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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • David herbert

    And then they all suffocated on the moon. Right next to Willzyx.

  • Madcat221 .

    Are you sure you won’t get in trouble for the rather conspicuously Disney-style Peter Pan and Tinkerbell?

    • Mr.Grin

      Really? I found it painfully obvious that this young man’s eye brows were far too bushy to accurately portray disney’s version of peter pan. The young lady I can see a small resemblance to Tinkerbell but the whole thing is purely coincidence when you see her eyes are brown.

    • Preacher

      Pretty sure that copyright laws allow for satire.

    • wilder125

      It’s Jeter Dan and Flickerbell. Or so shall we say if Sohmer needs backup lol

  • Madarakita

    Bonus points if they sail past Moriarty and the Cavorite!

    • MidnightDStroyer

      Even more bonus points if the TARDIS sails past them…

  • Matthew Kahne

    What, no E.T. and Elliot?

    • safyrejet

      They get run over in the next strip.

  • JZSquared

    Great now I’ve got the “you can fly” song stuck in my head. :P

  • safyrejet

    You will believe…a cow mast head ship can fly.

  • westerlywind

    LFG has been bud light weak since Dick and Kale went to the island. Is this like the anime break when writers scramble to come up with a new arch so they use crappy filler in the mean time. Thank god for NPC or I would stop coming here.

    • David herbert

      I’m actually kind of confused as to where the plot can go from here. The big enemy of LFG was always the Legara empire, ever since Aelloon was introduced. But now he’s dead, same with Tavor. There could have been some political intrigue with Kethenecia falling apart due to the left over grudges between the tribes forced to live together but nothing like that has even been hinted at since book 3.

      It seems as if Sohmer has given up on this being a large epic and is going for smaller adventures. I do hope he brings in something else soon, sort of like how Fables got rid of The Empire and then brought in Mister Dark.

      • martijnhoekstra

        The Archmage still has some plan to make Kethenecia rise again with Cale as its king, and most importantly, we don’t know why – though it has been hinted at it is with less-than-noble intentions. Aelloon has been killed, which in any RPG worth its salt should mean that we now see the Real Authority Figure of Evil soon(tm), who will be far more powerful and dangerous than anything we ever encountered before(tm). We don’t know why Dick follows/followed the archmages directions, if he still does, and what consequences that will have. But we first have to get the gang back together, or at least set them on parallel tracks – probably by means of the controlling hand of the archmage. A comic may have changes of pace. Taking it a little slow now building up to a new large arc is OK by me – as long as it will drive the plot along – which is preferably without rukkoons or cannibalistic earthworm dwellers.

    • Paul

      Ya, but maybe the guys just need a little bit lighter load these days. I went from reading 25-50 comics a day (when I started) up to about #740 then I caught up… it felt like I hit a brick wall. So yes, this is sort of frustrating for me too — I want movement, action! =8o)

  • Alex

    I did not expect that….

  • TheTrutha

    I see where the story is heading. Benny and Cale eventually reunite to take on the greatest threat possible .. a team of Disney Lawyers. Worse than an undead army, this will be the battle of their lives!

    • MidnightDStroyer

      If Richard re-joins the group (since he’s following Cale around constantly, this seem likely), it’ll be the fight of his UNdead life…

  • TruDivination

    I miss the days where a lot of stuff could happen in just one page, instead of one page being a small joke or reference.

    • wilder125

      *Leans back and remembers talking to Sohmer for 2 minutes at DragonCon about Richard stuffing Cale into a dead enemy reminiscent of Han slicing open a taun-taun*

    • Speedy Marsh

      3 single ladies and enough happy thoughts to send the ship into orbit. You missed a lot between panels 4 and 5.
      The page, at first glance, looks like a nursery rhyme. If you study it closer, you’ll see that Peter can never return to Neverland.

  • Martin Burne

    It’s one small step for man, one giant… flying wooden boatship. Houston, we have a problem.

  • Râven

    Would love to see a musical number, like they singing to the pippi longstockings pirate song.

    • Nanashi Nemo

      Pippi Longstockings, now that brings back memories!

  • Scott Henry

    You do know Peter Pan is evil now, according to Once Upon a Time. He’d murder those fools easily now.

    • Asura

      Peter Pan was always a borderline psychopath in the original books. He may have kept his word to a fault, but he was described as “innocent and heartless”, “thinned out” the Lost Boys who were starting to grow up, tried to convince Wendy her mother never loved her, laughed his head off when John and Michael nearly fell to their deaths, forgot all about Tinker Bell the moment she died, and in the final battle attacked both the Pirates and the Lost Boys just to keep things interesting. So… yeah, Once Upon A Time‘s portrayal of Peter is the most accurate there’s been.

      • 0operson

        Except, of course, for Brom’s portrayal of Peter Pan in The Child Thief. That’s just disturbing.

    • wilder125

      I thought the show ended?

      • Asura

        Nope. Season 3 began on September 29, 2013, although it wasn’t picked up by Channel 5 in the UK.

  • Shadow

    Remind me again what the plot is? First it was finding the sword of truth, which they did, then fixed it, then defeating the legera empire and tavor while getting richard’s powers back, which they did, then it was to for richard to kill a book while benny had to find a book, which she did but he did not, killing aleon, which cale did- in a VERY Richard-like way, then it was for benny to stop being bella from twilight, and for cale to stop…. being bella from twilight, which they did.

    Now what? Cale did what the god-bunny-priest-guy wanted when he killed the undead elf king. He brought the city of JUSTICE back like dragon dude wanted. There seems to be something up with the city but after their king decided to stop giving f*cks about it, I kinda did as well. Richard killed his parents, went on trials for his crimes of being human, killed everyone at his trials, used hctib to kill a hand (which was epic) and i think he killed him or scared him off or something? Then told the bunny-god-thing to stop f*cking things up and to back off.

    So… what’s the plot again?

    • Alex


      • Ian

        Couldn’t have said it better myself

      • Shadow

        …. Fair enough

      • Aidan Page

        seems legit…

    • decinaty

      who really care about the plot? its one random story to the next. I’m in it for the art and the laugh

      • Derkins

        That’s what playing dungeons and dragons is usually like, though… get randomly thrown into the adventures, which have plots you may or may not care about or understand. But you keep doing it cause it’s fun. And you can draw pictures of your character (a character which develops over time). And you can dork out with other people. So hey, why not write the comic this way? *shrug*

        • decinaty

          :) My D&D group will be here in 2-4 hours :) WHEE dork out time!

  • Brendon Leenheer

    Wow… just wow… Huston, we have lost focus… focus in… Huston! It appears that the plot is missing!

    • Ranasp

      So it’s alright for Cale and Richard to go off on silly tangents, but not the womenfolk? -_-

      • Janus

        Yes, because the Womenfolk are the far more competent ones. If they are going off on silly tangents then God help us all.

      • Tj Phoenix

        Whoa now… no need to get all gender card throw down and all that. Just be happy they were let out of the kitchen and allowed to wear shoes :p

        • rawrnomgrr

          That’s just ignorant.

          • Tj Phoenix

            Sitting here trying to come up with a funny way to explain how I was mocking misogyny but I don’t think you’d understand…

    • Ashley

      Relax, don’t have a cow!
      But seriously, every page can’t be main story plot.

      • Brendon Leenheer

        Well… I meant it in the least serious sense :)

    • Kes


      • Brendon Leenheer

        yeah sorry… bad typo! :(

  • Adamas

    There’s a reason I dislike Disney versions of old stories. If I have kids. I’m reading them the GRIMM tales!

    • wilder125

      Personally I think the tale of how potential brides cut into their feet to try and fit the glass slipper that the prince brought around to find Cinderalla would be a great bed time tale

    • Asura

      Actually, ABC – the company that produces Once Upon A Time – is owned by Disney, which is why so many of the characters share the names of their Disney counterparts. So evil Peter Pan is still Disney.

      • Raganui

        Disney is evil and can be truly horrifying.

  • Ashley

    Its nice to have a story where we don’t exactly know what’s going to happen or where it’s going to lead, unlike tv shows. The unknown can be scary, but if you embrace it, you may enjoy the ride.

    • MidnightDStroyer

      …Or you could horribly start shitting out pixie dust & choke to death when you leave the atmosphere…

  • Crestlinger

    We’ll just have to wait and sea how this pans out. Docking should be fun.

    • Tj Phoenix

      Pans out… I see what you did there…

    • Ian

      You sir, just hit my funny bone.

    • Stone

      I suppose you tink you’re pretty funny.

      • rawrnomgrr

        I think he’s got the hook of this.

    • Speedy Marsh

      I want a photo of the Old Cow flying.
      How many mega-pixies is your camera?

  • Christina Elizabeth Morris

    On the plus side, they’ve cut the entire voyage in half by flying.

    • Speedy Marsh

      That reminds me… I haven’t checked in on Shadowbinders or Girl Genius lately.

  • decinaty

    … i found a picture on facebook that said:
    Peter pan was an angel who held a kid’s hand on the way to heaven (Neverland). That’s why they never grew up. All those kids were dead.

    • Joseph Collins

      Whoa. That’s grim. Yet somehow, appropriate…

    • Pilgrim Ogorson

      There is even darker story behind it, Peter pan as a never aging demon that kidnapped children for them to play with him and killing them before they became adults. Some children escaped, thats where pirates came from. And thats how Hook lost his hand and why he kept hunting Peter pan.
      Richard approves.

      • masterdebate

        Actually, after Hook dies, Pan becomes a pirate. Eventually he becomes Hook.

        • XLII

          So much out right made up stuff here. First off… to decinaty: “… i
          found a picture on facebook that said:”. That opening statement alone
          puts your “facts” in doubt. Referring to facebook for its facts.
          Then add that you ran with the “information” like it was a fact without

          Pilgrim Ogorson more of the same here but you added to
          the steaming pile of “facts”. “And thats how Hook lost his hand and why
          he kept hunting Peter pan.” Are you serious? So Ticktock the crock is a
          figment of my imagination then? Don’t you remember how hook got his hand
          bitten off by a CROCODILE!? That now goes “tick tock” because he ate
          hooks watch with his hand.

          Then we come to masterdebate:
          “Actually, after Hook dies, Pan becomes a pirate. Eventually he becomes
          Hook.” So somehow he gets old in a land without aging and time travels
          back to be his own nemesis?! Just keep piling on the crap now. lol. Did
          you not think that out before posting it?

          Have not one of you people read Peter Pan or even tried to verify your “facts”?

          TL:DR ““Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” Abraham Lincoln

          And thank you for the great laugh!

          • Robert Loughrey

            You’re upset they aren’t treating Peter Pan as fact?!?

          • Speedy Marsh

            They should know better than to mess with the Gospel of Disney. If “Jedi” can become a legaliy recognized religion, why not extend that to all Disney properties? Although, Pantheism is already a thing…

          • rawrnomgrr

            You do know that there are things called fan conspiracies, right? They’re just fun, mostly grim, backstories given to popular shows, games, or movies. There are a ton surrounding Pokemon (the Pokemon universe follows a large war, Red’s dad is dead), there’s one about Adventure Time that gives Ice King a ridiculously sad backstory and says that Finn is actually dead/insane and the whole show takes places inside his dying subconsciousness.
            They’re a lot of fun to read and think about, but they’re not facts to begin with. They’re just stories. Like the non-factual stories they’re based off of.
            How’s that for some “facts” and “information”?

          • decinaty

            I in no way said that it was a fact, i found it amusing that I saw this shortly after that pick.

          • Sylihra

            You’re acting as if they took an actual life event and jacked the details up….None of it is real, even your “facts.” lol Wow.

          • MidnightDStroyer

            “Then we come to masterdebate:
            “Actually, after Hook dies, Pan becomes a pirate. Eventually he becomes
            Hook.” So somehow he gets old in a land without aging and time travels
            back to be his own nemesis?! Just keep piling on the crap now. lol. Did
            you not think that out before posting it?”

            Then again, you probably haven’t seen the movie Hook, with Robin Williams in it…Peter comes back to the “real world” & eventually grows up. He becomes an Acquisitions Attorney, but when meeting up with a very old Wendy, Peter’s son describes his dad’s job. Her reply? “Why Peter! You’ve become a pirate.”

          • masterdebate

            Taking together “the Little White Bird”, “Peter Pan”, and the author’s quotes and letters, it’s the inevitable outcome. If Neverland is “timeless” how did he go from being seven days old in the “White Bird” to somewhere between six and thirteen in “Peter Pan”. Your assumption that Neverland is timeless is false. And then you should go and read “Peter Pan in Scarlet”. You know, the authorized sequel. And then maybe you can comment intelligently.

          • masterdebate

            Oh yes, and Hooks hand, did not get bitten off by a crocodile. It was fed to the crocodile by Peter Pan after Pan cut it off in a duel. Get your facts straight before you start quoting Lincoln.

          • Speedy Marsh

            Well, in the movie Hook, Peter left Neverland, grew up, and became a corporate raider. So, in a way, he became Hook.

            Awaits argument as to whether a Robin Williams movie can be Peter Pan canon, or not.

            Edit: Oops. Didn’t notice I was duplicating someone else’s comment.

  • Itou Kyuuji

    That is just plain random…

  • Betty Anne

    Someone please tell me they used Tink like a salt shaker on their ship. XD

    • Silly Zealot

      Knowing them, I’d say they squished her like a lemon!

    • wilder125

      They probably had to “squeeze the charmin” I mean crew of all the dust too.

  • Fluffy

    Don’t forget the Moon Kingdom got destroyed so the few survivors are now on earth. (Sailor Moon)

  • Angel D. Figueroa

    I’m guessing that took A LOT of fairy dust and whimsical thoughts…

    • john hansen

      It makes me sad that I know the difference, but it’s not fairy dust. Tink is a pixie. “Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust”

      • Adamas

        Since a Pixie is a type of Fairy it’s not exactly a big deal.

  • DarkMyste

    and the old cow jumped over the moon!

  • Trogdor

    I know I’ve already done this joke twice now but

  • Zafnak

    You may notice from the way the flags of the ships are blowing that the wind seems to be coming from behind BOTH ships….

    • mcmagic

      Well…in the Dungeons and Dragons world of R.A. Salvatore each ship has its own personal mage to provide tailwinds. Could it…could it be that? I want to believe.

      • Tyfariel

        Me…me too. D=

      • Adamas

        well, the wealthier captains do anyway.

    • Mr_FJ

      They use fairy dust from Peter Pan, to make their ship fly, and THAT’S what you focus on? Yeah, me too :P

  • john hansen

    What we should be asking is why Peter pan is sailing the Jolly Rodger? AKA Hook’s ship.

    • Espy Lacopa

      Well, it’s Peter Pan. . .so I’d say the reason is because he wanted to.

    • Zafnak

      Well, after capturing the ship and dumping the Darling children back home, he obviously felt the need to take her for a spin.

  • lordmech

    when i saw them all smiling i thought they was going too board the ship kill them all rip Tinks wings off and later give them to Richarfd as a gift.

    • Miafillene

      IKR? I was praying for that to happen. >.> But I like this strip too.

    • cu

      They did, only off panel. Where do you think that fairy dust propelling the “Old Cow” is coming from?

      • Vernes

        I choose to believe they made him think happy thoughts instead.

        • Speedy Marsh

          And now Peter Pan is a man…

          • Speedy Marsh

            Remember the episode of Voyager, when they were stuck in geostationary orbit over a planet, throughout the entire development of its civilization?

            I’ll never be able to look at the grin that the three ladies shared in the next to the last panel, in quite the same way again.

    • MidnightDStroyer

      If Richard was with them on board the ship, he’d have done that for himself. The comic did indeed establish some time ago that it’s how Richard maintains his Undead Immortality, but it’s no good if someone else does it FOR him.

      • lordmech

        not what i was getting at…think friends go to a ball game but you cant go so they bring you back a gift this is their way of saying we raided a ship and was think of you so here a gift from all of us to you :-)

  • Radical Knight

    As Admiral Kirk said quoting Peter Pan when Sulu asked for heading… “Second star to the left and straight on till morning.”

    • Will McCool

      Then they all burned to death.

    • Bunny, the Arch-Destroyer.


      • Radical Knight

        Oh, yeah… whoopsie, I was facing the wrong way.

        • MidnightDStroyer

          Does that mean you were on a planet that’s on the *other side* of those two stars in particular? Your internet connection must be *really* good. :o

  • Xiena

    Well not from what we see any ways.

  • Slacker

    Why isn’t Peter Pan’s ship sailing through the heavens, instead of sailing on the ocean???

    • Adamas

      The saw the Old Cow and wanted a closer look?

    • Grzegorz Talar

      Peter did not have the guts to farm enough dust to fly whole ship off of that flying lady. Our heros possess the needed set of moral traits for that task :) There! Explained!

      • Speedy Marsh

        Sooba found a shiny to play with, and in no time they were flying. Tink’ beats a laser pointer any day.

  • Mark Dugas

    “Silliness” like this is why kickstarters fail….

    • safyrejet

      Really? I’ve often wondered why is it so horrible to have a few pages that don’t contribute directly to a definite or immediate plot line. Is some silliness really that bad in a story?

      • Mark Dugas

        Yes, really. That is why in general, the 12/13 episode seasons are much better than the 22 episode seasons that have “filler” episodes. Overall, LFG is good, but every time you come to read the day’s comic you are not sure if you are going to get story or filler. The next visit you are not sure if you are going to get filler or story. If you come to view witty pop culture parody some days you get what you want. If you come for the story and characters, some days you will get that too. Sometimes you have to wait twenty panels for that first one to make sense, sometimes you wait those twenty panels and realize it never will…

        • Michael Hobbs

          Yes, but at the same time, you’re trying to tell the creators what to create. This is their work, and they have the right to do what they want with it. Are they going to make everybody happy? No. Nobody ever can. But they’re well established enough that they clearly have a certain way of doing things, and it’s working. If you don’t like it, oh well. There are plenty of people (like me) who really enjoy their work, and feel like having a bit of silliness greatly contributes to the story. For one thing, it helps to break up tension for anybody who’s trying to catch up on the story, so they don’t feel overwhelmed.

          Kickstarters fail for many reasons, but silliness is not one. And if you honestly believe what you said about the episode thing, then may I direct your attention towards Trigun? And Cowboy Bebop?

          • Mark Dugas

            Silliness contributed to the story, when it was integrated, when the lines between story/silliness were more of a grey, than the black and white it is now. In the past it just seemed to fit, now it feels like it is there for the sake of being there, and forced in.

          • Kit Repine

            Then again it takes how long to read a single comic panel? if it really aggravates you that much to take a minuet or 2 out of your day to read this comic and deal with silliness or story, That you will never get back. why spend all this time you have defending and making your comments?
            i takes us a few moments to read this comic and the author several Hours to make each panel is it that hard to enjoy a joke for the sake of a joke or art?

          • Speedy Marsh

            No one will stop you from tearing that page out of your copy of the book, when you buy it.
            I have a feeling the theme to this story arc is “Girls (plus kitty) Night out”, so I kinda think it fits.
            And, can you honestly tell me you wouldn’t pay to watch Peter Pan getting the crap kicked out of him by a bunch of girls? Tinkerbell probably gave them a whole duffelbag full of magic fairy dust for getting to watch that.
            I just hope they turn him over to detectives Benson and Stabler when they’re done with him… “Yeah, we have a ‘Pan, Peter’ wanted on multiple counts of child abduction…”

          • Mark Dugas

            silliness contributed to the story, when it was integrated, when the lines between story/silliness were more of a grey, than the black and white it is now. in the past it just seemed to fit, now it feels like it is there for the sake of being there, and forced in.

          • safyrejet

            Maybe part of the problem for those who don’t like the silly pages in LFG but don’t mind silly when it’s “integrated properly” into the story is that LFG moves forward at a relatively slow pace. It’s one page twice a week. If we equated that to one of those episodes in those 12-13 numbered sets you’re comfortable with we’d need to get through what like 50 pages to make a single episode. I’m not gonna try to break it down to some exact ratio, but maybe the silly in LFG doesn’t work for you because one page of silly in LFG takes up a whole half of the week, whereas one minute of silly in a TV show episode takes up only 1 min of a 22-26 min weekly episode. *shrug* perhaps this is all an apple to oranges comparison though.

            Anyway, I personally like silly diversions, LFG as it has been and still is works for me. I don’t need a definite plot to enjoy a meandering story. I’m also fine with a 12 episode show or a 26 episode show, I don’t have a favorite format or length. I was just curious about what thought process drives the opposite opinion so thanks for the response.

          • Speedy Marsh

            Plus, it’s about time the girls got to be involved in some of the silliness. I bet he wouldn’t have thought twice if Richard had been involved. Take out Richard’s silliness, and LFG would be like 20 pages long. (And, yes, that is a silly exaggeration.)

          • Speedy Marsh

            One of the best things about LFG is that some of the best action happens offscreen. The best part of this page is not the “Cow jumped over the moon” moment in the last panel. The best part is imagining how they got from the next to the last panel, to the last panel.
            The way I imagine things going, Richard would be much more proud of them than Cale would.

        • Alex Hollins

          i disagree. I enjoy the variety. I consider LFG the saturday night live of the gaming comic community.

    • martijnhoekstra

      Will you give it a rest already? This isn’t my favorite page ever, be you can’t keep dragging this kickstarter stuff up. Last year Ryan and gang thought it was a good idea to expand the francise into a computer game. Or animated series. It didn’t pan out, and frankly I think it was a bad idea. This year they’re giving us NPC and Little Dick. Kickstarters failed because of a lot of reasons, and they’ve addressed it by focussing on what they’re good at. Drag it up (with good reason) when there is a new kickstarter for something insanely ambitious and expensive that is only tangentially related to the comic. But not here because you don’t like todays comic.

  • Justin Christian

    A lot of people struggle to find a joke in this page. My Immediate thought was this….
    The Old Cow “jumped over the moon.”

    For those familiar with nursery rhymes.

    • Elfguy

      I’m pretty sure the joke is they mugged Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle for some magic faerie dust.

      • Speedy Marsh

        I bet they’ve got Tink’ locked up in a lantern. They have Pan in chains, for trade with Hook.

    • wilder125

      Probably both are accurate.

  • MidnightDStroyer

    I think they need a new Navigator…Second star to the right & straight on ’till morning is not a wise course for people who are NOT lost. Besides, there’s at least three of the crew (& passengers) that wouldn’t fit in well with the Lost Boys Gang.

  • MidnightDStroyer

    But this comic page is still missing a cat & fiddle, a laughing little dog, and a dish eloping with a spoon (their parents didn’t approve of a mixed marriage).

    • wilder125

      The cat is on board at least.

  • Silly Zealot

    Pinochio actually survived more than one page. TWO, if I remember right!

  • MidnightDStroyer

    Actually, the *first* story line began when Richard pulled a slick trick that got CALE to kill somebody…Then Richard killed Cale.

  • James Fujita

    “This is the silliest stuff that ever I heard” – Shakespeare

  • Speedy Marsh

    And the Dnah ran away with the goon.

  • Speedy Marsh

    No need to be high. The fifth panel has a somewhat obvious joke on its own, but the real point of this comic is in the looks on their faces in panel 4, and what happens before panel 5.

    Try to figure it out on your own before you scroll down and read the different possible answers. If you don’t have an OMG! moment, you probably don’t have it yet.