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November 14, 2019 | Costello

A Blüdraj By Any Other Name

Thursdays are LFGTBT, where we look back on LFG’s long history and share interesting trivia and commentary.

As I mentioned Monday, one of my first assignments at Blind Ferret was reformatting the LFG scripts from before Sohmer used proper script formats. Something I noticed was that the action descriptions didn’t always line up with what ended up in the comic. Most of these discrepancies were minimal, simply highlighting the cooperative creative process of the Sohmer/Lar relationship. Others are more idiosyncratic. I love me some idiosyncrasy. For example:



In the script for page 11, the first appearance of everyone’s favourite Bloodrage, Krunch is referred to as Crunch. His name continues to be written with a C for the following four pages, until finally getting the familiar K spelling on page 16. This is also the first time Krunch is identified by name to the audience. Five pages may not seem like much, but then as now, LFG published two pages a week. That means it was almost a month before the comic let us know what to call this already popular character.

OK, the name of a character named after a word was spelt like the word for a few pages. No big deal. Not until we meet his brother.

Postrophes Rayd

Krunch’s brother is Rayd Bool. Or is it Ray’d? Let’s check the script for his first (non-cameo) appearance, page 131.


OK, it’s Ray’d. What about when he’s named in the comic?

Wait… Rayd?

Hm. Well, that’s the kind of thing that will get noticed before long and standardized, like Krunch, right?






Finally, there’s Bloodrage mystic Dorel. Somewhere between the script of his first appearance and the lettering, his name changed to Dorel from Doren.

It’s been consistently Dorel since then, and to the best of my knowledge, Doren with an N never saw print. This may seem minor, but consider:

  1. Sohmer has been consistent with the names of virtually every other character in the comic;
  2. These are the only named Bloodrage characters that appear in the comic. Tojen, Crosh, Haima or Juju are named but never seen, and Krunch and Ray(‘)d’s father is only ever called Chief.

Does Sohmer have a tiny, ultra specific blind spot related to the names he gives Bloodrage characters? What other explanation is there? I mean, “coincidence,” obviously, but what other fun explanation is there?

While I have you…

Thanks for joining me for this trip to the past. Speaking of time travel, here are the LFG deluxe minifigs reminding you that there’s a major sale coming soon to the Blind Ferret Shop.

Looking for the Future?
Back to the Group?

Check back here often to see when it launches and how deep the discounts are!

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