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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • David herbert

    “Time hasn’t given me back my arm yet.”

    • Shadow

      HAHAHAHAH Win!

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      That was my first thought as well.

    • Alucai Vivorvel

      He just needs to lose then replace his legs, then we can start calling him “Rabbot”. ;)

      • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

        or cybullg

        • Jay Lam

          Darth Krunch finds your lack of healing disturbing.

  • TruDivination

    Benny’s back to the old outfit!! (s0rt of)

    • Madcat221 .

      Unless the only explanation for it staying on her is that it’s held
      on by magic, then it’s not anywhere near being her old outfit.

    • martijnhoekstra

      probably a replacement for the more traditional post-breakup haircut.

    • Kristin Gale

      And a gold staff instead of black. Me likey.

  • TruDivination

    And Benny, time didn’t work beforehand, it made things worse, so ??????

  • Ian

    That is deep.

  • Shadow

    Was anyone else besides me thinking “wow, she grew up in all the right places”?

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber


  • Chris

    I like the dress.

  • Trogdor

    Someone needs to cut Krunch out of the first panel, paste him onto a space background, and caption it “I must go, my planet needs me.”

    • Dreadmoth
      • John Belrose

        Well done.

        • Miafillene

          Hrmmmm. If the webcomic artist doesn’t mind, and someone else doesn’t do it first…I possibly could? >.> I have rapidly fallen in love with this comic ever since the first…Hi, I’m Richard.

      • Max_White

        Bravo, good sir.

        Have an upvote.

  • Sander

    Hovering like a badass.

    • Shane Groves

      Who’s hovering?

      • Sander

        Krunch seems to be hovering. I know he isn’t, but it looks like it. His name was Krunch, right?

        • Shane Groves

          Yeah, the dark one is Krunch. I thought you were saying Benny is hovering.

        • Max_White

          I think it’s supposed to be mid stride.
          most quadrupeds spend about 3/10 of a stride with all legs in the air.

          • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

            well he’s bipedal, and how many legs are in the air depends on the gate which heavily depends on the speed at which the animal is moving

          • Bricabrac

            He’s bipedal most of the time, but right there, he’s running on all fours. And since his gait is “running”, yeah, he’ll spend a reasonable amount of time completely off the ground.

        • Jay Lam

          oh noes, he activated the no clipping mode.

  • Wesley Foxx

    I want Benny’s outfit for my priest’s transmog set.

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

      I want Richards outfit, they should sell costumes as merchandise

  • safyrejet

    Darn it. Back to the mopey blamey Benny.

  • Dragoncat

    Awwwww…. The flashback is over.

  • TruDivination

    You can see the age in their eyes…

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

      best place to look

  • Darnel Cooper

    …………………. whiplash.

  • Selvec

    Someone need to tell time to stop being a whore.

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

      or to least charge less

      • matt

        Maybe you should stop being so cheap

        • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

          wow way to kill a joke