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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Tim M.

    Still hoping the Sister is Richard. Looking less likely at the moment.

    • Alex Youts

      That would make me really happy to see Richard as a Sister.

      • morthasa .

        As if Richard never dressed in drag…

        • Thomas Gorzkiewski

          Putting someone’s body parts on yourself isn’t commonly considered as a disguise.

          • Chaeote

            …this is RICHARD we’re talking about

          • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

            but the sister is not richard

        • Chris

          Richard is always in drag…

        • Guest

          I need you to remember the feminine kidney hat

    • Ram Nevet

      That was not FWOOSH fire, therefor I don’t think it’s richard, he prefers fire.

      • Madcat221 .

        There wasn’t a single hint of Richard’s sarcastic wit either. I don’t think it’s possible for him to *not* be that way.

        • Shane Groves

          Not to mention the fact that Richard is male and was the son of a lord or other person of wealth.

  • Efe Tunçay

    I’m more surprised that it was actually love. (yeah, all of you called it, I know, but still…)

  • TruDivination

    Oh so she Was going to try Anger next. Good going magical mysterious teacher lady. And yes, THAT’S THE POWER OF LOVE!

    • Shane Groves

      ‘Love’ my foot. It’s more a desire to protect/help others.

      • Jordache Dailey

        same thing.

    • TruDivination

      I quote one little song and come back to a fight…good job guys :)

  • Paul

    Richard was the gardener son of a Lord – I doubt the “curse” was to make him a lady then make him undead… just sayin.

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

      I think we established that the sister was not Richard

      • o0m-9

        If course she isn’t Richard. There’s no ‘fwoosh’

        • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

          yes the aura of her magic is different from his

    • Fwosh

      though Richard would gender bend just for the amusement of it :P

  • Jay Wong

    I wonder, has anyone noticed that this set takes place right after the first panel in the last set? how shes getting washed ashore after being tied up?

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

      curious indead

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

      perhaps there is a logical explination

    • Rex

      Maybe the other scenarios are what the sister was imagining having to do to test her while testing self preservation.

    • safyrejet

      Well from the previous page, given the trees in the background, Krunch had to have walked up behind the Sister after either self-preservation or jealousy. Or else something completely new about to be tested. Whatever the reason, it seems the chronological order places the self-preservation test last. Which is a rather nice segue into the revelation that she’s motivated more by loved-one-preservation.

    • Jenny Everywhere

      It’s probably a lot simpler than anything anyone else has suggested.

      After they were drawn, the panels were rearranged because the flow was better in a different order. Sometimes that happens. I’ve flipped panels 180 degrees horizontally so the flow would be better. The events didn’t have to happen in a particular order to be valid tests, so that wouldn’t be an issue. The only issue might be the flow between the panels. The one that is first on the page with her in the straitjacket in the river was clearly the one originally immediately before the final one — not first as it is in the final page.

    • Jeremy Cliff Armstrong

      Simplest explanation: The sister ran out of tests and started over in case she missed something. This would explain papa bear’s “ENOUGH!” as well.

      • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

        you mean papa bull

  • PhysicsGradStu

    Chibi characters are so cute *sqweee*

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

      chibi characters…where?

  • Crestlinger

    Lol that the first spell this priest learns is levitate.

    • Ian

      Correction: Defying gravity +2

      • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

        show the generational gap doesn’t it

  • Rayven

    Well… she did say she cast defy gravity earlier… guess it was just one of those slow casting spells.

  • Ian

    All you need is love
    All you need is love
    All you need is love, love
    Love is all you need

  • Luke M

    Clearly you don’t understand what love is. It’s not sexual attraction. It’s the feeling – any feeling – that causes you to want to help or protect others. Sexual attraction is really just lust. Also, you might be interested to know that there’s no ‘e’ in loving.

    • Katt Moceri

      You might be interested to know that the only time one uses single quotations is within an existing quotation. i.e., “Luke M knows his grammar ‘well’ enough to be criticizing others’.”

      • LucidDream

        Actually, if I remember correctly, the rule is whatever you feel like, just be consistent.

        • Adamas

          “Speak what you think now in hard words, and to-morrow speak what
          to-morrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing
          you said to-day”-Emmerson “Self-Reliance

        • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

          Katt Moceri is correct according to MLA format

      • Adron

        Actually, single quotations are used for character constants whereas double quotations are used for string constants … ;)

        • Katt Moceri

          No, that’s actually not true at all. The only time you’d use single quotation is within an existing quotation, you’re the Associated Press and you’re doing a headline, you’re writing as part of a discipline like philosophy or theology, or you’re British.

          • Adron

            You are clearly not a competent C programmer!! ;)

          • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

            but he dose know English well

  • Luke M

    Oh, and you’re welcome. Thanks for thanking me before I said anything =)

  • Shadow Hedgehog

    I see what they did.

    They added a comment section so they could break the 4th wall even further. 5th wall even maybe.

  • Furiae Intus

    Awww, is so cute! Also, I was right! :)

  • Adamas

    depends on how much you hate what your defending against. I’m perfectly capable of defending someone out of pure hatred.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Okay, so maybe it’s not Mom.

  • Angel D. Figueroa

    well what do you know, it WAS love

    • Glich

      Or just protectiveness.

  • Guest

    Just a random question, from the last page she’s only in the, basically straight-jacket, for the first panel, and yet here she’s crawling out of it in the 4th panel. Just a little confusing details. Otherwise still great work, keep it up.

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

      already been discussed

      • Belthasar

        Where? I’m curious now.

        • safyrejet

          Just a little further down this page. Another earlier post, mentioning the same curiosity.

    • Belthasar

      I believe that the reason for this is because all those events didn’t actually happen and they were most likely illusions to try to test her and bring out her magic.

  • safyrejet

    Awwww Daddy hug. ^_^

  • Shane Groves

    Boredom? Genetics? Addiction to the sensations?

  • Gromnor

    THIS is why parenthood is AWESOME

  • Wynnefael

    Jeebus, but can we call it or what?

  • Shadow Hedgehog

    I don’t think it has anything to do with physics or time, since time is 4th dimension, not 5th.
    Breaking 4th wall is talking to the viewers. But she was listening to viewers and replying them. That’s even creepier :)

  • Fwosh

    thats easy enough, who wants to country hop with me :P

  • Fwosh

    the oil companies lol, if there is fuel involved so shalt they be as well

  • Fusionater

    Was it wuuuuuuuuuuuv? ;)

  • Dragoncat

    Don’t you just love her “you leave my daddy alone, you meanie!” look?

  • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

    or be in a pentagon shape theater

  • Scott Henry

    OH look she was WRONG! It was LOVE after all!

  • Scott Henry

    Too bad your love didn’t save Daddy and now you blame the Elf for it…yep I went there.

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber

      yeah she did kind of blame Cale for things she should have but she dose have a point that he dose cause more harm than help

  • Scott Henry

    I’d love to see a Drannei type character or a Worgen or a Tiefling btw.

    • Dan Stabile

      I wouldn’t

  • MidnightDStroyer

    If the newly-opened comments pages have been also included in past issues of this comic, WE CAN! Who’s going to go back in time & find out first?

    Wow, this idea sort of plays along with the old “Who’s on first?” comedy skit by Abbot & Costello…

  • Chris

    If everyone she loves dies does she lose her power?

    • Ian

      Mind = Blown.

    • M. Van Dunkelschreiber


    • lordmech

      me i think then her power would come from rage and her and Lord Richard would become much betrter friends as they go across the world killing people :-)

  • Alucai Vivorvel

    I’m all caught up now after rereading the whole thing. :-/

  • Stark Jones

    Cirsei Lannister said that to Joffrey once, Callum, and we all see how that turned out.

  • Dan Stabile

    I wouldnt mind seeing Tieflings, but Drannei are not tieflings. They’re like a wierld crossbreed of an Illithid and another humanoid. As for worgen only if they were actually called werewolves would they be acceptable.

  • Kaidah

    Turns out it really was love after all.

    • Speedy Marsh

      Sorry, I still don’t buy the whole love trigger thing. Every time she’s used her magic, she’s been pi**ed off. She was furious with her mother, when she healed her, and she was ticked at the Sister for hurting her dad.
      If I saw someone hurting my father, my first reaction wouldn’t be, “Oh, I love my father so much.” It would be, “I’m gonna rip the heart out of that guy hurting my Dad.” Especially if I were a Bloodrage. Only once the threat was neutralized, would I remember the fact that I love my Dad.
      It may be anger at the thought of a loved one coming to harm. That’s a pretty specific trigger. (Although, it would explain why she didn’t even bother trying to heal the king that Cale turned into a pincushion, when we know she’s raised the dead before.)
      I really hope they go on to elaborate further what the exact trigger is, cause at this point, it still seems ambiguous.