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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Lord_foul

    square pegs
    round holes

  • Fluffy

    Is he crying cuz it didn’t go well and he’s back, or is he crying because he just got a kick in the pants through a portal?

    • Idhren

      It could be that Richard immediately sent him back. If that’s the case, he’s likely crying from rejection.
      That, or he’s emerging to where Richard summoned him. In that case, he’s probably crying from joy of seeing his new master.

    • James Walters

      Well he’s not back as it would be a yellow light behind him to show he’s been dismissed. (See previous strip)
      I’m going to assume that he’s (Not crying) but got a tear in his eye because he’s just seen his new master and is in awe.

  • Airclever

    Judging from the disappearing light after he gets out, the guy he got summoned by died?

    • Gábor

      Thought the exact same thing.

    • Matthew Vincett

      I didn’t consider that, but that make PERFECT sense.

  • Brendon Leenheer

    It is a mixed message we seem to be getting here… Tears on a face that looks kind of surprised? Weirded-out? Incredulous? We know he just arrived however, as the portal he came out of was red, and subsequently closed. He is probably crying demon tears of joy :)

  • BatchElder69

    He’s come through the Portal and see’s his ‘young’ new Master…..
    Dead at Dick’s feet with the innocent caster’s heart still pumping in Richard’s hand…
    And Richard’s first words are …… Hello Hctib elttil

  • Darth Groves

    I am not sure why he is crying, but more and more his name is becoming a proper fit. Not just a silly insult. I am happy that he has a long future of repeated deaths.

  • Marcus

    BWAHAHA, instant dismissal… guess he didnt meet his new masters standards.

  • thepavuk

    Portal is closed = master is dead. That’s why he is shocked and have tear in eye.

    • Bricabrac

      Or, portal is closed = transit complete, doesn’t need to remain open for the time being.

  • Tj Phoenix

    He’s way too chipper for a demon/devil/whatever. Also, without the tail,
    it makes me wonder if this is not exactly hctib elttil… perhaps he’s
    hctib gib, father of hctib elittil (who does have a tail)? Maybe this is a tale (see what i did there?) of revenge…

  • Guest

    “Red portals have been assigned and ARE active”. Yellow are not active/dismissed. Could also be that if the summoner is dead as people seem to think, the original summoner could have been Richard in his human form “Lord Ashendale”. After all, we don’t know how old Hctib is, and Richard has not always been an undead necromancer

  • Sifar

    He is back where he started from. Richard is in his realm and is killing all the other imps, starting with his son. that is why he is crying. dont recalling seeing others like hctib

    • Firelotus

      but then again…. we haven’t seen many warlocks like Richard…

      • Darth Groves

        Hctib had a squad of different size demons that all resembled him in ways. I think Hctib is the son, not the demon we have been following so far.

  • Somebody_Else

    He met Richard on a bad day.

    • Sifar

      u mean like killing little ones , burning stuff ? that would be a good day …

  • safyrejet

    What a cliffhanger. What could make a demon cry?! Is it because he just realized he left for work without any pants?

  • TruDivination

    Maybe he’s crying cause he literally just got his butt kicked.

  • The Commissar

    [Witnesses his summoner being hanged with his own intestines by Richard]
    [Richard]‘It was less funny than it sounded…..’
    [Notices Hictb]
    [Richard]“……NEEEEEEEWWWWW TOY!!!’

  • Gunith D

    Actually, he’s back from first day of work… Thats why he’s crying

    • Da’Zlein

      Distinctly possible, everyone else is too obsessed with Richard murdering another mage to consider anything else, but that sounds likely as well

  • ArkArks

    I think his summoner was Richard. Nothing really complicated happened, like being stolen or such. Richard “simply” abused him. The imp was so excited to become friends with his master, but something similar might have happened as seen in LFG page 109. As simple as that. Nevertheless, this speechless shock he is in right now is the perfect reaction he could have after meeting Dick. Well played! :)

  • Selvec

    Blue Balls! Oh man the Blue Balls hurts so much!

  • Asura

    Richard has always identified himself as being undead.

  • Asura

    Remember the trial, where he was sentenced to “a return to the mortal coil”? The demons stripped him of his undead-ness so long as he continues being good.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Noo don’t cry little one

  • Alfred Andersson

    Selvecs comment sum it up nicely. Big anticipations gets ruined, the summoner turns out to be a big dick (see what i did there?). The moment he had been waiting for his whole life got ruined.

  • Râven

    No wonder he goes nutty in LFG

  • Adam Pickett

    I think its going to go a different way. We know Richard was human and cares about his subjects, maybe his first summoning is a desperate attempt to correct some wrong, part of what turns Richard from human boy to someone who has to murder the innocent to keep his powers. Maybe Hictib expects a mighty warlock and is seeing a broken, damaged, and dying boy.

  • Jack of Tacks

    Something interesting I’ve noticed is that the area looks remarkably similar to the underground where he just arrived. There is one difference though and that is that the tunnel has no color in it. Red is an active portal that is assigned, yellow is a dismissed companion, and blue is a new mage (blinking blue meaning first time summoning). Hctib’s portal has no color. This, to me, indicates that whoever he was summoned by died. Which probably explains why he’s upset, because his new master died on Hctib’s first summoning, indicating that he probably was unable to help keep his master alive.

  • Morgan

    HOLY CRAP THAT WOULD EXPLAIN EVERYTHING! Unless he saw Richard UNdie, that would be better

  • Morgan Hall

    I think this is showing where he came out on the other side after being
    kicked through by the other demon. On the first panel, there is nothing in the cave’s mouth. If it were the side of the demon world where he originally went through, the portal cavern, there would be
    something there, a red portal, and then the portal would be gone only
    after Hctib came through. I don’t know for sure, just like none of us do
    yet, why he’s crying. It could be any number of things, but it was
    bugging me, all these debates about his portal being closed because of a
    dead master. That could be true, whoever his master is could have died right there or been dying, but I still think that if it were him being returned to the demon world, the portal would have been open and red first, not just not there.