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  • Don Harrison

    hmmmm anyone else notice his eye markings…and fingers? very much like Benny’s. Maybe he is her real father

    • safyrejet

      This is something a few of us have pointed out before. I tend to fall on the side of Krunch IS her biological father. But for now there’s just a lot of conjecture and interpretation. Made all the more powerful now with the comments directly under the comic. I wonder how much Sohmer and Lar laugh at us theorizing and babbling down here each day.

      • L3ros

        They are probably wondering if anybody really reads what they do.

        • Kang the Unbalanced

          Discussions like these past few ought to show them that we do. Plus people keep referring others to the archives for evidence. It’s got to be good for readership.

  • Scaevola

    So, I’m still confused… This could be taken either way. Either he really is her biological father, or this is just a very strong adoptive relationship, which would also be good.

    So, is this before or after they break out of prison?

    • Adam Carranco

      the prison they break out of is in another city so my guess is this is before they break out.

      • TruDivination

        but didn’t benny say she was born in that prison or something?

        • MCjaws6

          This is after they break out of prison. Because Benny is a baby when that happens.

  • Notimportant

    From my understanding, The Pirate Nelf and the tauren are her bio parents

    • Enepttastic

      I concur.

    • Willowfan

      So very glad I am not the only one inserting WoW into this incredible series.

      • Soeroah

        Inserting? o.o Didn’t it start out as a WoW parody? Right around the time TBC was coming out, and Blood Elves were being introduced as more morally ambiguous, leading to Richard’s claim that Cael was meant to be evil?

        • Willowfan

          Ahhh…ok. I only found this series about a year and a half ago. Thought it was a parody of the entire fantasy genre. Love it even more now!

          • KaelHyun

            It is but it became it’s own thing that’s why most people don’t like associating it with WoW

  • TruDivination

    Why did he think having a sister teach her would be a good idea in the first place?

    • Rex

      Her mom is the Pirate, the “Mother’s” daughter. He likely didn’t know she was a healer and that it would cause a issue.

  • safyrejet

    Those last three panels. All the feels. I think my heart just cried. Awwwwww

  • Willowfan

    Seeing this back story, I can now understand why she is SOOO furious with Cale.

  • L3ros

    For those that are still confused about her parents read page 560 and page 561.

    • SaturnGrl

      560 and 561 reveals her mother. There is nothing yet known about her biological father. On page 16, Benny states that Krunch piratically raised her, thus indicating he’s her adoptive father. Krunch and Varry seem to have had a relationship, but one that didn’t progress.

      • packetdancer

        My read was that while Benny believes Krunch to be her adoptive father, it has been implied that he may actually be her biological father. (A theory lent further credence by her facial markings and hands.)

        Which, if true, makes that final row of panels on this page soooo much more bittersweet.

      • Lorne

        Last panel of page 560: Krunch “We never did fit in, did we?” Benny’s biological mom in reply: “If I recall, we fit together quite nicely.” It’s pretty obvious she is talking about Benny’s conception, you can practically hear the bow chicks wow wow in the background. So Benny thinks Krunch is her adoptive father, but really he’s her biological father. What do they have to do hit you over the head with it?

  • RedDazes

    Right in the feels….

  • John Blue

    :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3

  • John Blue


  • Joppe Kroeze

    For once i would like fantasy to go: ‘Oh yea so we have these hybrids but they are kinda cool i guess’ instead of ‘purge the abomination’

    • Min Max

      Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean!

    • Da’Zlein

      Wouldn’t be much of a fantasy if the gene pools got so mixed there weren’t distinct groups anymore…

  • Darkoneko Hellsing


  • Rikke Mie Leuenhagen Jensen

    Yeah… Listening to music that goes “We should die for the things we believe in” the same moment as reading this… I most say… very fitting.

  • Aidan Page

    Anyone else feel like crying during this book? Just wondering

    • Kang the Unbalanced

      Kang must admit that LFG sometimes gives Kang the hup-hups.

      • Kang the Unbalanced

        Someone apparently flagged Ba-dum-tss’s response to me, which in it’s entirety was:

        This just made my day

        What the holy blinkety-blankety fuck, people???

        • Mars Dawnwright

          It would seem that two people who replied to you where flagged for no reason, hmm suspicious.

  • Guest

    it just occured

  • patrick rocheleau

    not sure if any 1 else noticed but her hands are very similar to his , if you go back though the archives you will see her elven mother has 5 fingers and she only has 3 like the bloodrage

    • Crymsm

      WOW…I just realized that, thanks.

  • Shadow

    Ok, to clear up the confusion that a lot of people seem to have…

    Yes, he really is Gid’s biological father. He hid this fact from everyone, including her and her grandfather, because of fear for her safety So he raised her, and since she isn’t a bloodrage, everyone, including benny, just assumes that he found/rescued/adopted her and raised her as his own.
    No, this was not directly stated in big huge font for the sake of obviousness, like Richard saying multiple times in the first 10 chapters “I AM EVIL”, it was stated in less-blatent ways, but still meant to be obvious (like when benny and cale had sex). Since this IS LFG, after all, this might change in another unforeseen plot-twist, but at the very LEAST, we are *supposed* to believe that yes, he’s her real daddy, no he isn’t ashamed at that, and yes, the vast majority of Sisters are b*tches. (so far)

    • Kevin Sagan

      I…would ask for specific points that lead you to believe that. That an elf and a troll gave birth to a troll is not surprising. That an elf and a cow gave birth to a troll is…confusing. In a world where all the humanoid races are equal in intellect and very similar aside from size/shape/color, it’s not outside the realm of possibility, but I haven’t seen strong enough implication to overcome that unlikelihood.

      • Kang the Unbalanced

        Have you ever considered the possibility that maybe she’s not a troll?
        This sounded pretty harsh originally so I reworded it. So many people seem stuck on her being a troll and don’t seem to acknowledge evidence to the contrary.
        However! Some little things are starting to make me wonder if Krunch really is her father. Nothing solid really, just a tingle. It may just be Sohmer jacking with us, which actually I don’t mind a damn bit here.

        • Brad Johnson

          ^^This. Benny looks nothing like the trolls in LFG, but looks exactly like a cross between an elf and a Bloodrage.

        • safyrejet

          I’ve been wanting to say this for sometime. Why do people keep insisting that Benny is a troll? There may have been allusions to what she is (unknown pedigree) in earlier parts of the series, but those all struck me as pretty much a no one in the story quite knows or is revealing yet so they just go with frog, troll, unknown to fill in a blank (or to joke). There’s been much more story development since then to solidify that Benny is not exactly Trollish. The ONLY characteristic she shares with the trolls is green skin. There is far more to link her genetically to traits from the Sisters and the Bloodrage.

      • Mr. D

        It is a God damn web comic! That pokes fun at WoW! The fact that she looks similar to an orc is part of that fun and is indeed the point. The reality is, it has been stated, apparently clearly to some and not so much for many, that Benny is the direct biological daughter of Krunch and Captain Tah’Vraay. You need to face the fact that while LFG is partly based on WoW, it is NOT WoW! So please stop referencing WoW for complaints that have no relevance here in LFG.

        • Darth Cariss

          Yeah, I think LFG started as a pretty direct WoW parody (with the main team all being various Horde races, Blood Elf, Undead, Tauren and Orc with fairly clearly defined “classes” of Hunter, Warlock, Warrior, and Priest), but turned into something else later on down the road.

          At this point there’s not much point to using WoW as the basis for explaining the universe of LFG.

      • Will McCool

        I think the problem is that you’re trying to apply real-world logistics as regards cross-breeding to a fictional setting. People always allow for half-elves and whatnot in various fictions because it’s a popular trope, but few fantasy settings tackle the possibility of cross-breeding amongst other races.

      • Shadow

        specific points to which thing I mentioned? Sister’s being bitches? Richard being evil? (this is just me and my sense of humor, I know what you meant. feel free to ignore this whole beginning part)

        by elves, you mean Sisters, and by cows you mean bloodrage?
        I never said “troll”, and no where in this comic is benny’s race named, since there isn’t anyone like her so far. There ARE trolls, which she doesn’t look much like (i’ll give you that she at least looks more like a troll than a bloodrage, but that’s not saying much).
        It was implied, twice, that krunch and the pirate sister had a fling, AND that said pirate-sister is benny’s mother. So yeah, the natural conclusion that has absolutely zero offending evidence is that he is her father. I can go back and give you the exact page references if you want.

        Now- I am going to nit-pick. Yes, it’s confusing that magical blue person, and talking furry animal gives birth to magical green person with different kinds of magic. It’s supposed to be confusing. She’s “an abomination”, remember? As in- a brand new species, not a hybrid between two pre-existing ones. Ever seen the movie “Underworld”? It’s about vampires and werewolves, and a “thing” caught in the middle that’s a mix between the two. tiny spoiler- it has blue skin, and 13 ribs. Looks nothing like either a vamp or a wolf. Same thing applies here.

        Also, wait- what the hell? since when does Everyone in the world have similar intelligence/size/shape??? The Elemental things have no shape, and are hyper-intelligent, there are TALKING DRAGONS that work for a priest/bunny dude who can see into the future, demons, imps, undead-villagers, and, of course, human bandits, who are just super dumb. Only those who actually have more than one page in this series are those who have similar-level intelligence to the main characters, and similarity, are more human-like. It would be hell to have to draw Cthulhu every single frame if it had as much face-time as Richard. Plus, it wouldn’t be nearly as funny =)

  • Darnel Cooper

    (sad prideful smile)

  • Lucy Bodenhemier

    so sad

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    I was thinking that before, but in this one Krunch is saying that the Sisters will kill her if they know what she can do, making me reconsider and think maybe that it is the healing after all. Could also be both; the Sister may have sensed Benny’s Sister heritage and thinks her abominable because Sisters can’t heal. I mean I’m sure she still objects to one of her own riding the bull, but suddenly that seems secondary.

    • Kang the Unbalanced

      Nicole Katic, someone flagged your response??? What the holy hell for???

  • Thomas McDonald

    omg dem feels

  • Mateusz Piątkowski

    For gods sake, people, what’s so confusing about Krunch and the Captain being the real parents of Gid? There are like a thousand panels that state it or almost state in. Like this one:
    -you owe it to Krunc
    -I gave him a daughter

    And on page 674 the captain says:
    -You couldn’t save your father. Will you let your mother die as well?

    I love reading about the speculations you guys make about the comic, but Gid’s parents are known, it is not a mystery ;p

    • Mari Bonomi

      The problem with both these allusions is that Krunch functioned as father, so *is* Benny’s father. The biology of it is irrelevant. Is the man who adopts an infant any less her father because she’s not the product of his sperm?

      • Morgan

        She’s not adopted. Why would Captain Tah’Vraay allude to being Benny’s mother if she never functioned as a mother? Also, in naming, the only two characters thus far that have an apostrophe in their name are Benn’Joon and Tah’Vraay. This suggests that the Captain had something to do with the naming, which would make sense if she’s the mother. Also, if you really wanna get iffy, both names have double vowels in the second part. Just a note. The mother was gone because the Bloodrage and Sisters could never get along so this would be like Romeo and Juliet AND a kid. There would be fighting over the kid, if not just for fighting.

        • Mari Bonomi

          I’m not discussing her biological mother; that’s never been in doubt. I’m discussing whether Krunch is her biological *father*.

          • Morgan

            As seen on 673 her biological mom has 5 fingers. Krunch has 3. Gid has 3. Heredity. It’s simple.

          • Morgan

            Also “You couldn’t save your father. Will you let your mother die as well?” Is pretty straight forward.

          • Nyzer

            Krunch was her adopted father at the very least. He’s the one who raised her. You know what that makes him?

            Her father.

            That doesn’t mean she shares his DNA.

          • KaelHyun

            Its implied heavily that they do from the markings on Benny’s face to her three Fingers.

    • Bricabrac

      None that I’ve seen (or anyone else, as far as I can tell) that flat out *state* it – if there were, there’d be no discussion to have.
      Krunch raised Benny as his own, and he’s the only father she’s ever had. In every way that counts, he *is* her real father. But every piece of “concrete” evidence anyone’s raised pointing to him being her *biological* father has been circumstantial and open to conjecture – hence all the conjecture.

      Personally, I don’t think we’ve met Benny’s biological father yet. But until Sohmer chooses to answer the question unambiguously, we’re all just gonna be speculating.

  • Adam

    Comics are not showing up on the feed! :(

  • Gio Tavaniello

    F”·$% onion ninjas!!! T.T

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Hey Sohmer. I like the ambiguity and the way you’re playing with expectations, because it occurs to me that Benn’Joon has lived her life like that; when she thinks she has an answer, it leads to more and harder questions. Her whole life has been ambiguous and uncertain, and the one certainty she’s ever had is that Krunch loved her and no matter what will always be her father.
    Lar’s work is key as well, as so much of the emotions comes through the art. You seem like a pretty close-knit team.
    These are also the biggest on-topic story discussions I’ve seen for LFG. People keep going to the archives for clues and background. This has got to be good for readership.
    Primo shit, guys. Keep it up.

  • Ian

    Gaaaaaah! The feels! Manly tears have been shed!

  • Tj Phoenix

    Makes me want to call my dad and tell him I love him…

    • yamifira

      do it

      • Tj Phoenix

        I did. Trying to make plans to fly out and see him sometime this summer. Would be the first time in 13 years…

    • Mari Bonomi

      Makes me wish I could, TJ… this is beautiful.

  • John Davies

    It seems that the bloodrage will kill Benny for discovering “her gift” as well as the sisters.

    • Mr. D

      Not sure about that, but based off of our previous encounters, Krunch’s dad will probably want use Benny as a weapon, which would go against practically everything that Krunch stands for.

  • Somebody_Else

    Unless they are just tattoos or makeup for one or both of them. Something that is very common in WoW (the source material) or fantasy in general (massive literary font there).

  • zmortis

    “What am I?”

    “Doomed to be the party medic. Nothing but ‘medic come here’ or ‘medic heal me’ and ‘Why are you fighting? You aren’t supposed to do that, just heal me.’ all day long. Oh the shame of it!”"

    • Da’Zlein

      It’s hard being the healer, trying to keep a party of adventurers alive who seem to do everything in their power to drop their hit points…

      • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

        if your good you can use your white mage offensively on the occasion

        • Wesley Foxx

          Go discipline, man. Smite healing all day erry day.

  • Nyzer

    I keep wondering where people get this from. It’s blatantly shown that Krunch raised her as his daughter, and it’s implied that he adopted her, considering the major physical differences between them.
    But the comments I see say something to the effect of “well she calls him father”, as if that’s something to counter the “adopted” angle. It’s really not.
    That or “well, Krunch had a relationship going on with her mother”, except Benny apparently never even met her mother until after she met Kale. And it could very easily be that Krunch meeting the Captain is what caused him to adopt Benny in the first place.

    Points in favor of the adopted angle:
    Benny has very little physical similarity with Bloodrage. Her color-changing eyes and number of fingers could point to her being a somewhat distant descendant of one, but not so much towards Krunch being her biological father.
    Benny’s skin color is also different from what I remember seeing in the Sisterhood.
    Benny’s healing ability doesn’t seem to be a trait the Bloodrage share, and definitely isn’t one the Sisterhood shares, considering the last two pages.
    The fact that Benny’s parentage is still, to this day, being danced around just as much as Richard’s past.

    • Joe Parascandolo

      Finally somebody else that actually makes sense been saying the same thing.I’m assuming that the time where Krunch and the Captain became romantically invovled for a stint was when he brought Benny to her after he broke her out of jail.Going back to the time Krunch and her where on the boat and he said to her “No you gave up those rights as her mother and he kept his vow to prorect her when she was fixing the mast he was tied to.

    • Lord_foul

      I hadn’t thought of him meeting the captian to be the cause of adoption, I figured
      she calls him dad + in relationship with the mother = biological dad, but I suppose while this is still possible (though I would have no idea as to the odds) it’s not the only possibility I suppose

    • safyrejet

      To add something to those comments that don’t seem to satisfactorily counter the adoption angle. I think the adoption angle is part of Krunch’s efforts to protect her from the world, by concealing the truth. This would not be the first story I’ve read where a biological parent raised their child as “adopted”, keeping the truth from them and other people around them in order to protect the child.

      • Nyzer

        Yeah, it’s one of the points in favor of the biological angle that makes sense. I don’t think it’s correct simply because while the Sisters and Bloodrage seem to be uneasy and mistrustful around each other, there’s no indication that two of them goin’ at it is an “abomination”. That’s a pretty significant difference.
        But that’s just down to conjecture at that point.

  • Guest

    Krunch isn’t her biological father guys, need to stop saying that.He’s done the deedd with the captain but he and Benny aren’t related by blood.He’s even said in past chapters that he rescued an adopted her into the bloodrage.From previous chapters we know The Captain is her mother the father we don’t know, just that she was born in prison and Krunch broke her out from prison and adopted her and gave her the nickname of Gid,his green child.

  • Joe Parascandolo

    Krunch isn’t her biological father guys, need to stop saying that.He’s
    done the “deed” with the captain but he and Benny aren’t related by
    blood.He’s even said in past chapters that he rescued an adopted her
    into the bloodrage.From previous chapters we know The Captain is her
    mother the father we don’t know, just that she was born in prison and
    Krunch broke her out from prison and adopted her and gave her the
    nickname of Gid,his green child

    • Looneyboyo

      The problem with the whole ‘Krunch said he wasn’t’ theory is that it assumes he was telling the truth- we have no guarantee that he was

  • TheTrutha

    So, we know Benny’s mother is the Captain. And based on her physical characteristics (two toed foot similar to a cloven hoof just in flesh, three fingered hands, large pointy ears, darker colorations around the eyes, hairstyle) we can guess that her father was either Bloodrage or her father was part Bloodrage. We known Krunch is not the father from various items others have pointed out. And she has significant magical powers that did not apparently comes from her mothers side.
    SO … have we encountered any magic wielding bloodrage or part bloodrage (part something that would be green) characters in the comic to this point? Think carefully folks…..

    • Vnq

      Or yellow! ;) Blue + Yellow = Green

    • safyrejet

      Everything we’re saying about Benny’s paternal heritage is gonna be conjecture until Sohmer decides to put it out straight into the story. Whether you fall on the side of Krunch is her bio dad or Krunch isn’t her bio dad, we don’t KNOW anything for certain. I know about the theories of one of the hand people being her bio dad, since they happen to be green I suppose? I’m sure someone’s even made the theory that Richard is her dad, considering he’s been accused of essentially everything else.

      My personal conjecture is that Krunch is her bio dad and has used the phrasing “adopted” and has told Benny these stories to support that in an effort to hide the truth from her and the world. Utimately to protect her. He told the rest of the Bloodrage tribe what he felt he needed to in order to keep her safe. It’s been established that his relationship with someone from the Sisterhood was forbidden, it would have outraged both blood lines, so to protect Benny he’s raised her putting up the image that her parentage is “questionable” and she’s adopted. Again, though, I recognize that I could be wrong in my interpretation and leave it at that. But neither I nor anyone else besides the writer KNOW.

      • Joe Parascandolo

        No we DO KNOW for certain he isn’t.Krunch himself has said he isn’t.He’s
        done the “deed” with the captain but he and Benny aren’t related by
        blood.He’s even said in past chapters that he rescued an adopted her
        into the bloodrage.From previous chapters we know The Captain is her
        mother the father we don’t know, just that she was born in prison and
        Krunch broke her out from prison and adopted her and gave her the
        nickname of Gid,his green child.Safe betthe time where Krunch and the Captain became
        romantically invovled for a stint was when he brought Benny to her after
        he broke her out of jail.Going back to the time Krunch and her where on
        the boat and he said to her “No you gave up those rights as her mother
        and he kept his vow to protect her when she was fixing the mast he was
        tied to.

        • Knightstar2001

          False, There is more evidence hidden in the story that gives credence to him and the captain being her parents. Did every one forget that the Sons(the male version of the sisters) had a City hidden in the prison and that the Captain was the go between for them and the Sisters. Her and Krunch could have hooked up while they were both there. What choice she made(either not to join them in escaping, giving up Gid or rejecting and choosing her people’s rules) has not been explained.Also considering that the interaction between them that reveals the Captain to be her mother takes place after the other info means that it likely overrides that one. Plus if he is protecting her, it would be good not to reveal that she is a mix of two races that were forbidden to mix by both races.Besides a Likely false story told to her by Krunch,we have no real evidence that supports her just being a kid he adopted and broke out of prision with. If she was adopted,why would he fear how his father would feel about her magic considering Doreal? Only if it would reveal to him that she is a result of a union that is Forbidden among them would it endanger her.

        • Sleel

          Yeah. He said she’s adopted. Cause he and the captain having a kid is verboten to both their peoples. Offspring of which is killed. So they maintain the facade to keep her from being hunted like varelse. Their conversation when he was tied to the mast made it pretty damn clear.

          • DarkMyste

            he only said that to throw off suspicion from his father… beny is his daughter as you said and alot long time readers have

    • yamifira


    • TheTrutha

      And lets not forget this is a world of magic with shapeshifting a possibility. I mean, can you really imagine Krunch and the Captain doing it. OK, some of you with twisted minds might imagine that. But all I can think is someone had to be shifted to a more human form from normal in order to join with the Captain in the creation of Benny. And such a person/being could always be shifted even further, perhaps even cursed to some other form at this point.

  • Selvec

    Has anyone else noticed how we have seen pretty much every standard D&D/WoW race in this comic, but not once have we seen an orc? Perhaps the Orc’s did something they shouldn’t have, and thats why they don’t exist in this world.

    • DarkMyste

      except this comic has nothing related to wow

      • Selvec

        Except they are both based in a fantasy world which makes fun of standard fantasy tropes. (Well used to in Warcrafts’s case, because the abomination that is WOW).

        No Orc’s is an oddity that cannot be ignored when you consider GID looks a lot like an orc.

        • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

          but this comic is independent of WoW, so you cannot use WoW lore to analyze this comic

          • ThatONEGuy

            Why are you so dense as to be stuck on the WoW bit only? The OP is clearly stating that orcs are a pretty standard and generic fare in fantasy settings. Is it only because he used WoW as a reference to his point? You made no mention of how this world was separate from D&D, are you okay with that reference? That still doesn’t explain why there hasn’t been any reference to any type of orc given that they are a staple of many, MANY fantasy outside of just WoW.

            My god, some people…

        • Drake_Nightfire

          Dragonlance doesn’t have any orcs either. Neither does Dark Sun.

      • lostboy37

        People seem very quick to say this, like they need to defend the comic. The fact that the comic is very heavily influenced by WoW is indisputable – the early comics might as well have neon signs over Cale, Dick, Benny and Krunch that read ‘Horde’ and over Aelloon and friends as ‘Alliance.’ The story has since then very much taken on its own life, and I enjoy it a lot, but it’s at best shady and at worst just dishonest to deny any connection to WoW. Except, of course, when using WoW to speculate on current and future happenings – since the story has its own life and direction now, we can expect to see the comic continue to move AWAY from that sort of thing. And honestly, who would Blizzard be to complain? *cough*Warhammer*cough*

        TL; DR: This comic absolutely started as a WoW clone. What it has become is something richer, but there’s no need to get all prickly over people noting its roots.

  • Miafillene

    Yes, He’s her father. Also, remember please, that, at least in WoW lore, Trolls and Elves are RELATED, genetically. Just as Tauren and Ogres are ALSO related. To call a tauren a cow…hooooo boy. NOTHING will get a Tauren clan on yer arse, faster then referring to them as meat and dairy producers. as for coloration? Markings? Well, who knows what lurks in those genetics? There are quite a lot of ways it could all go.

    • Joe Parascandolo

      He’s her adopted father not biological.It’s been stated by Krunch and shown on several occasions.

      • L3ros

        That’s what he tells her to protect her.

        If you actually read the comic you would know he really is her father.

        • Joe Parascandolo

          Actually if you read the comic you would he 1st met her in prison where he rescued her and named her “Gid” instead of Ben’Joon.Also if you read the comic you would know when he tried to bring her back to the Captain she abandoned Benny and had Krunch vow to protect her and not tell her who her mother was.No we DO KNOW for certain he isn’t.Krunch himself has said he isn’t.He’s
          done the “deed” with the captain but he and Benny aren’t related by
          blood.He’s even said in past chapters that he rescued an adopted her
          into the bloodrage.From previous chapters we know The Captain is her
          mother the father we don’t know, just that she was born in prison and
          Krunch broke her out from prison and adopted her and gave her the
          nickname of Gid,his green child.Safe betthe time where Krunch and the Captain became
          romantically invovled for a stint was when he brought Benny to her after
          he broke her out of jail.Going back to the time Krunch and her where on
          the boat and he said to her “No you gave up those rights as her mother
          and he kept his vow to protect her when she was fixing the mast he was
          tied to.Think you should go back and reread a few hapters cause your missing a lot if out think Krunch is her biological father.

          • Dean Sutton

            Alternative interpretation of these events: Krunch IS her father, Captain Vraay is her mother, and they ended up in that dungeon as a result of Krunch’s current search for teachers for her, since we know magic users of Gid’s lineage lie within. Afterwards, they escaped, as evidenced by the fact Gid was old enough to stab someone in the eye in the process, and at some undisclosed point Gid took up residence in the city, wherein the events surrounding that thief bastard claiming to be her “husband” took place. There’s really a fantastic amount of evidence that Krunch is her biological father, not the least of which are her number of fingers and toes, and the matching markings around their eyes.

          • Mr. D

            Actually, It was Krunch who swore Captain Tah’vraay to secrecy and when you weigh the evidence, Krunch doing the “deed” with the captain while both were in the prison, the known fact that the captain is her biological mother and the several physical traits that Benny shares with the bloodrage, what options are there? Saying that he ISN’T her biological father is like saying 2+2=5.

          • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

            what traits dose she share

          • Mr. D

            The dark patches around eyes, the two toes, the three fingered hands, those are the major ones.

          • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

            I’ll give you the eyes and fingers, but two toed feet and is not the same as hooves

          • Feleas

            but… 2+2 can equal 5 if you express the equation in a way that shows this.

          • Bricabrac

            Krunch doing the deed with Tah’vraay in prison doesn’t mean Benny was *conceived* there. Maybe she was born there, maybe she was already around when Tah’vraay was arrested. It’s just as feasible that Krunch was getting involved with a single mum; it happens. Do we even know how long they were incarcerated? Benny didn’t look like a newborn to me when they escaped.
            As for the physical traits, I agree, there are some similarities, including the roughly-analogous eye markings and three-fingered hands. Her feet, I suppose, could be a compromise between Tahvray’s feet and Krunch’s hooves. Aside from the green skin, though (which again *could* be a result of the genetic crossing), the feature that stands out to me as anomalous is her little tusk, which doesn’t come from either race, to my knowledge.
            I’ve always figured she was a half-orc, and frankly that still stands. It would certainly make sense why they’d want to shield her from that.

          • Mr. D

            While what you say is true, that kind of “Can’t prove it wrong so it’s true” logic is really tiring. I am simply drawing conclusions from what I know for fact, not what “could be”.

    • Splodathrowa

      Actually Tauren and Ogres aren’t related at all. Ogres come from Draenor, the world of the Orcs, Tauren are native to Azeroth.

    • Feleas

      A few things mate on your concept of lore and its understanding.

      “Just as Tauren and Ogres are ALSO related.” This? Unfortunately, no. Here’s why.
      1) Tauren are native to Azeroth.
      2) Ogres are native to Draenor.

      Also: this comic is NOT Warcraft. It is a world that Lar and Sohmer created by taking bits and pieces of all RPGs that they believed would make good fits together.

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

      Ok so he may have taken inspiration from WoW but this is an independent comic and we cannot say for sure if he follows W0W lore or not

    • DarkMyste

      oh boy another one that think this comic is related to wow….

  • yamifira

    she used to be called green kid and it kept becoming shorter and shorter reread the comic

  • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

    art maybe but being an independent comic the lore may not

  • JasonAW3

    Richard’s her daddy.

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber


  • EvilStepQueen

    The bunny. The bunny is her creator.

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

      the bunny is everything

      • ZathrasSquared


  • Furiae Intus

    *giggles at the arguments* My interpretation of the information given in the comic is that Krunch is, in fact, her biological father. Telling *his* father and his clan that he adopted her was a way to protect her. I doubt the Bloodrage would be any happier about her parentage than the Sisters. It also fulfils the vow he made to the Capt. to not tell her who her mother is.
    Do I really need to cite the same information that’s already been repeated? Yes? Too bad, not happening.
    Did you catch that “my interpretation” part? The information is open to such things as long as our celebrated writer allows it. :)

  • Shazhou Feng

    On a related note to the chinese new year, is it possible to have a chinese new years for pony shirt?

  • MidnightDStroyer

    The way I see it, any male can be a “Father,” but it takes someone special to be a “Daddy.” In all respects, he’s been that special person that it takes to be a Daddy. The author has his own interpretation & as long as the comic comes out with a high degree of actual *content* & I don’t have the kind of telepathy to read what the author has in mind. I don’t need any other speculation to continue enjoying the comic…so I don’t.

  • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

    can we all agree that the evidence present thus far is up to interpretation

  • The huntress in the night

    I just love that panel, biologically or not hes a good daddy.

  • Nisaryn

    Well…she does have the same eye markings as Krunch, please tell me that I wasn’t the only one to notice that all along!

  • @arutopsipuikko

    Just came to state the obvious:

    • Shanna Burgess

      THANK YOU. I was beginning to wonder if anyone here had actually read that page….

      • @arutopsipuikko

        Some people “read” when others *READ*..

        • Shanna Burgess

          So, SO true.

  • yahnati

    It’s the “That’s all she ever needs to know” that makes me question it. He doesn’t emphasize that that’s the *truth,* but that that’s all Benny ‘needs to know.’

    My guess is her dad is a not so nice guy and her mom left her to be raised by Krunch to protect her.

    That panel with the Sister a few updates ago also looks like she freaks out after she pushes back Benny’s hair, like she saw something on her forehead. Have we ever seen Benny’s forehead, or has it always been covered by her hair? (the marks that resemble Krunch’s facial markings are clearly visible around the hair)

    • Shanna Burgess

      Methinks you may be reading too much into it. But *shrug* to each their own.

  • Bricabrac

    Also his pet cat.

  • Guest

    We all know the mother is that blue female pirate, and in one previous scene back with Dnah, it shows the mother talk to the bull.. they may be her real parents

  • Kadotu

    For some reason the only voice i can hear for Krunch is Michael Dorn….

    • Kaidah

      That’s brilliant! I’d never considered that before, and now I’ll always hear his voice when reading Krunch’s lines. Thank you. :)