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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Lord_foul

    the world will be a better place when I kill all of them, i’m sure

  • Tyler Kowalchuk

    Huh, what a weird way to die XD

  • Dread

    Why not a fork? Would have loved to see Richard stabbing him with the legendary artifact.

    • safyrejet

      Probably because LFG page 25 was written and made long before and that storyline necessitated Krunch stabbing with a spear. I doubt Sohmer writes so far ahead as to have had any inkling of this NPC plot when Fitch was stabbed 4 times way back when. This story has to be written to fit the LFG story. If it deviated, we’d tediously point out all the plot holes.

      • Jeff Davis

        Hell yes we would!

      • Dread

        Could always have a off-scene here that shows that Richard did the “finishing job” later one, just for fun and torture.

  • Nathan David Alexander Burgess

    The clasic lie for true power, when you had it all along.

    • Guest

      Or he dies pathetically.

  • safyrejet

    So that was your plan all along Sohmer. Well played. And now I have to go back and count how many times Krunch stabbed our short friend Fitch….

    Whatchu guys do with the archive button?
    Nevermind, I sorted it out. It seems to load archive when you click the banners from a comic page. Banners from the front page load the current comic page. At least that my current guess.

  • roxassword

    What a convient plot device.

  • LaughingTarget

    This is why you always go to a witch with an appropriate form of payment. The spell is free, but the details cost extra.

  • Codofwisdom

    Interesting. In Book 1, Page 25, it looks as though Fitch is stabbed twice.
    The second time he is stabbed though, there are three sound effects, which might convey him being stabbed three times, out of frustration.

    I wonder which it will be? Has this intrepid gnome come to a ghastly end, or will he be back, with two stabs remaining?
    Find out next time on: NPC: A Gnome story!

    • Mr_FJ

      In one panel he is stabbed once, and in the other panel he is stabbed thrice. So he should be dead :P

      • Hubbabubba

        He still lived to say “Will…. No one…. Avenge me?” After the second stabbing. Conceivably, he could still live, just with two remaining.

        • Todd Carpenter

          Ah, but that rhyme scheme above doesn’t specify if all 4 stabs have to be consecutive or not. It says ‘one day’ but doesn’t seem to indicate if it’s ’4 stabs in one day’ or one day, stabbed 4 times. Which leaves some wiggle room, doesn’t it? Or am I just insane?

          • Selvec

            If it wasn’t consecutive he would have died ages ago, as lots of enemies use spears. The way the rhyme is constructed always makes it sound like it’s 4 times in a row. No spaces.

            So once, then pausing for a time, then stabbing three times, won’t kill him. But stabbing 4 times consecutively, will.

    • The Cranky Saint

      The arm motion that accompanies the three sound effects to me suggests a stab and a twist rather than three stabs.

  • TruDivination

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Nice! I like you witch lady! So we still have our regularly scheduled death! Ok, i can roll with this!

  • Gottfried Alexander

    Really? what was the point of this story?

    • Da’Zlein

      fun, always fun

  • Matthew Vincett

    … Kinda poor storytelling in terms of trickery. Would have been better if her promise hinted at this loophole, as it is it’s just a lame Shamylan-style shit twist. You can do better than this, guys.

    • Dosh

      I don’t think M. Night Shambalam even has the mind to pull something as simple as this off anymore. Poor guy’s lost it more than Mike Judge after King of the Hill went out.

  • Matt Dameron

    I miss the easy newest-page links…

    • Will Attar

      They’re right there on the front page. Are you not seeing them?

      • Dave St. John

        It’s very hard to use the main page on an iPad, it doesn’t look right and it’s hard to select the different comics.

        • Will Attar

          Ah yes, I’ve. Noticed that. Thanks for your patience as we work on it :)

      • Matt Dameron

        Well, they’re there now. I’d like to think I’m not blind…

        • Will Attar

          Could be your browser acting weird or a bookmark to a random page that we setup a redirect for the front page. As long as you hit you should be able to see them :)

  • Nulgar

    What a… witch.

    • Noctis Wolf

      Take out the “W” and replace it with a “B”.

      • Nulgar

        Bhat a… witch?

        • Jeramiah Gladden

          If I could upvote this more I would!!

  • kakugen

    my eyes hurt from the new page background x_x

  • Nathan David Alexander Burgess

    IT IS

  • Fusionater

    Hm, unless if Sohmer is a complete asshole(he’s only a LITTLE bit of an asshole. :p), I don’t think there will be no pint to this, I doubt he is dead, or if he is, then he is likely in some kind of undead service to the witch, because what would she get out of this otherwise?

    • RustedSaint

      Besides seeing an gnome get impaled 4x?
      That sounds like an win in my book.

      • Fusionater

        Not quite as much fun for her if she doesn’t do it herself though. ;)

  • Joshua Bailey

    Its Finch from LFG Back when they took out the troll king

  • Selvec

    He’s Alive! Krunch only stabbed him twice!

    • Ryouko Yoshikuni

      I closely examined the page and the ‘sound effects’…and if you take each of them as ‘one stab’, he was stabbed four times. Personally though I take it that he stabbed the guy twice and then just violently shook the spear inside him.

  • Asura

    Sorry Cale. Witch X Richard is my new OTP.