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Jul 25, 2013

After many moons of silence, I can finally come clean about a project.

A few months ago, I signed on the dotted line, and joined 47 North, Amazon’s Scifi/Fantasy imprint as one of their authors. I’ve been signed on to write a few novels based in the LFG universe.

These are not graphic novels, but plain ol’ books.

One of them official press releases will be coming out soon, but I figured you folks ought to get the heads up.

I’m excited, nervous and excited. More info as it’s available.

-Because I Can

  • Joey

    Very cool news. Looking forward to more info, and definitely can’t wait for it to come out!

  • Erandi Rodriguez

    Does this mean we’ll have a kickstarter as book pre-sale?? or are you actually going to risk something and then try to sell it??

    • Twirrim

      He’s probably been given an advance.

    • sohmer

      Like we’ve done with 7 years of a free webcomic, 6 Hardcover books, 1 animated short, 33 Tshirts, 2 figurines, 3 Plushies, 1 Squishable, 56 conventions, 1 Pathfinder system and 6 months of development on a video game? ;)

      • Erandi Rodriguez

        Yes, exactly how you used to do it before your kickstarteritis kicked in, exactly like that

        • sohmer

          We’ve done 2 Kickstarters for LFG, while still doing all those things above…

          We did Kickstarters for the things we didn’t have the capital for.

          Does that not make sense?

  • Keelie Caitlin Smith

    So that’s what you’ve been wasting time on?

    • sohmer

      Was either that or stamp collecting. I stand by my choice.

      • martijnhoekstra

        them stamps are not going to collect themselves sohmer

  • Mechaloth

    Excellent news. Will it be following the same arc the comic has? Or will it feature more side-stories/origin stories?

    As for the naysayers, produce your own personal successes and then we can talk.

    • sohmer

      Completely original stories, but telling the origins of certain characters you may be familiar with ;)

      • MrLightRail

        I don’t play Warcraft, or any games, but I still enjoy LFG. I don’t care about the similarities to games past, as it’s not written as a spinoff of them. I love the humor, deplore the lack of nudity, well, except in Dnar’s case, but I digress. :)

    • Sindy

      “As for the naysayers, produce your own personal successes and then we can talk.”

      A true winner mentality right there, man. Keep up with it.

      Though our successes aren’t and won’t be based on existing universes created by other game companies.

      • Mechaloth

        Ah, biting sarcasm. Didn’t quite hit as hard as you intended, though, as I’m not scared out of retorting to your sad little message.

        The developers of most RPGs dip into the rather full reservoir of high fantasy for most of their content. WoW, Guild Wars, Runescape, you name it, all used creative properties first introduced by J.R.R. Tolkien, H.P. Lovecraft, and authors of the like. Voice your disgust with them as well. Don’t conceal your disdain for Sohmer behind the guise of originality. It’s tiring.

        • Sindy

          Too bad Tolkien and Lovecraft got their inspiration from old European mythology. Truly, the truly original creators in this world were the first ancient people who saw a god in lightning and blonde forest people in autumn trees.

          However, it’s not about Sohmer reusing elves or whatever that so many writers used before him, it’s about him reusing designs which Blizzard specifically designed for their specific games. WoW, Guild Wars, Warhammer, Runescape, every fantasy ever, did not copy Legolas in all but name, they simply remade their iteration of elves, for example, as well as many other things, and told an original story.

          LFG is nothing but pop culture jokes and references strapped under a veil of pop culture icons. It is nowhere near the level of remastering something already told before that games and recent fantasy are.

          • TP

            ah, give it a break.
            Warcraft was even meant as a Warhammer game but the deal never came to be, so they released it with a different name and some cosmetic changes. Same with Starcraft – the terrans are basically Space Marines in Terminator Armor, slightly redesigned. The Zerg are style-wise a copy of the Tyranids, the Protoss in contrast differ a little more from the Eldar, though you can still see the design parallels.

            Though they were not cloned as closely as the characters in LFG were at first. I assume that Sohmer isn’t playing WoW (anymore) since the abilities of the characters have not much in common (anymore) with what their classes can/could do in the game.

          • Sindy

            Warcraft and Starcraft are indeed Warhammer 40k split in two. Inspiration-wise at least, and there is nothing original nowadays.
            However, the designs have been altered enough to be relatively original on their own, which is something Sohmer and Lar did not do. Everything in today’s world is based on something that was created before it, it’s how much you add from yourself that makes a work original. Sohmer and Lar did not add that much from their own imagination, they just recycled a ton of jokes and settings and designs and mashed them up together. Which, don’t get me wrong, was really fine when they considered LFG a parody comic, but now they should really change stuff around since they pretend it’s their own story.

            So yes, I am perfectly aware Blizzard drew a lot of inspiration from Warhammer 40k. I’m also perfectly aware they changed stuff around and added their own elements, which is something Sohmer and Lar didn’t do with LFG.

  • Shadowolf

    sweet, a novel by sohmer; glad you’re doubly excited.

  • ladypirate


  • SanDiegoJeamland

    I’ll pick it up, for sure, but DAMN you boys is NUTS! How many different projects can you have on the go at one time??????

    • sohmer

      Actually, we’re cutting down on a whole bunch of projects these days, to focus more on LFG & LICD.

  • Fantasy Troll

    “But for this event i need XXX XXX money in XX days.

    - Because i Can.”

    Am i right?

    • sohmer

      You will need to purchase the book if you want to read it, yes.

  • regularjoe

    shut up and take my money

    • sohmer

      Need to finish the book first ;)

  • Professor Harmless

    We try things. Sometimes they even work. Best of luck to you.

    • sohmer

      Every now and then ;)

  • Austin Taylor

    Awesome news. I assume it’ll have the same tone and mix of comedy and serious story as the comic? Looking forward to this. Keep us up to date with the development please.

    • sohmer

      That’s the plan, and will do!

  • Yacindra

    Great news! We are very excited to learn about the history of Richard. He’s our big favourite! Good luck in writing :-)

    • sohmer

      Thank you! ;)

  • safyrejet

    Novel books! A story told with words and little to no pictures! It’ll take some doing but I think I’m willing to get back into that. Most of my reading lately has been webcomics and journal articles. Cool beans, nice to hear the news.

    • sohmer

      I too, prefer the books with pictures ;)

  • Del

    Congrats Sohmer! Thats great news :) I’m looking forward to reading it. I really enjoy your writing style.

    • sohmer

      Thank you!!

  • MrLightRail

    Will the books be as an addendum to canon, filling in the blanks, or will they tangent off to stand alone stories that do not contribute to the comic storyline?

    • sohmer

      Addendum to canon.

      You won’t need to read the comic to enjoy the books, but if you, you’ll hopefully get more out of both.

  • Argon Vesher

    This is awesome news! Congrats, I need to get my rear in gear and start looking at ways to publish my works. Been a long time reader of both LFG and LICD, been humorous, good reads, touching and inspirational.