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Back from a week vacation in that mysterious land known as 'Ph-Low-Reee-Dah', and excited for this week, because, well, it’s going to be a big one. No matter else I do in this wacky career of mine, my first love will always be the comic strip. I’ve loved the format since before I could read, and nothing gives me the same amount of joy as piecing together 4 panels of hilarity. When we began throwing around ideas for a new feature on LFG, I kept coming back to the idea of a 4-panel Richard-centric strip, just silly non-canon fun. And thus, with Ryan Dunlavey, a man who I’ve been looking to work with for some time, I give you: lfg-tda-blogpost2 Yes indeed, this Wednesday we'll debut a little treat called Tiny Dick Adventures. For those keeping score at home, this brings us to a 5 day a week update schedule, Monday through Friday. Now there’s no reason for us not to be your homepage. NO REASON. -Because I Can.