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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Casey Hendricks

    This should be a fun story!

  • Marcus

    omg… so full of hope… so promising… and SQUASHED!

  • Ilnara Hesken

    So, is that a deliberate pun in the title?

    • StormRaging

      Not sure if you’re trolling or honestly don’t know so I’ll go with the latter. Hctib is Richards companion Hctib Elttil. This is his story.

      • Ilnara Hesken

        Honestly didn’t know.

        • StormRaging

          Glad I could help you out then

  • TruDivination

    Oh dear…he doesn’t have the goatee…I am So looking forward to this!!!

    • Selvec

      He’s not evil yet. Only evil people get goatee’s.

  • safyrejet

    Yeah. Someone special all right.

  • For Pony

    hctib elttil is little bitch backwards. just noticed. hilarious.

    • rcashman87

      Almost 10 years with many different appearances if hctib elttil, and you JUST noticed that? hehe.. Awesome :D

  • Thomas Gorzkiewski

    “Someone very special, I bet” – Unfortunately for you, Hctib, it is someone INCREDIBLY special.

  • Chris

    I love this…….

  • Madcat221 .

    So I notice his speech isn’t one giant run-on of words…

    • Stefano Dieryckx

      Richard DID say that Chtib became more agressive on account of being killed and re-summoned too much

  • Fusionater

    So…speech for demons gets WORSE with age?

    • Adamas

      I figured it’s how what they say sounded like outside of the infernal realms.

      • Darth Groves

        Nah, when Hctib led the elemental things he had other demon followers that spoke normally. His fast talk is purely his own.

    • Asura

      I figure it’s due to the trauma of years of serving Richard.

  • maarvarq

    Oh, thank God Tim isn’t the only central character in this spinoff strip.

    • Zweisteine

      Is something wrong with Tim?

      • maarvarq

        Just that he is very much a one-joke character that I never found that funny in the first place, so everything, really.

        • Silly Zealot

          They did announce this side-strip would be actually several mini-stories centered on an specific secondary character’s back-story, so I am not surprised.

          I’m sad that the first one ended on a cliffhanger, though.

  • matt

    I love the look of hope in his kids eyes. and how happy hctib seems. I wonder how quick dick crushes it

  • Crestlinger

    See there’s the problem right there. He came to Richard with Hope.

  • Lord_foul

    this is why casters should not dump str

    • Hubbabubba

      And also take a level or two in monk.

  • ryan

    I’m calling it, the child is hctibelttil, not the father. Bet the father is just hctib.