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Nov 21, 2013

We’re in the midst of a little Paintball renaissance here in the Blind Ferret offices, in the sense that we can’t stop talking about it, playing it and talking about the next time we’ll play it.

So, naturally, we decided to incorporate that fact into our little Kickstarter.

We’ve opened up a new Reward level, which gives anyone interested, and willing to travel at their own expense, a fun afternoon of paintball with me and the Blind Ferret crew. The time and date will be agreed upon by everyone.


Come on down, pledge and shoot me in the face. Everyone wins.

On that subject, tomorrow afternoon at 2pm EST, myself, Misty Lee (the voice of Benny and my adopted daughter) will be doing a video Q&A session, giving you the chance to ask any question relating to LFG and the animated series that you might have.

I’ll post here when we’re live.

lfg-animated-AMAblogpostJoin us, yes?

-Because I Can.

  • Wesley Foxx
    • sohmer

      Heh, we get it. You don’t want or think this project will succeed. There must be something more positive you can do with your time, no?

      Why not focus on something you do like, as opposed to something you don’t?

      • Wesley Foxx

        Probably because I still come to the site every Monday and Thursday to see the new comic. And every time I come back, I see you vainly trying to bail out these sinking ships instead of concentrating all this time and effort on things your reader base might actually want, because its clear, not enough people are interested in the projects you’ve been pitching lately.

        You can try to explain it away as “well we have some interest, so obviously it COULD work” but if that was in fact the case, you’d have hit your funding goal by now. It could be your goals are set too high, you’ve launched too many Kickstarters in a row, its a bad time of year with people trying to save for the holidays (not to mention the economy is still in a slump) but still you’re working so hard to try and bail it out with preorder tie-ins, merch and special events for something that the market just is not there for right now.

        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want the projects to fail because I dislike your work, otherwise I wouldn’t still be reading it. (Well, maybe I still would be. I stuck with Dominic Deegan until that ran its course after all.) I don’t really want them to fail, period, at least not earnestly. I just want you to learn something from these experiences which you don’t seem to be.

        • Dru

          It’s certainly not lack of interest. My friends and I were talking, and if they’d waited to launch this in January, they would have made an extra $1000 or so from my little group pitching in some of the money we get from Christmas (not to mention three of us have birthdays IN January, so there’d be extra money there).

          Others have got to be the same way.

        • Luke M

          So… you do like it, so you want it to succeed, but you don’t like it, so you don’t want it to succeed. Do you actually have an opinion, or are you just here to troll the comments section? Please explain, I’m unclear as to why you’re even bothering to be here.

          • Wesley Foxx

            The TL;DR version is I like the comic despite being repeatedly frustrated by it, and I wish they would focus on it rather than trying to merch it out.

          • EraYachi

            Let me get this straight. You want them to continue dolling out a completely free webcomic for your own amusement. But at the same time, you’d like to troll them and shove your idea of the ‘inevitability of failure’ (because really, why the hell else would you post that chart?) in the faces of the creators of this fictional content “you like”. Your actions are intended to demoralize and discourage the talented minds behind a free webcomic you claim to enjoy. You are literally and knowingly hurting the cause that drives this comic forward, and then have the audacity to turn around and say you’re innocent of doing any such thing. You know what would prove all those claims you just made? Shutting up and watching your free webcomic 2x a week. At least the rest of us won’t have to put up with your pretend intelligence, as if you know what’s best for the future of LFG more than its developers.

        • sohmer

          At the end of the day, you’re basing your opinion on one failed Kickstarter. One failed Kickstarter, mind you, that still raised 230,000.

          So what exactly am I supposed to learn from that?

          We failed once. And it sucked. But I’m not ready to take my toys and go home. I want to continue to create, to try new things. And that’s what we’ll do.

          If you’re not interested, then don’t get involved and continue to enjoy the comics.

          But shitting on our efforts at every single opportunity? Who is that helping?

          • JJ Jordan

            Sohmer, there are twenty seven likes for his post, and one for your own. People agree with him! Out of your six Kickstarters within the past year, two of them have failed. (I guess you can call Gutters a win? You didn’t even hit the stretch goal for two comics a week.) I’m not saying to not Kickstart, but after you fail, why don’t you give yourself some time to recover?

            I think at this point you have two options, really. If you want to continue Kickstarting the way that you do (so 6 a year?) You’re going to have to lower the standard and quality of your product to make it more affordable for us, and for you producing it. Blamimations by Kris and Scott didn’t cost us a cent. The Precipice of Darkness games from Penny Arcade are now 16/32 bit, because they could afford to produce that. Even the Kris and Scott Scott and Kris show only costed us $50,000, and with all of those, there is so much quality and quantity.

            With this, you want us to spend nearly $200,000 for only a pilot? 22 minutes worth? On top of everything else that we’ve Kickstarted? If you want this high of quality, please space it out and make us feel like you’re at least really putting a lot of time and effort into what you’re producing. As of now, that quality isn’t showing with your comics.

          • sohmer

            What about the 200 e-mails I got about this post, the forums messages and facebook notes? You can’t judge an entire audience’s thoughts by anonymous guests that upvote a comment.

            In regards to quality and quantity, I’m always of the belief that I’d rather do a thing well, then do it often and half-assed. If we can’t do it the right way, I’d rather not to do it all. Comparing what we want to do with a pixel game or an in house youtube channel, that’s apples and oranges, man.

          • JJ Jordan

            The pixel game can be compared to The Fork of Truth. You can try to start small so we can see if you have a viable product, and then move upward. We have no idea what a game from you would be like. There’s nothing wrong working within a budget.

            And if you want to whole ass something, I get it. Ron Swanson taught us all well. But whole-assing a $200,000 22 minute pilot is expensive, and people have already given you a ton of money ($213,339 with all the successful kickstarters of the year combined.) You can’t spread it out to enable people to restock?

            I’m sure you get forum messages, facebook notes, and e-mails also stating that they’re frustrated with the amount you Kickstart as well. I think you view it as a numbers game of people “For Vs. Against.” No matter what, that means there are that many people against what you’re doing with legitimate concerns. I’m not judging your entire audience. I’m sure there are tons of people that support you. I’m seeing 1. Trends of donating money fading to your Kickstarters due to fiscal exhaustion 2. The amount of people that have frustrations with the amount you ask your fans because you refuse to meet fans in the middle. You could have waited until January, which I know many people requested. You didn’t because “More people said they were for it than against it.” That still means the people that were against it can’t donate, and that decision will likely have a great impact on if this succeeds or not. If you would have waited until January, it would have increased your chances.

            We’re not against you. We’re in the same boat as you where we want to see you succeed. However, like you, we all have budgets.

          • sohmer

            If we’re talking about Fork of Truth, we spent half a year developing it, to show you folks exactly what the game would be like, including in-game footage, characters, story, voice acting, etc.

            We gave it our all, no one can say we didn’t.

            Same goes for the animated series, we’ve been working on this for years, spent countless hours and thousands of our own money.

            I honestly don’t view it as a For or Against situation at all. We put a product, and if it’s something you folks want, you’ll get involved. If you don’t, you don’t.

            That’s what Kickstarter is, a way to test-market ideas, concepts and products.

            LFG Comic is succeeding, in every way imaginable, and we’re all plenty grateful for that fact.

            We would like to do more with these characters, and that’s why we try new things like this. None of this takes away from anything we’re doing, it’s just adding.

  • Fusionater

    XD, you do realize that you just offered a reward level for people to shoot colored balls of doom at you right?

    I suspect this will boost your profits from this kickstarter.

  • Benoit Guerin

    My dear Sohmer, Lar, and friends.

    Paintball, you are on.

    Respectfully, Me.

    • sohmer

      Challenge accepted.

  • EraYachi

    Anyway, I hope in the next 16 days I have enough money to donate a bit. I’m not too far from Montreal, but couldn’t afford a trip there even if I could afford the $150 to buy the opportunity. Time will tell. To be honest, November isn’t the grandest month for a Kickstarter, since many people are trying to afford Christmas–or whatever it is they do on the collective holiday break. Looking forward to the Q&A.

  • Jason Lopez

    Please state the next time you guys are going to play and where, and I will meet you on the field of battle!

  • Perrinese

    looks like $4700 in pledges bailed out today. Not that I’m really surprised, but I’d be interested in knowing if they made an exit comment about it. That’s a significant amount.

  • Homiside9 .

    I see a ton of mud here, constructive criticism is always a great thing it helps others. The thing is in psychology you learn about toxic in both people and things called toxic situations. When you do not like what sohmer does, simply leave and be done with it. The thing with kickstarter works just like that, you donate or you don’t. Although if you do then great! A team of people who have a dream get to do something, be mindful of what you do because you might be a self poisoner and hurt others along with you. So i guess what i am getting at is, help sohmer with good constructive criticism or walk away, so that you and others will feel less stressed and angry.

    • mremaknu

      “If you don’t like it, leave” is a pretty terrible bit of advice. It suggests that the problem lies with you, not with the thing you don’t like. Not only that, but he asked. He’s going to get both positive and negative feedback, and for the most part, it’s all been constructive.

  • Dvulture

    People invested their time and energy reading the comic until now, despite the constant drop in quality. Most people dislike walking away in the middle specially if the thing had their interest sincerely once upon a time. Besides, if it was good once, maybe will be good again, and the only way there is a chance that things will change is that if we complain and make know that we only follow along now begrudly. Besides, ad revenue comes from people that enjoy the comic and from the ones that don’t enjoy as long as they read with their adblock turned off. So I am not sure you as supporter of the comic, that thinks everything is fabulous should be interested that people leave.
    As long as there is a chance that things will improve, or that the authors will finally rethink their focus, lots of people will stay… For you to want they to stay happy and mute is too much.