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Jun 12, 2013

We’ve got a fun teaser for you folks today, this time of the audio variety. Take a listen, it’s filled with sound bites taken directly from the game, starring Richard, Cale, Benny and Krunch.

LFG & The Fork of Truth Kickstarter Campaign begins June 20th.

-Because I Can.

  • Forquilla

    I love it because my nickname was “Fork” in catalonian for the last 8 years xD

  • Malak_Avarian

    I’m really looking forward to the 20th just so I can finally actually give you my money instead of just throwing it at the screen, as this is doing absolutely nothing for anybody. *returns to normal activities.*

  • Jake

    My money is ready!

  • Max_Orlov

    Waiting for it!
    Ukraine, Kiev

  • Anthony Hart-Jones

    So… That’s Krunch that sounds like Castiel?

    • adamas

      was thinking the exact same thing.

  • RikkuRikku


  • Segelbranth

    Didn’t really like the voice for Richard, but I guess you get use to it whilst playing. Besides, the quote “For Pony” is apparently in the game so I won’t complain!

    • adamas

      It’s the same voice from Slaughter your World, so I’m happy.

      • Segelbranth

        Is it ? Because that’s the voice I always associate with Richard ever since I saw that video, which was even before I started to read the comic. If this is true, then I’m more than happy! I can’t really hear it :P

  • Jonny

    i am loving this cant wait for it, who needs all this next gen stuff at E3 im more excited for this

  • Timber

    FOR PONY!!!

  • Lydia Joy Nickerson


  • Kelli Barnes

    Love it! I want this game!

  • Hardtofu


  • Dakotz

    what happened to finishing the this is war digital short?

    • DaveSangor05

      If you haven’t been keeping up with the kickstarter updates it’s taking a bit longer to put together because Sohmer and Lar decided to scrap the original animation and completely redo the animation from the beginning to update the character’s looks :) If you haven’t noticed, since 2007 when the rough animation video was released Richard’s look has changed quite a bit, and so has Cale (well at least he has new swords…)

  • Joshua Snead

    what plugin does it require? the player disappears after the page loads…

    • Christian Dannie Storgaard

      It’s an MP3, so should play in most browsers – theoretically. I could only get it to play in Chrome; Firefox and Chromium didn’t like it, neither did Totem (the built-in player in Ubuntu), so something might be off with the file or server.
      I recommend compressing it in Ogg Vorbis for the future as Chrome, Chromium and Firefox all support this out of the box.

  • Michael Joseph Prefontaine

    FOR PONY!!!!!!! T_T Hurry please!

  • DaveSangor05

    I love it! ‘FOR PONY!’ and ‘I AM NOT A FEMALE!’ LOL :) Totally throwing money at this :D

  • Hyaskus .Whisperrage.

    “Sometimes I don’t mind…giving-in-to-my-basic-instinct.” Weird pacing for Krunch’s voice but I guess it shows his calmness among not only his blood thirsty species but also among Richard and Kale. Also…I expected Benny’s voice to be less feminine considering her appearance but I think it is better than what I thought. SO you have this random shmuck’s approval!

  • Gasparos

    Richard is fan to MLPFiM? that will be epically sick. If he started to read or watch anything to do with this show is that my brain exploded.I Brony and I do not see him there at all but I’m a fan so I can give you a little present. 13 crushed insects for him.

  • Alexander Lewis-White

    Sounds great! But i hope we’ll also get Pella at some point too.

  • safyrejet

    That last bit from Cale really just makes the whole thing. Especially given the slight pause after the last ‘For pony!”

  • Nathan Beale

    I thought Benny’s voice was great.

  • Filip Beljak

    I’ll be one of those annoying, crying ones… MAKE AN ANIMATED MOVIE!!! What joke that kills, people will die out of laughter, and then one they come back to life press repeat! <3 your project, keep at it!