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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Lucy Bodenhemier

    i want a death pigeon

    • Chastelier

      I want one too, but it turns out there is a lengthy adoption process. Even more tedious than adopting a child, but far more rewarding.

      • Speedy Marsh

        Until you realize it’s a homing death pigeon.

        “No matter how far I take this $!&#@”¡¥£*€« thing from home, it keeps coming back and killing everything that gets within a mile of my house! I’m getting lonely” :(

        • Chastelier

          Why would you be lonely? You have a homing death pigeon! And many, many dead corpes to dress up and talk to.

          • Speedy Marsh

            Reminds me of the psycho girl in one of the Fable games who had a tea party with a room full of corpses.

            I guess I could embalm them, and rig up some animatronics… set up some webcams… rig each one as a telepresence unit…
            I’d never run out of… interesting people to talk to. Of course, most visitors to the website would want to “Do it Gangnam Style” or just twerk each other like a wrecking ball – if my very brief exploration of Second Life is any indication.

          • Chastelier

            Avoid those dances. People would start to avoid your house even more then back when it was “just” a malicious killer pigeon. You’d run out of fresh corpses really fast.

            And ofcourse not, there is no such thing as to much time around Richard. There is only such a thing as “to little time” or “no time” as in, “hasn’t gotten to killing you yet” or “is currently or has finished killing you”

          • Speedy Marsh

            Ok, I confess. I haven’t been spending time with Richard. I’ve been stalking him with my magic Fire tablet that I got from the Amazon. (You wouldn’t believe what he looks like when he’s singing in the shower…) That’s not at all creepy, is it?

            Stupid Sisters, blocking remote viewing into the female characters’ dressing room… >:[ Honest, I have no idea where that spring break photo of Benny and Shora in their bikinis came from. XD

            Oops, gotta go! Benny just found me, and is removing my spleen. I'd better run away before she removes any part that I'm fond of!

            [This comment in no way advocates unauthorized peeping into any private rooms, be they those of webcomic characters or human beings. If anyone has been reading LFG for this long, and cannot recognize a silly joke when they see it, they should immediately rush to the emergency room to have their funny bones examined]

          • Chastelier

            Wow, you got yours from Amazon? I got mine from some shady guy in an alley. Good for me it was jailbroken so I don’t have any restictions…. The again I’m a girl, I could just walk into their dressing rooms… :/

            Also don’t worry when she catches you. She might remove a lot, but she’ll put it back, to remove it again…. So she can put it back! Sooooo she can remove it again…….. Damn bud you’re screwd.

          • Speedy Marsh

            Yeah, I got really worried when she fed my liver to an eagle, and called me Prometheus. The trouble I get in to for playing with Fire…

          • Chastelier

            Also is it odd that I instantly though of “Gamer” with the whole telepresence unit thing?