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February 12, 2013 | Sohmer

3 Days To Go

Updated, February 15th 10:52 AM: 10 hours. 127k. Can I get a little ‘whoop whoop’ please?


Updated, February 14th 1:40 PM: 31 hours and a little over 4k to hit the magical 125 mark.


Updated, February 14th 9:47 AM: 35 hours to go, and 7k left to reach 125. Will we do it? Will we?


With 3 days to go, we are at 109k on the This is War Kickstarter. To be honest, it’s pretty damn mind blowing. It means not only do we get to finish this fantastic short, but that we’ve got several tens of thousands of dollar to invest into the LFG Movie.

Storyboards, script edits, Casting, etc…

To say I’m excited about finally moving on this film is quite the understatement. And here we are.

And of course, breaching the 100k mark means a cool bracelet for every backer who pledged 10$ and up.

With days left to go, however, the question remains, just how high can we get this thing?

I’d very much like to set a stretch goal for 125k, and seeing as you folks are the ones responsible for all this, I thought it only fair that you should help us decide what the Stretch goal is for that.

So, tell me. What do you think it should be?

(In the comments please!)

-Because I Can.