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Vancouver Fan Expo, Booth #1015

Apr 16, 2013

I’m being informed, by those far more knowledgable than I, that we’ll be attending Fan Expo Vancouver this weekend, April 20-21 at Booth #1015.


This is our first show in Vancouver since we began this little comic here so Lar and I are both mighty excited to be paying a visit to the Canadian West Coat.

Hope to see you this weekend, folks!

-Because I Can.

  • Mary Hutson

    Damnit! I went to Vancouver (from Victoria) LAST weekend. Why do you have to be there THIS weekend? :(

  • Calvin J Thompson

    I’ll be working with Luke McKay just down the aisle (I9) but we’ll make sure to stop by and see you at some point. :)

  • Matthew Richard Spohr

    see you there guys! i’m there on saterday!

  • Angela Gallant

    and I don’t have the cash to go…and I’live right next to it!!!! AAARRRRRGGGG!!!!!!!!!! Convention withdrawl setting in!!!! booohoooobooooohooooo!!!! WHAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa!!!!! sigh… *pout*

    • Sean McQuillan

      I share that pain.

  • Emily Rowlands

    I saw you guys in Toronto last year, are you coming back this year? I was looking forward to giving you more of my money!

  • Amaryste

    I am so happy to have met you, thanks for the wonderful comic, loved chatting with you and will see you again tomorrow to repeat same in person

  • Athena Cooper

    Great meeting you today. I now have my (signed!) copy of LFG volume 1 that I’ve been meaning to order for ages and can settle into whenever I need a chuckle. Thanks again! :)

  • Kailee Bruce

    Wait so VCon doesn’t count?

  • Kaelendra

    Yay! Thanks for autographing the book!