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Feb 18, 2013

At the end of the day, we closed the Kickstarter with almost 133k, nearly 1000% of our initial goal.

I’d tell each of you how much we appreciate your support, but it seems like I’ve got a short to finish.

And then a movie to start.

At last.

-Because I Can.

  • Kaiyla Bradford

    Wish I could have purchased the 150 package… Just really short on funds until the beginning of next month, sorry..

    • Shelley Protte

      It’s okay. I couldn’t help at all – this all started after I had committed to donating my money to a needy friend and an upcoming vacation. But I watched in awe as the number went up…and up…and up.

  • J. Ason

    What happened to the forum?

    • Devin Shandor

      When their server went down the forums never came back up. I am sure they are still working on it.

      • Anon

        More likely the artists removed them because they didn’t like seeing all
        the negative comments from people complaining about things like how the comic wasn’t
        progressing fast enough or how the comic is just not as good as it used to be. Go figure.

        • July Benefit Play

          Which is a shame, since recently the comic has picked up big time.

  • Devin Shandor

    I know the people in my house were just happy we could FINALLY give back to the comic that has brought us so much joy and slaughter… I mean laughter, over the years.

  • Josh Laxen

    It has begun again!

  • Becky J Scott

    I just can’t wait to see Dick sing…MUAHhahahahaha….Fwooosh!

  • Mikael Skarin

    Finally! Swede approve of this! Do you know when aprox the movie will be done? :D

  • Joseph Kaiser

    Did they ever decide on a 125,000 stretch goal?

  • Austin Oseep


  • RessFi

    I was wondering if it would be possible to restore the functionality of

  • Mary Gorak

    Just wanted to say, to the 2,700 other people who Pledged $132,640 Every last one of you Are Awesome!!!!! and the 2 Backers who pledged $1,500 or More, you 2 are My hero’s!!! You guys make me proud to be a comic reader (web comics and otherwise) and Very proud to be part of a community who not only values the work of the Artists but is willing to support them as well. Kudos to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Xander Hartman

    Like Devin said, it was the very least we can do after all that you’ve done for us

  • MRPolo

    Shame I couldn’t donate, but I checked back on the kickstarter and the main page every couple of days to see how it’s going. Congratulations and well done to everyone that did donate :D

  • Andrew McCunn

    Three years later…

  • Christina Barr

    I was going to donate, but I was too late. :( It ended the day before I got my taxes back. Very sad I couldn’t contribute to the awesomeness that is LFG.

  • LachnessMonster

    The Kickstarter attacked us. You all saw it.

  • Lightcaster

    Hey, not sure where else to post this, as you don’t seem to have a forum anymore… In the most recent comic, you don’t have Richard’s text in red. Also, the link to the most recent comic doesnt seem to work anymore.

    • Beetlestorm

      Yeah, pretty big oversight (imo at least) unless… this means he’s turning human again? A lot? O.o

    • Beetlestorm

      Looks like they fixed it now

  • the doctor

    The suspense has been growing for (and gnawing at) me since 2007 when I first saw the “coming in 2008″ message, so naturally I had to throw money at it when given the chance. I feel like a soda that’s been shaken non-stop for 6 years. Good luck and godspeed on the film!

  • Andrew Cottrell


  • Stephen R. Marsh

    Darn, can not find the motivators. The entire forum system seems to be off the grid. What happened?