also didn’t his son expect this would happen.

  • Half-elf

    I love the Mickey Mouse shorts.

  • Chastelier

    Damn that guy has some pretty teeth.