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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Fluffy

    It looks like the slug things are making more portals… Also pwetty colours!

  • sharkoftheday

    The falling rocks everywhere makes me think hell might not be OSHA approved.

    • Rael

      Of course not! It’s hell! That’s the point!

  • safyrejet

    The idea that dirt eating slugs make portals somehow takes a lot of the magic out of it.

    • Wallace Tse

      Maybe they’re just making more tunnels for people to cast portals at. Can’t have random portals all over the place!

  • The Commissar

    Welcome to the Portal chamber, unfortunately, we have run out of Portal Guns so please use these handy dirt eating slugs.

    • Matthew Vincett

      Do they dispense cake?

      • The Commissar

        Cake is sqrt(-1).

        • martijnhoekstra

          Cake is i?

          • ArcRC

            If I recall my trigonometry, i is imaginary. Then by the transitive property, cake is imaginary.

          • Matthew Vincett

            … Dammit all, now Math’s ruined cake for me too…

          • The Commissar

            I be disappoint Sqrt(-1) is a NOT REAL number, also used as a loop terminator (until count = -1, for example (psudoecode))

  • Terry Stockwell

    I presume they are worm…and these are wormholes

    • Paul


  • Sam Abbott

    personally I’m willing to believe they work like telephones and open when someone calls that number if you get what I mean by that

  • TruDivination

    Watch the “portal to the mighty warlock” be covered with encroaching tulip plants and rose bushes. Only a true master of evil could corrupt the lower planes as such.

  • Selvec

    “Weclome to the filler piece!”

  • rahl163

    You know so far, hell does not seem like too bad a place.

  • rahl163

    actually, a thought. The very best thing that could come from this entire series, that would make it all worth it. We see a younger Richard before he become the supreme undead warlock that he is today.

  • Black_Wisp

    Shredder (from TMNT) fanboys much?