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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Adamas

    I’ve been wanting to say this ever since this arc started. Benny is just so KYOOT!!!

    • Asura

      Fancy meeting you here.

      • Adamas

        been here for years, just keep forgetting my login for the forums.

  • Scott Henry

    Nah I don’t find kid benny to be cute at all. It’s trying to hard to make her cute and she’s coming off as annoying.

    • Hamukar

      I don’t know, Benny has that look that makes her cute but the annoyance of a child. Id say try to work with a way that just makes her seem like a simple child :/

      • Silly Zealot

        I all due honesty, I never thought two-toed, three-fingered, fanged green children came off as adorable….

        • Speedy Marsh

          She’s E.T. cute. E.T. looked like a turd, but everyone loved him and thought he was cute by the end of the movie. You’ve just gotta see past the surface. I love that Benny’s had her sarcastic, take no crap from anyone attitude since she was a kid.

          • Silly Zealot

            That’s… kind of it, actually. Her attitude only increases her ugliness, if not creates it altogether.

          • Speedy Marsh

            Well, if she is half Bloodrage, then she has their aggression to try to control, kind of like how B’Elanna Torres had to deal with being half Klingon. She would also probably also feel like an outcast or even a freak, since she was the only one of her kind. The fact that she glued fur on a couple of pages back, to try to look more like a Bloodrage, means she’s trying to fit in. Anyway, being stubborn as a bull is probably natural, and even acceptable behaviour for a young Bloodrage. So, whether it’s biological or learned behaviour, it’s hard for me not to love her disposition.