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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Selvec

    I guess she’s not Richard then.

    • Ivan Pirsic

      ..still might be Richards mom tho… >.>

      • Asura

        … Richard is hundreds of years old, though, and confessed to having killed them.

    • Madcat221 .

      I lol’d a bit when I read that.

  • Scheiße Kopf

    K, shit just got real… interesting.Thursday better not be late.

  • mr.normandy

    Am I missing something here? Why is she an abomination?

    • Scheiße Kopf

      I am just going out on a long limb here and suggest it maybe something like Avatar: The Last Airbender in that you have only one disposition, only one element that you can manipulate. It would be like a normal bender manipulating earth and fire at the same time (barring the avatar of course) or in this case, being able to use an unheard of combination of offensive and defensive magic. Possibly exacerbated by her heritage.

      • Somebody_Else

        On the Avatar route, it would be like a Firebender Family having a Waterbender child. The purists would have a total snitfit.

        • Raxxiloxx

          Except that after Ang in the era of the new avatar there are lots of benders with different abilities in the same family.

          Benny is more likely an abomination because she’s a half breed

          • Michael Bootes

            After the Ang era there were a lot of bending mixed marriages as a rule if you had a kid who could fire bend and another who could water bend you would probably find both sides in the family tree. Like how Ang and Kotara had a water bender child an d a airbender but no fire bender children

    • safyrejet

      Healing abilities must not be within the forte of the Sisterhood.

  • Ian

    Remind me to never insult a Bloodrage’s child.

  • TruDivination

    It’s so OBVIOUS! THe sister died, and will become undead Richard!!!! We were totally right all along!

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

      *facpalm* Richard was the son of a Nobel, we already have seen this in flashback of his past

      • TruDivination

        In case it wasn’t obvious beforehand, I was making a joke.

        • Speedy Marsh

          It was actually undead Richard, back when he was a model on the show Face Off. He was thrilled when he discovered that Benny was “an abomination”
          Krunch saved him a trip to the chiropractor, when he cracked his neck like that.

    • Thewizardly spud

      Remember when Richard was painting himself to look undead.

      • TruDivination

        I was. Making. A. Joke.

      • Timothy Craig

        That’s only cause he’s alive NOW. He _was_ undead. The court “cursed” him with life.

  • safyrejet

    Daddy to the rescue!

    Sooooo, healing is…bad? I think I’m glad she’s an abomination to those sisters. I mean if something good like healing abilities is abominable to them, I don’t want to know what they think is good.

    • o0m-9

      I think it’s because of what she is and not so much what she can do. Apparently, sisters can’t use healing magic, but Benny is descended from someone from the Sisterhood.
      It implies some sort of mingling.

      • Asura

        Apparently the pirate captain lady is her mother.

      • Kang the Unbalanced

        Jawohl. Sister and Bloodrage. Captain had a taste for bullc– er, for larger specimens.

    • Kang the Unbalanced

      The abomination is not that Benn Joon can heal, but that
      she was born of a Tauran and a Sister. Have we forgotten that that’s Daddy right next to her, that he didn’t just raise her as his own, that she is his own?
      Incidentally, I’d never noticed before that the markings
      on her face look so much like Krunch’s, though the colors are different.
      Then again I’ve never had it poke me in the eye before, either.
      –Kidding, Lar and Ryan, The panel is actually pretty subtle.

      • TruDivination

        Yeah, i never noticed the marking similarity either…but they were more butterfly shaped in the beginning, weren’t they?

        • Kang the Unbalanced

          Yes they were. But at the time Sohmer and Lar weren’t trying to bean you with a clue-by-four.

          • Fluffy

            It could be she had the markings altered… like with a tattoo or such to better hide it… (just for an in-cannon reason why they’re different when she’s older). I’ve known people who’ve done that with other types of birthmarks.

          • Kang the Unbalanced

            Maybe just changed shape as she grew older.

      • safyrejet

        I know about her lineage. A few pages back I was one who pointed out her markings being similar to Krunch’s afterall. I think if the sister meant to call her abomination because of her lineage she would have done so several pages ago, and before learning about her magic trigger. There’s a direct cause/effect behind her exclamation and I think it’s over her having healing abilities, not being a Bloodrage/Sister.

        • Kang the Unbalanced

          Hmm. I took it as her just having twigged to Benny’s heritage, but, hmm. Intriguing. We shall find out. Indeed we will.

        • Speedy Marsh

          I’m starting to think that Benny is more of a “melting pot” of races than a cross between two. She kind of looks like a Lego minifig that’s been cobbled together from multiple sets. Plus, she demonstrated two kinds of magic at once – healing and levitation. Do we know if her parents’ races have those kinds of magic?
          What if her parents were also of mixed race, but with only subtle visual indications?

  • o0m-9

    I still maintain that she’s some form of troll.

    • Fengor

      “Female of unknown pedigree,” is the preferred technical term.

  • LudacrisJester

    i love Gid’s responses.

  • Fengor

    Did I miss something? Since when has a gift for healing magic been considered, “an abomination”?

    • Shane Groves

      Mixed races and perhaps the Sisterhood is supposed to be offensive casters only?

    • Adamas

      From what we’ve seen of the sisters, they tend to be more the “Blow shite up and burn the remains” type of mage.”

  • Feed

    The articles don’t show up in the Atom feed: they all have the same id, so they get dropped by the client.

  • Giliathriel

    Now I’m REALLY curious to find out what her other half is.

    • Александър Колев

      Really? It was told long ago… This is her father, and the mother is the female captain (cant remember the name), from the Sisters.

      • Paul

        Looked like a Dark Elf from EQ or perhaps Night Elf from WoW. Different factions I know. Still, I’m really anticipating finding out more of this back-story!

      • Mustachio

        I always thought her skin color and teeth meant she was of orc lineage…

  • foog

    Ahhhh LFG. Just when I start to get bored of the stale pop culture references and too twee by half moments, you pull me in with awesome and a surprise. Thank you.

  • Sneaker

    Eh, Krunch is her adoptive dad for all we know for sure.
    It doesn’t really seem logical to have sister + cow = troll…

    • Raxxiloxx

      It became pretty clear that she is his actual daughter as the comic unfolded. Especially when she was on that mission with her mother.

      • Nyzer

        No, it was made clear that she was his ADOPTED daughter as the comic unfolded (I’m assuming you mean “biological” when you say “actual”, given the context). They were fairly lighthanded with that when Krunch was first introduced.

        The Bloodrage we’ve seen all depended on Benny for their healing. That suggest they don’t have healing of their own.

        And she looks nothing like a Bloodrage, aside from her number of fingers and eyes that can turn red. I mean, she could be a GRAND daughter of a Bloodrage, but she doesn’t share enough physical characteristics to convince me that she’s Krunch’s biological kid.

        Especially when I don’t recall green skin in the Sisterhood.

    • Kang the Unbalanced

      Ahem. It stretches. That is all I’m going to say on the subject.

    • Speedy Marsh

      Unless that’s how the Troll race came to be, eons ago. That would explain why it’s taboo for Sisters and Bloodrage to even talk.

  • Thomas Gorzkiewski

    Darn it, Benny!
    Mages kill people, not HEAL THEM!

  • Risad Lupine

    Welcome to the life of a shaman Benny.

  • Blobsy

    The magic must have washed off the decorations on the Sister’s dress.
    Noticed it in the former page actually, but still thought it was funny to say.

    • John

      Actually – it seems her decoration glows in the dark….the original scene was at night.

      • Kang the Unbalanced

        Nice catch!

  • Raxxiloxx

    Krunch is sexy. I miss him. He needs to come back to life in the present storyline.

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

      something tells me that would violate this comic established universal laws

      • Raxxiloxx

        Perhaps.. But if they can go to different dimensions… Can time travel be so far fetched? Benny can go back in time and save him.

        • MrJears

          Well time travel and altering history is a major plotpoint in the series. They went back in time and back to the future during the Kethenecia-arc, changed the future and brought Pella with them from the past. But so far only Richard and the shriek were able to open up a time portal.

  • Crestlinger

    …and there’s the trigger word. You win a prize! DEATH!

    • Elfguy

      Tsk. So evidently The Sisterhood don’t like healers? Doesn’t seem to fit with the first introduction, where they were looking for someone to rez Cale.

      • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

        Richards comment just suggest that the sisterhood had a no psycho-killers policy. what this page is suggesting is the healing magic is not common if not non-heritable in full blooded sister.

        • Kang the Unbalanced

          No psycho killers? Q’est que ce?

      • Kang the Unbalanced

        Abomination because she’s half-Sister, half Bloodrage.
        That’s Daddy. Mum’s the pirate captain. Don’t ask how she loses the eye.

        • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

          she’s half sister, half troll

          • Timothy Craig

            No, that’s just what she’s been telling people (likely believed it herself). This seems to imply otherwise.

        • Elfguy

          Her non-green half is Dark Elf…we met her mother, remember? The green is clearly Trollish (the only green skinned race we’ve seen so far)

    • Timothy Craig

      To be fair, Krunch was already reaching for her before she even got to that point. The second she pulled back he was like “Welp. You gotta go.”

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Look like she got his hand, alright

  • Orannis

    If you read the entire comic you’d be 100% sure.

    • John Blue

      I did and somehow this never occurred to me :D

    • John Blue

      I did and yet this somehow never occurred to me :D

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Alright, so, definitely not her mother.

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

      no her mother is the pirate girl

      • Kang the Unbalanced

        It was a joke. When she first appeared I thought it might have been her mother either before leaving the Sisterhood (and I guess changing colors), or possibly in disguise. It became apparent it was not, so I tried to turn it into a joke. I’ll go out on a limb and say that it may have been less successful than I might have hoped.
        Care for a jelly baby?

  • TruDivination

    Aww, no mystery magical teacher/student bond. Daddy, why must you do this to all new friends that you may or may not have introduced to me in the first place?

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    No, Sisters banging Taurans is where she drew the line. Can’t blame her; after you go Bloodrage, you’ll never go back.

  • @arutopsipuikko

    Teacher/Student bond? That reminds me of Kreia in Kotor 2. But ye.. I think that this Sister wasn’t her mommy.. oO Unless she died this way, which probably is not the case.

  • TruDivination

    I don’t think there was actual confirmation of him being her biological father in the form of someone saying “Benny is literally the product of these two guys here ‘doing the do’ (dear gof why did I just say that)”, but yeah, there were enough very blatant hints dropped to confirm that, so it can get confusing for people, especially those who remember Benny saying Krunch adopted her.

  • Karas2012

    hahaha oh Gid

  • Angel D. Figueroa

    …healing magic is a bad thing now?

    • Eltharrion

      Seems like sisters have aptitude to damaging/protecting magic. AND they are religious cult, if I may say so. So, anything that “breaks” their tradition kinda seems like an abomination to them.

      • Radical Knight

        Just like Catholics are considered abominations by non-denomination evangelicals, and rank just below the Star Trek cult alongside Satanism.

        • Richard Whereat

          Which is strange since non-denomination evangelicals are the offshoots. Pretty much every mainstream (Anglican, Catholic, Methodists, Lutherans, and so on) christian sees them as the abominations.

          Life, she is weird, non?

        • Eltharrion

          Well, good that someone else managed to word out that example. I gave up after trying three times, hence my post being “over-generic”.

    • Shane

      Or it’s such a good thing (a great thing) that the sister cannot possibly understand how ‘an abomination’ can wield such power.

      • Kang the Unbalanced

        Especially when it’s the men that do. The Sons. The yins to their yangs.

    • Timothy Craig

      The sisters only know damaging spells, I believe. The Bloodrage, on the other hand, seem more nature tuned (yellow). Thus, we have Gid’s “green” spells, ie healing and defy gravity, something unseen so far. The sister reacts to this information with confusion and “the hell is this?”

  • safyrejet

    Oy, read my comment back on pg 738. You’re not the only one and I haven’t forgotten. But I don’t think the sister is calling her abomination because of her heritage at this juncture. Why would she wait until finding out she can do healing magic to call her an abomination over her bloodline?

  • Brent Plante

    Maybe that is what taurens skin color is under the hair, Father looks grey because of the hair, but if he shaved he would be green underneath ;p and she did not inherit body hair!

  • Soic Angellis

    Actually, I think she’s more like a Sister of the Dark. I wonder if anyone else gets the Aes Sedai/Sister of the Dark/Black Ajah reference?

    • clg

      yes, and was a little surprised to see it here :P

    • Tj Phoenix

      WoT ftw!

    • Timothy Craig

      I wouldn’t call her Black necessarily. She’s harsh, not evil – and arrogant as all hell. Just like the Aes Sedai, really.

  • Michael Bootes

    Krunch was moving in for the Kill before she dropped the A-bomb anyway meaning he either knew what her reaction would be and was hoping she wouldn’t find out what Kind of magic she was aiding or the sister was dead the moment she agreed to work with him, that last part doesn’t sound much like Krunch though unless driven by Necessity.

    • Rudi Gerber

      I think Panel 5 looks more like the sister took a step back and was turning to make a run for it (probably to warn the other sisters) In this case it is conceivable that Krunch approached the sister and hoped that Gid’s talent wouldn’t be something that would tip off her full heritage.

      In such a scenario the sister would train Gid and the sisterhood would be none the wiser and no-one would die. Its more the sister’s reaction – wanting to warn the rest of the cult – which threatened his daughter and thus caused Krunch to kill her. If she had stayed dumb or showed indifference to her realization her fate would have been different.

      • Timothy Craig

        Perhaps sometimes, but Krunch isn’t an idiot. He would’ve seen through feigned indifference.

  • Ian Wong

    Ok, first off, healing itself isn’t the bad thing. In panel 4, the sister’s puzzlement gives way to outrage as she realises Benny is Krunch’s daughter. Notice that she stops in mid sentence as she examines Benny’s eye markings and draws the link. Remember, the Sisters hate Tauren and consider them animals, as the previous few strips have established. THAT’s why she’s an abomination to her, not that she heals. In our context, It would be like a woman getting frisky with a bull, and giving birth to a hybrid. Krunch then kills her to silence her. You can see him getting ready in panel 5.

    Benny’s healing ability merely tips the sister off that she has another bloodline (as if being green and fanged didn’t give it away).

    • Mace Paladino

      Can we just stop calling them “Tauren”? That’s a trademark of Blizzard Entertainment. They are called “Bloodrage” in this series.

      • Timothy Craig

        You say that as if you forget how this series started. Kael was “created” by someone who didn’t know his character’s race’s past, remember?

      • yamifira

        Tauren is an non-claimed word for minotauric people get your facts straight

      • Alex_L_H

        Isn’t “Bloodrage” a family or clan name, not a species?

  • Alucai Vivorvel

    I was extremely disappointed when I read the comments. Either y’all only just started reading the comic or you have terrible, terrible memories. Either way, go back and read the whole thing, only took me two days after I forgot what was happening.

    • Timothy Craig

      Still not getting it. What are you referring to?

      • Alucai Vivorvel

        Referring to how many people in these comments seem to think the sister is shocked/disgusted by her healing abilities. She’s not, it’s the fact that she is of mixed blood that causes the reaction.

  • DetailBear

    Is it possible that this Sister is physically blind, perhaps seeing “astrally” or something? To me, it appears she has to feel Krunch’s hand and Benny’s eye markings before she realizes what Benny’s appearance is.

    • Kang the Unbalanced

      That is indeed an intriguing possibility. Not just her, but all Sisters, hence the eyes. Hmm…

      • DetailBear

        Except the Matron. She has plain eyes. The sisters who came back with Captain Tah’vraay seem to have had red eyes (see pp. 295-300). The Sisters who stayed home seem to have yellow eyes, moreso.

        • Kang the Unbalanced

          Yeees, isn’t that interesting? The captain has one blue eye like the Matron, and one solid red one like the Sisters. Someone said the LFG wiki says Tah’vraay’s eye is gone and she sees differently through the empty socket. The art makes it look like something is in the sockets… and if so, maybe it’s not an eye… per se. If that is indeed the case, I’d suspect they are polished jewels and likely enchanted. I’ve also speculated elsewhere that whatever the Sisters have done to them, Tah’vraay did also, herself, and likely against her mother’s will.
          Or I could be completely wrong, they are empty sockets after all, the Sisters all have supernatural sight and pluck their eyes out to remove distractions like hot guys or television, and Tah’vraay just lost the eye as a consequence of something relating to Krunch and Benn’Joon.
          Oh. Time for meds now? Alright, off I go.

          • DarkMyste

            she already has said that the eye lets her see dead people if you remember when Richard was inside cale’s gemmed gauntlets, due that the shamans can stop a warlocks magic, would find him and that when we find out that the tahvraay said “i see dead people” and they made her eye do lens flare to show it was something more then a gem richard also said i should get my robe on… then.since cale was caring richards gem as one his red gemmed gauntlet.

  • Scheiße Kopf

    Oh I do not doubt that, I am doubting the motivation of the time gods to include Thursday in this weeks lineup.

    • Ezithau

      in which case Lar would explode due to not being able to update on time. So no that can’t happen

  • Wynnefael

    I have to say it, ’cause nobody has but…….yellow and blue make greeeeen! I’m guessing a tauren’s hide would be more yellow than any other color. Mix that with bluebloods…..^_^

    • Kang the Unbalanced

      Hide no, but their magic seems to be…

  • Aidan Page

    “dissapointed we never had that student teacher bond” XD love this comic so much!

  • Shanna Burgess

    Welp. So much for that teacher, time to find a new one!

  • Fluffy

    That was the mother of Richards little stooge-man who’s name I can’t recall. The guy who’s kinda in charge of the village of zombie-people while Richard is out… being Richard.

  • Duper

    And … we need a new professor for Defense Against the Dark Arts…..


    “Pop Goes the Weasel”!


  • Richard Whereat

    Probably why he put this off for so long. But for the training and defense of a child, in a lawless and violent world, there wouldn’t be many good fathers who wouldn’t do the same.

    • Dr. Tim

      Well, there is truth to this.

      After all, her blasé response indicates this isn’t her first time seeing her father kill someone in front of her. I was remembering from previous episodes that he killed more in battle than on the sidelines, but with their social structure, it is probably the norm. Still, I think Richard would give two big (mostly) undead thumbs up.

  • Timothy Craig

    Props for referring to the sisters as Aes Sedai. Totally what they are, of course. I just love the Wheel reference.

  • Timothy Craig

    So, to sum up, the current theory (as of now) is she’s a kid between Krunch and Tah’vraay, right? I’m not sure I agree – not yet, anyway. But that is the current belief?

    • Mace Paladino

      I am not sure why so many didn’t suspect this from the instant she called Krunch “Father” way back in the day. It’s so blindingly obvious via her character design that she has physical traits of both Bloodrage and the elf-like Sisterhood. Not to mention the highly unusual presentation throughout the series that not one, single other person who looks exactly like her has ever surfaced. If it is supposed to be a secret until the denouement of this storyline, it seems to me to be one of the worst kept in the industry, IMNSHO.

      • Pherlin

        I think it’s because at some point it was inferred that she was part ogre and neither of those two are. Also, there is the whole being green thing.

        • briarroot

          it’s not easy being green …

          • Bricabrac

            I dunno; Benny seems to pull it off with little to no effort…

      • Kang the Unbalanced

        …which is why it occurs to me that it can’t be that simple. I’ve been focussing on her calling him “father” meaning “the father figure who raised her”, and him telling her she was found in their village as a cover story. But perhaps… perhaps he’s been letting her believe he is her father, and he is in fact not. Which would mean Captain Dearest must have a taste for orc peckers. *shudders*
        Or… perhaps for getting a little fingering from Dnah…
        See, this is why I’m on medication.

        • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

          Krunch doesn’t seam like the kind of guy who would falsely let on paternity status.

          • OpposingVue

            What false paternity? I’m pretty sure Krunch confirmed to her early on that she was adopted. Adoption doesn’t make anyone less of a parent.

          • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

            reread the comment I was responding to

          • Kang the Unbalanced

            No… but Sohmer is.
            If that’s the case there’d be a pretty compelling reason I’m sure.
            I’m probably just being paranoid. My shrink and the little voices have all been saying that.

        • Xethez Says

          I agree with Mace and Kang – this is a case of the it was obvious made to be a shroud…

          Poor Kang, those little voices are just normal… don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, even the little voices.

        • Speedy Marsh

          I agree that it can’t be that simple. Benny seems to have features from several, if not all of the sentient races. What if Benny is the product of some sort of genetics experiment, be it technological, magical, or simply old fashioned breeding?

          Cale has brought the races together geographically and philosophically. What if Benny has brought them together biologically?
          It’s been theorized that Richard and Bunny/Mage have been working together for centuries, to get ready to help Cale fulfill some kind of prophecy. What if they were also trying to genetically combine the races?
          What if Krunch was a genetic donor and Benny was the result of a long series of cross-breedings? The prison they broke out of might have been in the genetics facility.

          I can imagine a speech in the future, where someone says, “Cale has shown us that we can live, work, and play together, and Benny has shown us that we can marry each other ane raise children together.

      • Itou Kyuuji

        I personally thought she was some sort of troll like character until the big reveal.

  • Timothy Craig

    It’s only out of character for him if you forget how much he cares for Benny. Krunch has done, and would do, anything for her – including use a sister to draw her powers out, then murder her in cold blood. It’s a situation of “I sacrifice my soul so she will not have to”.

  • Lizardman

    This is why you don’t do crak kids. Crak kills. Love heals. Also, don’t make a Bloodrage angry. That also kills.

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber


  • Celatrix

    Soooo since nobody seems to remember:

    It’s not a question who beget Benny.

    • Kang the Unbalanced

      Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

      what and not post the page where pirate girl confesses to benny for being her mother

    • Nyzer

      Krunch going out of his way to hide her parentage really, really doesn’t lend credibility to the idea that he’s her biological father.

      • Speedy Marsh

        It actually does. The Bloodrage and the Sisters are (or at least back then were) forbidden from even talking to each other. They would have been in trouble with both races if it were found out that Cap’n & Krunch were not only knocking boots, but had produced offspring.

        I think “Cap’n – Krunch” is the tastiest clue that they had a kid together. It’s almost like the writers said, “Let’s name these two characters in such a way that when it’s revealed that they are really both her biological parents, the readers will be kicking themselves for not seeing that when you put the two of them together, their names give birth to (pregnant pause)… a kids cereal.

        Am I really the first one to see this? I’ve read all the comments on all the pages up to this point, and I think I’m the only one who’s mentioned it so far. I guess since this page is very soon after the comments section was added, it’s likely that someone could have seen it earlier, but not commented on it till a later page.

  • Gromnor

    And that is EXACTLY what a Daddy does.

  • Tom Blaine

    I think the lack of patterns in her robs is because this is all a test. a magicly induced set of illutions of halucinations intended to find her breaking point or where she would find her connection to the magic. if not they who teaches her?

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

      or according to occam’s razor it could be that the artist didn’t feel like doing the pattern every time

  • Brian Bartholomew

    Her eye change color just like the Bloodrage.

  • John Davies

    Then why doesn’t see have more bovine features ? ( i.e horns ).

    • Midare Iwashi

      I should think that it is lucky that her head/torso are more elven in cast… I do not imagine that the captain would have survived giving birth to a calf-headed baby while locked in prison with little to no medical attention. Mangled dentition and fingers/toes like a bovine but lacking hooves for nails seems like an alright balance between the races.

      • John Davies

        Ok , seems plausible ,but what about the fangs ?

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    I understand why she calls Benny an abomination, but how does dark elf + tauren = orc?

    • Xethez Says

      Do we know she is an orc? I don’t remember that

  • Elfguy

    Benny’s Krunch’s ADOPTIVE daughter, left behind by her dark elf captain mother. her GENETIC father has yet to be revealed, but given her green skin and lack of Tauren body traits (and her trollish 3-fingered hands), she’s most likely half troll

    • Kang the Unbalanced

      I do have to admit that’s possible. Elsewhere on this thread I’ve expressed that having Krunch actually be her biological father (as he’s told her he is) might be just too straightforward for Our Beloved Cueball.
      Troll or orc would definitely be in keeping with the “us vs. them” theme of the conflict with Legara.

      As for said biology… fantasy world, fantasy rules. Logic need not apply. Plus, Taurens also have three fingers.
      If it’s not really Krunch then my vote is for Dnah.

    • Speedy Marsh

      Trolls have 4 fingered hands. I believe only the Bloodrage have 3 fingers.

      • Elfguy

        She has no hooves, horns, or fur. My vote is still for half dark elf, half troll.

        • Speedy Marsh

          Well, we’ve never seen her bald, have we? What if she has bumps on her head where horns would be? The Sister would be feeling those, when she grabbed Benny’s head. (Wild speculation is fun.)

  • Darnel Cooper

    okay,…. I missed something here,… Healing is a WHAT????

    • Millennial Dan

      Yeah, that kind of took me by surprise too.

  • Dragoncat

    Every child needs a daddy like him.

  • Gina Foser

    Almost all the races are depicted as the horde races in WoW… Tauren, Bloodelf, Undead, Troll.. only orc was substantially missing.Even “Looking for group/LFG” is a phrase used for putting together a raid group in an MMORG. As the story developed away from it’s source, I thought Benny’s background story was mashed together *after* further character development.

    Since the only race that Benny has close ties to that are green in retrospect, is Dnah – I wonder if he had a “hand” in her creation as well.

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

      why are we talking about WOW

  • Nyzer

    I don’t think it was ever alluded to that she was his biological daughter. Just that he’d fallen in love with her biological mother. Her skin color, healing abilities that none of the Bloodrage seem to possess, lack of fur, lack of hooves, lack of a snout, all lean towards her biological father NOT being Krunch.

  • John Davies

    Yes , I have been reading the comic religiously since around 2007 , from the first page up to now , and yes I agree that Cale has started to become less of a “pussy” , but he hasn’t become completely hard-hearted by the grim realities he has faced , and Richard still shows signs of being malicious at times , because he’s the one of the only character’s still providing some comic relief when it is appropriate. I just think that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions about Krunch being Benny’s biological father , because it even thought he could be , it could still be the case that he may still be her “guardian” , as we assumed when we first met him.

  • Nyzer

    Krunch was her adopted father. That’s never been in question.

    Krunch raised her, and the Captain was never introduced to her as her mother until after his death. Hence, the Captain essentially gave her daughter to Krunch.

    If anything, this goes against Krunch being the biological father. If he were, the Captain wouldn’t have needed to “give” him anything. Benny would already have been his daughter.

    • Zarkun

      Do serve a little reminder, she is a pirate. You know, care only for oneself and ship, crew if they’re loyal. Not to mention it’s not uncommon for a woman to say, “I gave him a child” in a disagreement.

  • Richard Gozinya

    This comic began years before Blizzard came up with the term Bloodelf. And the Warcraft universe is itself heavily inspired by various fantasy games, most of which were inspired by D&D.

    • Ezithau

      I’m sorry but no. The blood elves were introduced in Warcraft 3: frozen Throne back in 2003, this comic started in 2006. Just wanted to point that out.

      • Luc Charette

        but the fact is… D&D exists since 1977 and has all these classes and races in existence ever since. even JRR Tolkien who create the lord of the ring based himself on D&D. though hes the one having actually created the elfic language.

        • Bricabrac

          Tolkien’s first major LOTR universe book (the Hobbit) was published in 1937. How is this based on 70′s D&D now?
          But yes, while there may be WoW references (I’m honestly not sure, I don’t know much about WoW), LFG is surely based primarily on D&D; there’ve even been in-game references about “natural 20s”, Spot checks and “4th Edition” at various points, which I think makes it pretty clear where the primary influence lies.

          • Ezithau

            While both of your points are right, the choice of races for the main cast suggests prime influence from WoW. Where the player races are Dwarves, Elves (Night and Blood), Humans, Taurren, Orcs and Undead. The evil races or the horde are the Orcs/troll (Benny, she has the colour of a orc and the body of a troll) , Taurren (Krunch), Blood Elf (Cale), and Undead (Richard). While yes both of these are based heavily of D&D, I think the choice of main cast races was influenced by WoW. Hence the name of the comic, looking for group, something you do allot while playing a MMORPG. I myself am not a WoW fan, just the connections I make looking at both.

          • Bricabrac

            Y’know, since posting that, I looked at the “New Reader” section of the site, and noticed that on the list of influences, WoW comes first. Telling? I don’t know, but it does potentially lend credence to your argument. :)

          • Speedy Marsh

            Don’t you know? Tolkien wrote the screenplays for the current movies. Then when they performed so well in the box office, he hopped back in his Tardis, and returned to the 30′s to write the novels. The best novels are adaptations of screenplays, aren’t they?

            The only novels better than that are the ones written after the first books in a series have been turned into a multi-billion dollar movie franchise. By that point the authors are stinking rich, and they can afford to put all kinds of CGI effects in their novels. You can’t type all those special effects in Wordpad, can you? No, for that, you need the extra zing that only the Professional version of Microsoft Word can give to your words.

  • Bricabrac

    To be fair, that’s just saying that Tah’vraay and Krunch slept together. Contrary to what some may believe, sex doesn’t automatically lead to pregnancy.

  • Triscribe

    And that is a prime example of why you do not insult a Bloodrage’s kid when they’re standing right behind you…

    • Speedy Marsh

      That plus the fact that Krunch knew that if that information made it back to the Sisters, Benny would be marked for death. (At least I assume so. You don’t usually call someone an abomination, and then ask them around for tea. Not unless you make a habit of putting Arsenic in your tea.)

  • Speedy Marsh

    My favorite character evolution is Tim’s. He started as a mentally challenged Troll, but has developed into a renowned poet-philosopher. Oh, wait, that’s not onscreen. He does that in his trailer between shots.

  • Speedy Marsh

    Benny has:

    Krunch’s hands and facial patterns
    Her mother’s ears, nose, and maybe mouth
    A Troll’s snaggle tooth
    Dnah’s skin color
    Not sure whose feet

    It would be weird if she turned out to be some kind of amalgamation of all of the sentient races. If so, it would almost have to be a major plot point. It would explain why the Sister went all frelling insane, and called her an abomination.

    It is important to note that the Sister went all bat-guano crazy after she closely studied Benny’s face, not before. The answer must, quite literally, be staring us right in the face.

  • Speedy Marsh

    Not premeditated. Krunch and the Sister both knew Benny had magic and that she was “of the Sisters”, and there wasn’t any problem. They didn’t know she had healing magic. After Benny used her healing magic, the Sister seemed confused, and sensed something might be off. It was only after the Sister closely studied Benny’s face that she freaked out. She had spent all that time testing Benny without figuring out the secret, and possibly never would have, if Benny had had a different type of magic.
    Krunch has always been willing to do anything necessary to protect Benny’s life. Because Benny is a cross between at least two species, protecting her life mean guarding her secret.