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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Darnel Cooper

    Still Laughing,…. Please keep it coming.

  • TruDivination

    Best. Response. Ever. :3

    • rahl163

      Of all time.

  • Crestlinger

    The instrument of choice? The world’s smallest violin.

  • KaelHyun

    Hmm so Benny can have 5 Fingers on her left hand when she wants?(Second to last panel)

    • safyrejet

      She needs those for that instrument she’s gonna learn to play.

      • Kristin Gale

        Unless she plays percussion. ^_^

    • Blobsy

      So she CAN do magic!

    • Speedy Marsh

      Dnah’s fingers time travelled. Dnah has to keep in touch with all the all the important events in the story, or he’ll lose his grip on the plan. XD

  • safyrejet

    OOOh, Benny. You touched the robe.

  • Oliver Sundberg

    am i the only one who is getting the feeling Richard is involved in this???

    • Samuel Hawarden

      Plot twist: That’s Richard!

      • Bodri Takonyweaver

        Oh my, and you may be right:P

        • Asura

          If it was Richard the speech bubbles would be black with white text and a red outline as usual. Even if he was possessing the Sister, his phylactery would be there, like when he was possessing Cale and that statue.

          • Matt Dameron

            Disguises are a funny thing.

          • Asura

            True, but the only time Richard has been shown without the black speech bubbles is when his veil was knocked off. However, that was after his sentencing – that his undeath would end if he stopped being evil – whereas this is set many years before.

          • Speedy Marsh

            I’m sure a super warlock could come up with a simple voice disguising spell.

    • Efe Tunçay

      Richard isn’t fooling anyone with that.

    • Yuki

      No. I was thinking that very same thing. This is just like Richard.

      • Da’Zlein

        But Richard uses red fwoosh magic, this chick is using blue glowy magic

        • Speedy Marsh

          Here’s another idea: it could be Richard posing as a Sister, and using their type of magic, in order to teach Benny to use her “Sister” magic. Sisters probably would be expressly forbidden from teaching an outsider magic, so either this Sister is breaking the rules, or it’s not a Sister.

          Besides, it wouldn’t be the only time Richard cross-dressed or used makeup. If he was in Cale’s life at such a young age, maybe he was in Benny’s too. Also, Krunch implied that he knew a lot more about Richard than he ever told. That would make sense if he was allowing Richard to train Benny. Remember when Benny asked Krunch something about Richard, and he said, “Don’t ask if you value the notion of free will.” (Not sure if that is an exact quote)

          If it is Richard in disguise, I wonder how on earth he made a mask big enough to cover his brow ridges.

    • Sylihra

      Or this is really a Sister, since she had to learn about her heritage from somewhere, and this is the back story of that..

  • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

    wow LFG has a comment section now

  • Asura

    Best retort ever.

    • John Belrose

      I have to agree.

  • Sergey Slepomoriy

    looks like the sister is taking from the Piccolo school of training

    • Anthony

      and our first lesson will be “dodge!”

      • @arutopsipuikko

        which will inevitably fail and gid gets hit (unless she casts counter projectile to crash through sisters hadouken).. x)

  • Matthew Evans

    to quote Thorin, “Dragon.”

  • DeRosa

    I like what benny says at the end XD

    • @arutopsipuikko

      It’s her attitude.. “Nah, I can’t, you’re a stranger, go home, I go play piano”

  • Insanelyasinine

    It’s probably just angles of the hand.

    • Elfguy

      No, she definitely has 4 fingers an a thumb in panel 5. it’s probably just a mistake.

      • Insanelyasinine

        Didn’t notice that. Thought we were talking about the sister.

  • Natain

    :O Its people like you. God damn people like you who drive some of these poor artists to suicide xD Lets just say her power manifested for a second and she shape shifted her hand :v

    • Speedy Marsh

      Hmm… Dnah is missing two fingers, and Benny got two extras, briefly… Dnah’s fingers are time travelling!!! They also shrank to fit. We should keep our eyes open for other characters with extra fingers! XD

  • nodummyheads

    What evidence do we have to date that Richard is male, other than his/her name and anecdotes? Could all be part of a clever disguise. Plus, (s)he likes ponies. And the sister’s blue hand glow looks very fwooshy.
    Also, the “Richard doesn’t have boobs” argument is invalid, due to his/her being undead and skeletal. Therefore, I posit that the above sister is, in fact, Richardina.

    • Sam Abbott

      pretty sure in one of the older ones you see him alive in a flash back of his and he’s called Richard by his probably mother before he destroys the images

    • Zweisteine

      “Like ponies” is by no means a sign of gender. I have met males who throw logic out the door when talking about ponies…

      • nodummyheads

        OOC for a moment… with all of the ridiculousness in my post above, you focus on the bit about ponies? “Fwooshy” for the love of Sagan!
        All of us have known for a very long time that there is a lot more to Richard than we’ve seen up to this point. Personally, I’m beginning to suspect Richard isn’t even truly evil, and has chosen his path to be strong enough to face an even greater threat. Not only that, but he’s also been very carefully hardening Cale to the steel that complements his fwoosh in the battle to come. Or maybe he’s just a dick.
        Or maybe he’s a transgendered wizard that got exiled from the Sisters after they found out he could pee standing up and wore a stuffed bra!

        • Speedy Marsh

          I agree that there is more to Richard. And I don’t think he was evil at the start. I think he lost his way for a long time, but I think he is starting to remember his greater purpose. I know he’s starting to feel the toll that the price of staying cursed is putting on him.

          I believe that there was a prophecy ages ago, that Cale was to be the one to save the world, or something. I think it’s possible that Richard chose to accept the curse, so that he could live for thousands of years, if necessary, to grow strong enough to aid and protect Cale, as he fulfills the prophecy.

          All those centuries of evil acts to remain cursed, have really done a number on Richard psychologically, though. All his goofy antics could be his coping mechanism, keeping him from dwelling on all the lives he’s taken.

  • Adan

    “Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.”
    It’s an undercover sister from the Sound of Music.

    • Speedy Marsh

      Next, the Sister will break into song:

      How do you solve a problem like Benn’Joo – oon?
      How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
      How do you find a word that means Benn’Joo – oon?
      A flibbertijibbet! A will-o’-the wisp! A clown!

      Many a thing you know you’d like to tell her
      Many a thing she ought to understand
      But how do you make her stay
      And listen to all you say?
      How do you keep a wave upon the sand?

      Oh, how do you solve a problem like Benn’Joo – oon?
      How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?

  • Matthew Evans

    Adan, that is quote is taken from “Party Monster.” James St James says it in the beginning. And to close out the argument, the sister is actually…… Richards Mom!!!!

  • Matthew Evans

    When you read you begin with. That is correct I forgot all about that until you mentioned that scollege.

  • Andrei

    Actually it sounds more like his niece Ashley.

  • Sam Abbott

    Panel 5 – too many fingers :o

  • Someone Else

    Everyone noticed the Benny’s extra fingers but didn’t notice the Sister’s pigmentation in Panel 2? Aren’t the Sisters blue?

    • Draco Argentmanus

      What if this isn’t actually a sister… or at least… not a living sister…?

      • masterdebate

        What if it’s Richard in drag? Because that is a nice pattern.

    • Azure

      Could it be? Richard has a sister!?

      Epic Twist!

    • Feather Quill Inkpot

      Go back to page 286. Benny’s grandmother is blue, but the sisters are not.

  • Sam

    I need these daily!!! I dont care if you have a life, I dont! :).

  • nodummyheads

    I forgot about the paint… Or maybe it’s just a VERY clever disguise. It could be undead paint over not undead paint over Richardina’s actual undeadness. Or, alternatively, Richard is an evil twin and the sister is the good one. At least nobody debunked my fwooshiness observation.

  • Zweisteine

    Not blue enough.

  • RedDazes

    It’s not Richard… the eye brows are all wrong. Yellow eyes do not necessarily = Richard.

  • Pherlin

    Her mother has almost no grasp of magic

    • Lan

      And? That doesn’t mean she still doesn’t have the potential and can pass it on. Genes don’t get weaker if they’re not used, this isn’t Lamarckian Genetics we’re talking about.

      • Pherlin

        Nobody has said it can’t be her mother due to the fact that benny uses magic later, I’m saying it can’t be because her mother doesn’t use magic, so she isn’t going to be standing here in the forest teaching magic.

        • Speedy Marsh

          Maybe she does know magic, but just turned her back on it, when she left the Sisters. If it was an unpleasant parting, she probably has no desire to use magic.
          I’m wondering if the Sisters’ eyes are always that color, or if they are only like that when they have their magic charged up. If that’s a thing.

  • Radical Knight

    Surely everyone noticed the “text-bubble” in panel 5 and just didn’t mention it.

    • Adamas

      Benny’s mom is the Pirate that’s been helping them on and off. her Grandmother is the head of the Sisters.

  • Wes Lambert

    The sister is probably Benny’s grandmother.

    • Amy

      Isn’t the Matriarch lady Benny’s grandmother, if she’s the captain’s mother? If so, she’s let herself go a bit since then ;D

    • Speedy Marsh

      Krunch said that Benny didn’t get her mother’s slowed aging, so as Amy implied in her comment, Mother couldn’t have have aged that much since this point in time.

  • Emma Reynolds

    It could just be an actual Sister… Or do I have too much faith in appearances?

  • JasonAW3

    This, my friends, is Richard’s sister. If you’ve ever had a female sibling, then it’s self obvious.


    • Speedy Marsh

      Twisted Sister, if the ominous tone in her voice is any indication. ;)

  • Elfguy

    Benny still has 5 fingers on her left hand in panel 5…someone may wanna fix that.

    • Speedy Marsh

      I know! That was the first thing I saw on that panel. Maybe she can grow extra fingers at will. XD (I’m sure Dnah would love that ability about now)

      I was just commenting on the previous page, about the fact that she has a Bloodrage’s three fingers, not a Trolls four fingers with fingernails. (And definitely not a Human’s, Elf’s, or Sister’s five fingers)

      I do love seeing errors like this online. (But not in printed books) It makes you wonder how many mistakes they catch before we ever get to see them. I hope there’s some kind of webcomic bloopers site where they collect errors like this. If not, I might start one.

  • Amy

    As much as I love Rayne Summers, I think that shows a little lack of creativity on the writer’s behalf =/

  • Speedy Marsh

    He needed to apply the paint (or zinc oxide sunscreen?) to his skin, to hide the fact that he was un-dying since he hadn’t killed any innocents in a long time. If the Richard-ette theory was correct, then she could have started growing boobs back as she came back to life. (Man, this comic leads to some weird trains of thought.)

    I still hold to the tenent that Richard is, or at least was born, male. There’s no telling what Mr. Potato Head has attached under his robe right now. I wonder if he took more than two appendages from that bear…