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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Lvxferre

    Before this page, Benny was a warrior… then she begun to devolve into The Chick and lost part of her interesting personality. I’m not against the romance, but I miss old Ben’Joon.

    • BaneFalcon

      So what? Cale’s always been The Chick. Give Benny her chance.

      • Lvxferre

        I mean her personality changed. I’m not against the romance itself, but
        she needs to be “the man” and stop making drama. Let the relationship
        drama for Cale!
        Note I mentioned this page because it’s where the chickification begins, but it’s quite clear after she loses her father.

        • Bricabrac

          It’s a good thing I’m not concerned about spoilers, isn’t it? Some people *points at self* haven’t read it all before…

        • Mason Brekke

          Yeah, next time toss a *spoiler alert* in there for those of us that haven’t read it all please.

        • Speedy Marsh

          I’m on my first read through also, but I already accidentally saw this spoiler on the wiki when I was looking up a character’s name. It would be nice if you could remove the reference to the specific character that is removed from the group.

    • Gottfried Alexander

      She was always emotionally unstable, she just didn’t let Cale in. When she fell in love with him, she opened up, and that is what we begin to see. Not a change in personality, just a change in the way we see her.