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Aug 5, 2013

Today’s page reveals a little something I’ve been planning since page 6 of LFG. Hope you folks enjoy it, and more importantly, what’s coming next.

While I have your rapt attention, I also wanted to let you know about Kapshen, a new comic/editorial/current events things that I’m doing over at If you’re into news, at the global and national level, or are a news junkie like me, I think you’ll really enjoy what we’re doing over there.

Check it out, won’t you?

-Because I Can.

  • Andreas Ringlstetter

    Does this really mean, that the main story arc is going to advance after the year long pause?

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice that you continued the comic at the regular schedule and you didn’t miss a single page.
    But most of them felt like irrelevant side stories, only very few advanced the plot, interrupted by many, many pages which only contained slapsticks and didn’t contribute to the main plot in any way. And even then, many pages could just be described with the term “fillerific”, as they didn’t even contribute to the side stories, they were just plain out of place and the lack of cliff hangers was just … disturbing.

    Well, there were some cliff hangers, but they just won’t work if they remain unresolved for weeks or even months.

    There appears to be something broken about the mailer on the forums. It just won’t send confirmation emails (or at least they won’t be accepted by the common web mail provides). Please have your sysadmin check the mail system (especially if you accidentally got blacklisted for any reason). The mails don’t even show up in the junk folder, so they have either not been sent or they have been discarded right away.

    • JackthePlaid

      Nah, it just means we should expecting the next Kickstarter campaign to release, fall short of its goal despite the creator’s pleading for more cash, fail miserably and never be spoken of again.

      By the way, I’m starting a Kickstarter to help me fund a manned mission to my local grocery store. The goal is $400,000. Get funding.

  • Fusionater

    You’ve been planning what since page 6? That people hate Team Kick-ass, or that Aelloon looks silly when he’s kneeling?

    I could have told you either. :p

    • fadeddeath

      If you actually go back and read page 6, you will see that it is the first time we see Aelloon. He came to collect the gold that Benny owes him. This could be the end of the Benny / Aelloon conflict. Do one of them die? Do they end up on the same side now after some shocking statement about why Aelloon is trying to protect his people from Benny, the half dragon? I can’t wait to find out!!!!

      • Fusionater

        Yeah, I know, but it just doesn’t seem like that much of a revelation, but as any good reader of Fiction knows, it’s not where the story will end up, but how it will get there more often than not, so, I can’t wait either. :)

      • martijnhoekstra

        To me the question is, will the Archmage show up to the party, and will his role be clarified (dibs on we will have a revelation, and learn something more about his motives – but far from everything).

        And hopefully we will also get a Tevor moment. I must see him in another life. (Am I the only one who keeps hearing Desmond in his mind whenever Tevor speaks? )

  • JackthePlaid

    Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the explosive failure of your last Kickstarter.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    ZZZzZzzZZzzzZzz….. *snrk* Uh? What? Forward motion??? Jolly good then. Carry on!

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