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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Lord_foul

    how is the fire elemental holding a tree?

    • Fluffy

      if you look closely you can see burnt material/lava rock inside the fire, which is being used to hold the tree (a better question, why is the tree not burning like Mount Doom?)

  • Tyfariel

    Oooh, the scumbag!

  • David herbert

    The dude convinced Mrs. Hctib to get out a hge life insurance policy on him.

  • LaughingTarget

    Really guy, it should be “killtheclipboarddemon”.

    • Qwefg Lockheart

      Yes kill “Clipy” first then “killthemaster” and see what happens next… Is Richard with the undeath curse yet? I am curious to see how he looked alive (and not as a child)… have we ever seen his full face?

      • Patrick Palmer

        Maybe demons can’t actually *die* in hell, and maybe they have a Lawful society where they can’t kill each other because there could be a horrific punishment. Well, they are in Hell, how much worse can it get? Still, I’m suspecting he couldn’t kill the Clipboard Demon because neither of them are mortal, but immortal. And not immortal in the “lives forever unless taken out by a cold, flu, or bus” sense, but in the really is immortal sense.

  • safyrejet

    When a companion murders their master, what? what! I wanna know!!!

    I’m wondering how Probably-Hctib got ranked level 9 when he seems to know so little about all this Master-Companion stuff. Don’t they have some sort of life long indoctrination program (page 2, he did say he’d trained all his existence for this) or a first day on the job legalize jargony handbook they have to read and an orientation video they have to watch. You know the kind, the perky over acted “welcome to company X!” orientation videos that were probably made in the 80′s. I mean, this is hell after all, right? Oh, wait, I know. Probably-Hctib must have slept through it.

    • Ashley

      Everyone sleeps through those videos.

    • Morgan

      Well, he’d been training his whole life to be a good companion, not one that kills his master, so naturally he wouldn’t know

    • Rarazal

      I guess Hctib used to know “this Master-Companion stuff”, but he’s obviously going insane. And insane people tend to ignore all things which are not part of their madness.

  • Phlosioneer

    I’m betting that killing the master will mean turning from a demon to a devil, which will result in the insanely caffinated Hctib we know and love today.

    • Selvec

      Wouldn’t that be reverse since traditionally demons are chaotic evil while devils are lawful evil.

      ….Wow that sounded a lot less geeky in my head.

      • Matt Dameron

        Come to the geek side.
        We… know people who have cookies.

        • Megs

          Our moms, obviously.

          • Evilpoocat

            ROFLMAO registered JUST so I could formally appreciate your joke XD good job.

      • Phlosioneer

        That would make sense traditionally, but these demons seem very organized, and the guy’s clearly losing his marbles. Plus, for the transformation to Hctib to be complete, he needs black horns and a forked tail, hallmarks of a devil.

      • WillBell

        Unless you’re playing Magic: The Gathering. Then it is the opposite.

  • Mr.Grin

    I am waiting for the next page to have him going through the portal as he steps over the headless corpse of clipboard guy.

  • Scott Kent

    Go ahead and practice with Clipboard Demon there. Cut his head off and paint “Youknowwe’reDemons…RIGHT?!?!” on the wall with his blood. Cause, well, why not, you’re demons…right?

    • Da’Zlein

      Dooooooo iiiiiiiiittt…….
      Doooooo iiiiiittt…
      DO IT!

    • matt


  • TruDivination

    I want to know just at what time in richard’s life/unlife/whatever Hctib is serving in, or if it even is richard at all. Probably, but I’m curious.

  • The Creeper

    After looking at the main strips with Hctib in them I am now positive that this is not Hctib Elttil That we all know and love. As others have pointed out He is missing his tail, but also his ears are to small and the horns are to long.

    • safyrejet

      He’s also being drawn by a different artist so it’s too iffy to draw conclusions from small details like precise ear length. Besides I’ve seen some fluctuation in his “details” even within the Lar drawn LFG comics.

  • Rarazal

    Seems like Clipboard Demon is quickly becoming the most hated character in the LFG-universe…

    • Da’Zlein

      Even more than that a-hole elf guy that Kale killed for the kingdom…

      • Rarazal

        Oh yeah, Tavor. That guy was a real dick (no offense, Richard)

  • Ian

    Dick move Mr. Clipboard, dick move.

    • Enepttastic

      You know he’s a demon, right?

      • Phlosioneer

        I laughed for waaay too long at this. xD

    • Morgan

      hahaha, dick, Richard, oh the funnies

      • Ian

        Yeaaaaa… That’s what I meant…

  • Enepttastic

    Can’t wait for this bit to wrap up. Primarily so we can hopefully go to a story that’s actually interesting. Not even sure a good finish would salvage it.

    • Lucy Bodenhemier

      i think this is really interseting and good. if you do not like it, read something else, please

  • Lucas Weismann

    fun story. Thanks. I really like this.

  • sotanaht

    At minimum, Killing the Master will result in Hctib being stranded. Without a mage, the portal cuts off and there is no (easy) way for Hctib to return to hell. That would probably explain why Hctib remains in the mortal world during LFG despite not actively serving Richard at all times.

    • Da’Zlein

      So he’s not really a companion, more a servant who gets paid to follow him around… or maybe he “succeeded” in killing him, then he healed somehow (if it’s Richard then the mystery is lessened, he’s pseudo-undead) and Hctib was stuck with a master who kept him bound, but traitorous enough to be kept out of the companion lands…

  • Godzfirefly

    Probably, if a Companion murders their master, the masters become undead warlocks…

  • Nightmarewarden

    And thus this demon became: Richard! As the largest plot twist in the comic yet. After succeeding in his crime, he is forced to reside in his master’s newly-reanimated body for all eternity. Mad from the torturous experience and from being forced into an unending argument with his ex-master stuck in his head.

  • o0m-9

    Kill Clipboard demon first.

  • SilverNightwing


  • Mr. D

    love his expression in panel three, that look of “not this $@#$ again! I’m gonna cut him” was priceless. Was really hoping he’d slice him too, but alas, I was disappointed.

  • masterdebate

    Maybe killing your master makes you a Mickey Mouse kind of demon….

  • Rodolfo Boskovic

    I think he just dies.

  • Evilpoocat

    Maybe if hctib kills Richard, then Richard would go to hell. Then hctib would have to suffer Richard full time lol

  • Sylihra

    so close…so close.

  • Asura

    So this is when he started speaking without spaces.