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  • safyrejet

    So Kethenica (sp?) still exists in some shape or form. I was wondering if all those different species who united under Cale would stay united or go their separate ways. If the idea of Kethenica would persevere. It seemed like Cale was pretty instrumental to all that and with him removing himself (and Richard) would it be better or worse. Arguably people of all races would survive better without Richard.

    • Adamas

      Sometimes a thing has to grow on it’s own, without some Great Example to say “You must be THIS!”

      • That guy

        But mostly things tend to actually get the chance to grow without Richard around.
        … unless your a flower. He’s good at growing flowers.

        • Adamas

          Corpses do make good fertilizer.

  • TruDivination

    I wouldn’t call her angry so much as weary. At the beginning of the comic, we could clearly see her rage in action, and it still flares up from time to time again now, but more subdued and sad.

  • Selvec

    Well she does have pink here, kinda has to live up to the emo reputation.

  • Duper

    …and the healing begins from grieving for her Father. If you’ve ever lost anyone that near to you, that is exactly how you feel. A bit lost and many times, angry. Throw that on top of a duffus boy friend with a roomate that has no tact and Presto!

    • Mr. D

      But she was a powerful healer even before her father died. She also, as we learned in the flashback, was a pretty powerful if unskilled healer as a child when she had no training.

      • Duper

        true. But she was going over her past. She didn’t have time to slow down and grieve the loss of her father. With the events of the last happenings, she is at her end. She needed to reflect and is tired and wrung out. She speaks with her uncle and gets some footing back.

  • Rarazal

    Some people were complaining about Benny’s “chickification”. This episode looks like it could be the start of her “un-chickification”. Honestly, I hope so. I’ve always liked the character, but I prefer the ballsy, self-confident priestess over the kinda coulourless, mopey chick..

    • Mustachio

      Colorless? But she’s…she’s green! TWO shades of green! (grin)

      • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

        but her emotional state is blue

        • R3last

          da boo dee da boo dieeeee.. you’re welcome

      • MidnightDStroyer

        Well…You have to mix blue with another color (yellow, but Benny isn’t a coward, by any means) to get green.

  • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

    lol on that last panel

  • Christian Brady

    Does it bother anyone else that a cow is female? Or is that the point, a gentle jab at “the bull”?

    • DE12

      My guess is it was a jab at the fact he acted more like a mother to her than a father.

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

      it possible that cow is being used as a uni-gender term and perhaps a racial term

      • Ashley

        This isn’t the first time she’s used cow to refer to her father. When you go past a field, you see a bunch of cows, most of the time you don’t specify gender.

        • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

          if figured as much

        • Marc Gaudet

          that’s because cows in the field are all female, the males, or bulls are kept separate to keep the females safe, but are we really discussing this?

          • Richard du Maine

            to quote a great man: “because we can”

          • MidnightDStroyer

            To quote a greater man, “Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.” Some of worst atrocities committed in history are because somebody said that they could do it.

          • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

            I don’t think cow is being used here in the traditional sence

          • Kyler Hunter

            Yup. Inane arguments are sometimes the best. We always had arguments about pie in our guild. It was great.

        • Random Tangents

          Yes, cow is a term referring to a female in many species, however, in the US in many parts, cow is the common name for bovine. Steak and burgers come from cows, even if they are usually technically from steer bovine. Cow=bovine is a colloquialism.

          • Ashley

            Your name is quite fitting for this discussion.

    • MidnightDStroyer

      That’s just a daughter’s affectionate way of giving her father a line of bull…

  • Edalb

    So sentimental and emotional *sniff*…..ok im done with this, BACK TO RICHARD AND THE EFFEMENATE ELF!!

  • Brendon Leenheer

    ok… that was actually quite sweet…

  • Mr. D

    It does kinda appear so, but I think it might have something to do with the “camera angle”. You know the whole “perspective” shots that give the optical allusions.

  • Mr. D

    The flashback ended with the bit with Krunch and Benny fleeing into the woods. We were back to the present when Benny and her uncle appeared, presumably in the same woods.

    • Maverick Hawk

      same thoughts here .. remembering the metal arm was made and given at nearly same time as Krunch died ..
      maybe i should reread ..

      • Bricabrac

        Ray’d got his metal arm just before they rescued Krunch. It was pretty soon after that Krunch died – but then I’ve just read the whole strip in a near-straight runthrough, so my sense of comic time is potentially a little skewed.

  • Itou Kyuuji

    Wait, if Benny FINALLY coming to terms with things and is such no longer angry at everyone around her?

    It’s about time.

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

      whether she has come to term with Cale is a different story

      • Meg Spradlin

        Because blaming Cale for all of the shit Richard does makes total sense. :/ I hope she gets over that soon.

        • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

          She blamed Cale for Krunch’s death, and that just wrapped all of Cale blunders together, yes some have been initiated by Richard, but much of Cale problems have been because he jumps right into the first thing he sees as saving someone before get all the facts straight, and has difficult getting his priorities strait, so Benny feels like she can’t depend on Cale.

          • Somebody_Else

            Yeah, we all know that when you’ve planned out an assault and when the flanking wave finally enters the field, if the opponent that you’ve worked out a tenuous truce with even though it wasn’t in the plan you told the flanking wave suddenly freak out and break the truce due to the appearance of the flankers and suddenly everything goes freaking pear-shaped in a big way, of course it’s the fault of the people that were doing what they were supposed to in the plane that the person that deviated from was already aware of
            Sorry for the run-on sentence. Just imagine it being done in stereo by Richard and hctib elttil. ;)

          • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

            ok but that was only one example

          • Adamas

            You could’ve just said “When someone suddenly decides to make a truce and not tell their own people when they come to help.. Sure, blame the REINFORCEMENTS.

          • svartalf

            That’s because the both of them have been lying to themselves.

            While protecting is an ASPECT of being a Warrior, General, and King- it’s not the primary one. He’s not embracing what he is and what he should be. Krunch paid the price for that, ultimately, but it wasn’t Cale’s fault when the rubber meets the pavement.

            Benny isn’t embracing what she is and what she should be either. She’s blaming other people for her not being where she needs to be, in truth.

      • Itou Kyuuji

        i dont see that happening for another 60-100 panels

      • martijnhoekstra

        Cale should come to terms with him being a General, not a Protector like Benny is first. Then we can talk.

        • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

          I think Cale should come to turns with his priorities which he is slowly starting too

          • BrotherCavil

            I think Cale should come to terms with his priorities, becoming male

  • John Belrose

    Rage has always been huge. I do admit it is nice to see uncle taking on Krunch’s role.

  • Tj Phoenix

    I read the first dialog bubble as “udderless” at first glance… made me giggle…

  • Random Tangents

    Am I the only one who reads Benny as if voiced by Katey Sagal?

    • thedemonette

      Not anymore.

    • Joseph Goethals

      Not until I read this comment. Now I can’t read it in any other voice. Thanks for that, ;)

    • Bricabrac

      Actually, I’ve been reading her as Cree Summer, and Krunch as Richard Newman.

      • John Belrose

        Which aspect of Cree? Penny-Cree, Elmyra-Cree, Heyna-Cree, Numbah 5-Cree, Cree-Cree (that last one sounded odd to me even, then again I did watch KND)? I mean each one has a different tone and inflection in her voice.

        • Bricabrac

          Of the Crees I know, possibly Suzie-Cree for the Gid, and Blackarachnia/Elita-1-Cree (or Foxxy-Cree) for adult Benny.

          • John Belrose

            Hmm good calls….Actually Penny-Cree (from Inspector Gadget) could also be good for young Benny, Foxxy-Cree too much attitude, I think Elita-1 or Cree-Cree could work better.

        • mremaknu

          I imagine her more as Kidagakash-Cree as an adult. Slides into Hyena-Cree when she’s raging.

          • John Belrose

            I completely forgot about Kida.

  • Dragoncat

    Keep doing what you’re doing, uncle…because you’re doing just fine.

  • Crestlinger

    Yay! Disc priest spec confirmed!

  • Ronald

    Is it mean that I read “Udderless”?

    • Drake_Nightfire

      No no, she definitely has udders.

      • Scott Henry

        Nice big round green ones.

        • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

          tow of them, one on the left and one on the right

  • martijnhoekstra

    It’s the perspective playing tricks with you. He’s actually far closer to the viewer than Benny in that panel. That must be it.

    • Bricabrac

      Well, he’s certainly a bit further away from us in the first panel, which is why he looks smaller there, and he’s crouching in the fourth. But yeah, Ray’d is even bigger than Krunch was, so if anything, he grew to the size he should have been in the first place. :P

  • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

    orcs can be sexy

  • Ori Klein

    Hey lookie here, comments!
    And…the top ones are making sex puns.
    Oh, jolly.

  • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

    *face palm* we are talking about her tits

  • Gorund

    wait isn’t it monday today? where’s my new page?

  • Cheetiara

    its too early…the new pages have been posted later and later recently,

  • Rarazal

    Y’know, I put “chickification” into quotation marks to show that I’m not sure if it’s a appropriate term myself. But no matter wether it is or not, it’s clear that she lost her edge. And in my opinion, this happened way before her father died; around the time when she and Cale became a couple. In the desert issue for example, the story with the giant worms and the imps, she didn’t do or say much, and when she did, she was nagging or angry with Cale. This does not fit the picture I have of her, so, with her being a tough, independent woman and going her own way. She got too dependent on Cale, and later on the fact that her father is dead.

  • Speedy Marsh

    Oh no, Ray’d! You let it slip that you have more information about Benny’s past than we do! Don’t you know that you’ve just marked yourself for death? As soon as you start to share that information, the Gods of the Graphics Tablets will strike you dead!