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Mar 31, 2013

As promised, folks, the Squishable Richards are now on pre-sale, all 700 of them. Get ‘em while they’re hot, and once they’re gone: they’re gone.



As always, folks, we thank you for your support.

-Because I Can.

  • daemon9

    HOLY CRAP!!! $49.95 FOR A STUFFED UNDEAD WARLOCK THINGY?? Ahh…April Fool’s Joke…gotcha.

    • Tom Salsbury

      Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. They are listed at that price on the store site, if it was an April Fools, it wouldn’t be listed like that, as the liability would be astronomical

  • Beetlestorm

    Considering you keep calling it a squishable dick, it sounds rather strange to read along the lines of “Get your own squishable Dick!” then go on to say “Get ‘em while they’re hot”. Wat.

  • Nixxy

    $50 is disgusting

    • Jd Gold

      Way of the world today. You just have to have a ludicrous amount of money for stuff.

    • Kirigaya Kazuto

      $50 is not a “ludicrous” amount of money. Unless you only make like $200 a pay cheque, you should know that.
      You go out for food ever? The average dinner out for two people is around $50 (if you don’t buy alcohol). So would you rather go out for food? Something that you will only enjoy for a short period of time. Or would you rather buy a squishable dick? Something that will last you a lot longer than a fancy pasta or burger.

  • Jeremy Garnett

    I can’t help but wonder what Richard’s reaction would be to a squishable Dick

  • Kristen Marie Wilkerson

    I don’t think you guys realize these things are enormous. 50 bucks sounds a lot better when you realize they’re about the size of a beach ball.

    • Bald Dude

      Now that’s a big Dick.

    • Jd Gold

      Just because it has a brand name does not mean we have to pay more for it.

      • Kristen Marie Wilkerson

        What do you mean an “off-brand knockoff”? This was made by the people at Squishables especially for this Kickstarter that just finished. Regardless, nobody is forcing you to buy it. I think they just figured since the plushies were such a hot item for the kickstarter that some people who weren’t able to get one then would be happy at the opportunity to get one now.

        • Jd Gold

          And if you have that kind of cash to toss at a stuffed toy, more power to you. I simply said that ‘I’ can’t see spending that kind of money. Glad the economy slump didnt hit you as hard as the rest of us. Peace.

          • Kirigaya Kazuto

            I’m just baffled that you think this is overpriced.
            If you go to any comic store and buy a normal plush that is maybe 6″ high, you’d be spending at least $25. This is “little” buy is a 15″ beach ball of a stuffie! So $50 is perfectly reasonable! In fact, I’m almost surprised that they didn’t go for more!

  • Mike Hearn

    I would really love to see the numbers on this. I like this comic and I have a background in manufacturing so I ave no doubt this price needs to be charged on these to make a profit. Producing 700 custom plushies cannot be an inexpensive process. All justification aside, though, I just cannot see these moving at this price. Would love to find out I am wrong.

  • safyrejet

    Uhm, to everyone complaining about the price have you ever looked at the standard “squishables”? The regular ones go for $38 to $42 so for a limited edition specially made character one to go for $50 strikes me as a very reasonable price. Material, stuffing, and production costs don’t come cheap I imagine. I just can’t afford that myself so I’ll pass, but put it in perspective. I don’t think the BF peeps are trying to gouge their fans.

  • Malavacious

    My store actually carries the Squishable line (I think the only place in the cold barren north that does) and these little buggers run 40-45 for the standard ones and we CAN’T KEEP THEM IN STOCK! We go through a good 30 or 40 of the fuzzy buggers a week. It’s an excellent price for a custom made one. Besides, look at that adorable abhorent being of pure evil. Tell me you don’t want him in your bed. Waiting. Watching. Breaking out spontaneously into musical numbers? Well worth it.

  • Samantha

    I just got mine from the Kickstarter today, and he is SO COOL. Bigger than a baby, and soft, and squishy, and delightfully evil. Love my squishable dick. <3

    • Philippe Martin

      Got mine today from kickstarter as well and it is freakin awesome! I love supporting these guys from my native montreal (and ontario :p) and they make it easy with all the great stuff they do. Keep it up guys and much respect for all you do!

  • Hannah Weddle

    How many have sold so far because I would like to get one but I may not have the money for a mother two weeks or so :(

  • Hannah Weddle

    How many have sold so far

  • Boyd Willemsen

    When will the forum return?

  • Beetlestorm

    Be careful guys, the warning is correct! “Warning, napping on Squishable Dick may cause dreams of fire and mayhem.” I got mine the other day, and last night I vaguely remember some sort of dream that ended up with my house burning down.

  • Chris Horting

    how’s this for perspective?

  • Bald Dude

    Does it come with fwoosh?

  • Steve

    Not only is it a squishable Dick, these dicks are also balls.

  • كوكو اوكا
  • Kirigaya Kazuto

    I paid for my squishable on the first of April, and I haven’t received it yet… Waiting over a month is a BIT long don’t you think?!
    Where is it?
    The website says that the pre-sale is finished:
    ” ***Pre-sale is finished and Squishable Dick has begun shipping*** ”

    I don’t know when that was updated though, when will I expect to receive mine?