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Nov 20, 2013


  • goldrax

    uhm what does this mean

    • Adaenis

      Double rainbows, of course!

  • Bruce Heerssen

    New comic for next year?

  • Silvan Orion

    Either this is a new comic, or we’re getting one HELL of a background character in LFG in January.

  • Risky

    I assume this means you are buying Mary Varn’s comic.

  • safyrejet

    I was gonna comment with “no comment” but by commenting I’ve already made a comment, so it’s not a no comment comment.

    Dang, now my brain hurts.

  • OffDutyTaoist

    This means something. This is important.

    • Kang the Unbalanced

      More mashed potatoes?

  • Tim

    Non-Player Character is already a web comic
    Maybe its joining Blind Ferret on 1.3.2014
    Also on the BF site “Though we are always on the lookout for new talent, we are presently closed for formal submissions. Please check back in 2014.”

  • Arabidopsis

    Either a LFG spin-off, or -and i will love it- a role playing game based on LFG :p