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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Crestlinger

    Are those Richard’s people?
    Would explain the lack of ammo for the catapults and bringing them if they launch Each Other at the enemy.

    • Oliver Sundberg

      i was just thinking the same thing

      • Shadow


    • Falkh

      Maybe they are Richard´s people and they are going to siege Phey, where Cale and Dick are imprisoned.

  • Fusionater

    “Something is not right here”

    No shit Sherlock. XD

  • Shadow

    If Cale was the one who said “something’s not right here”, Gid would B*tch slap him and say “What was your first clue, King Obvious?”
    It seems she brought his pet, AND his detective skills.

  • safyrejet

    Pre-helipad emergency medical evacuations. The take off works great….they’re still working on the landing/receiving end.

    I love Sooba’s face in the last panel. He looks a bit serious Scooby-Doo-ish to me.

    • Tj Phoenix

      Sooba is female, I thought? Trying to remember but I distinctly recall a page where they made her gender known…

      Please correct me if I’m wrong though

      • safyrejet

        I only have seen masculine pronouns when referring to Sooba. So I’m pretty sure he’s a he.

        • Tj Phoenix

          Thanks for clarifying! I have no idea how but for years now I’ve thought of Sooba as female… really turns things around when I think about it. (S)He has been a favourite of mine and the whole “You think you know me…” line is one I use almost daily with friends and family…

    • Aaron

      Holy crap. We actually have the whole gang if you think about it.
      Sooba = Scooby
      Benny = Daphne
      Pella = Velma
      Cale = Fred
      Richard = Shaggy

      Not sure how to take this…or how Tim fits in.

  • Murdath

    They have eyes behind their heads, I knew it.

  • TruDivination

    oh so the doing good curse has passed on to Benny now, huh?

    • Sepher

      Hope so, then maybe she will realize it’s not so easy and can’t dump all the blame on Cale. ;P

      • safyrejet

        Yeah, I’m kinda waiting for her to try to do what’s right and have half of it blow up in her face too.

  • TruDivination

    Or these are the residents of Pretty Pretty Pony. It would explain so very much.

    • Da’Zlein

      We could only load them onto the catapults 4 at a time!

  • Phlosioneer

    Pella and Richard think quite alike. “Sick? Throw them in the catapult!”

    • Scarecrow

      “Half asleep? Have a fun flight!”

  • Jeroen

    Clearly Dwarves see and say Catapault! No need to fix anything!

  • Matthew Vincett

    I see where this is going. Biological warfare, anyone?

  • Jakoli

    I’m wagering that they’re Richard’s undead citizens/minions/troops?

    • Hinrik Stefnir Ævarsson

      Thats what i figured

      • Brian Bartholomew

        The problem is Richard’s undead citizens/minions/troops is at the Capital.

  • Qwefg Lockheart

    I think this could be related to Richard though I do not think these are Richard’s people. They could be involved with the whole “While my power weakens his power grows” thing… that or their using the weak people to hide the siege weapons because after all who would check? (This world does not have the common curtsies or good will programs we have… or at least not done well.)

  • Tj Phoenix

    Fetchez la Vache!!

    • Kang the Unbalanced


  • safyrejet

    Sure, sure, nothing wrong with catapulting corpses. It won’t hurt them on the landing. They don’t constitute an emergency medical evacuation to me. The way I read that phrasing, you need to urgently evacuate the living to deal with them medically, don’t you? If it was for the dead, wouldn’t she have said “emergency coffin replacer” or something like that?

  • Elliott Voss

    Without getting into where these people are coming from, my guess is that these are refugees who have taken by force a means to get into Kethenicia. Which brings up the question of who is ruling Kethenicia right now, if the leader of the Bloodrage is not there and the Gnomeking and Styx traditionally are not fond of each other.

    • Xaldalneir

      If I remember correctly, Ray’d said that there was a ruling council in Cale’s absence. So I’d only assume each seperate faction had a representative, so Styx and Toyk are probably working together on that at the very least.

  • TheTrutha

    Come on, it’s quite obvious what is going on. The region is holding it’s first Pumpkin Chuckin contest in a LONG time. This is merely the group from the elder division of the contest, and they happen to be bringing some of their grand kids along to enjoy the fun!

  • Slacker

    Shouldn’t it be ‘The young, the old and the costly’? No wait, that would apply in our society today. It should be ‘The young, the old and the worthless’!

  • R3last

    The young, the old and the worthless – Best new soap opera

  • Jim

    Is it wrong that i could not take my eyes off of Benny and Pella. Odd that cartoons can be sooo hot.

    • WillBell

      Pareidolia at work. :)

  • Aria Repine

    No idea if my comment posted or not =(.

    But if it didnt.: “Emergency Medical Evacuations?” Im starting to wonder if Pella is really a Gnome from Dragonlance instead of a Dwarf now =)

    • Robert Loughrey

      I was thinking that exact thing. I figure if we find out she was raised in a volcano we’ll have confirmation.

  • John Banks

    Why am I not getting any picture here? The comics page is not here

    • David Rose

      I had the same problem. I was using Internet Explorer. I just switched to Firefox and can see the pages. So, it was either a component in IE that needed to be updated and it came with Firefox, or IE itself is screwed up.

  • Grymlahv

    How did they get sooba to stop flying?

    • wilder125

      Sooba “released some air”?

    • Shane Groves

      The dust wears off after a while. Eating the source would either end it, or make it a part of him. 50/50

    • Camy

      Pixie dust wears off, even the fairies of Pixie Hollow need a top up every day, to keep flying, and they take pouches of it to the Mainland with them.

  • safyrejet

    I guess that just doesn’t make sense to me because plague ridden corpses fired off a catapult are not gotten rid of, they still sitting somewhere spreading infectious plague, maybe even spreading it where you’re headed anyway. So unless it’s for war grossness//intention to take out the enemy that doesn’t compute to me. Best way to rid yourself of infectious plague ridden corpses and really be rid of them is burial or burning.

    I’m saying your point isn’t valid or even a real use for catapults, it’s just my original comment was logically focusing on how I interpreted the “emergency medical evacuations” that Pella said, and if you think about it my original interpretation I think that fits in better with the twisted humor of the comic. I didn’t think such a simple joke statement would stir up so many replies.

    Also this is a rather odd conversation. Not the sort of thing I’d usually type about on the interwebs. See what LFG does? It gets people talking about whether catapults are for the living or the dead.

  • mrsirwester wester

    how often do the chapters come out?

    • Jeremy Wilson

      Usually every Monday and Thursday.

  • wilder125

    Exploding useless fired by young people directed by old dictators. The newest fad in sieges.

  • safyrejet

    And like I said, I know it was a real use for catapults. But I don’t really know if reality applies well to LFG and reality wasn’t the point of my original joke-ish comment.

    Besides during the ignorance of the middle ages, the plagued corpses they fired off to kill their enemies or to save time on grave or burning likely killed as many of themselves as their enemies, given how readily viruses and bacteria spread: rats, birds, various other animals, polluted water, polluted air, polluted food, polluted land, unwashed hands and bodies, basic poor hygiene and bizarre practices…. Many people died during the middle ages, partly because they did a lot of stupid stuff.

  • Millennial Dan

    Then dwarves are both stupid AND rude.

    • Gottfried Alexander

      I believe she was making a joke… And rude is a matter of opinion. Dwarves are blunt, yes, but say things to the point. They are very efficient speakers.

      • Millennial Dan

        Calling someone “useless” because they happen to be ill is not a subjectively rude, it IS rude as a matter of fact. And if it was a joke, it wasn’t funny.