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  • nicktyrong

    So are these not showing up, instead getting a white page, for anyone else? Regular comic is fine…..

    • Amanda

      Works fine for me. Do you have AdBlocker installed? It may be blocking it. Try disabling it on this page and see if that works.

      • nicktyrong

        I’v never once used an ad blocker. I only have a popup blocker, for more obvious reasons.

        • Kathleen Cook Hollowell Howing

          I am getting the white screen too. I was hoping it was just the internet at work, but the website won’t work at home either.

    • sohmer

      Anyone having issues, can you get me screenshots of what you’re seeing, as well as browser/operating system/device please?

      We’ll get this sorted out.

      • nicktyrong

        No need for a screenshot. Everything looks fine, but where the comic shows up is just white. A screenshot won’t tell you any more than that. Nor do I even know how to, otherwise. I’m using my laptop, XP pro, Internet Explorer.

        • sohmer

          Versions please!

          • nicktyrong

            My laptop’s a dell…. an old one…. and I have no idea how to check versions on anything. I loked at properties, and it said nothing. To check I use a hammer, right?
            I know compooters!

          • nicktyrong

            STILL only getting a white screen.

  • Fengor

    Anyone else read Tim’s lines with the same voice as Cinnamon Bun from Adventure Time?

    • Matthew Tereau

      I do now. That’s the perfect voice for him! Thank you!

    • thaytor

      I read as as animal from muppets

    • Herbert Williams III

      I get a Patrick vibe off of him.

    • Luke Quinn

      Nope, I use Morgan Freeman’s voice for Tim.

      • Mr. D


      • Piret Rhapsodos

        YES. :D

    • Philip J. Uys

      i read Tim in the Cookie Monsters voice ^_^

    • Piret Rhapsodos

      No. >:(

  • Dirnol

    I’m getting a very Of Mice and Men feel from this arc

  • John Blue

    Am I the only one who has no idea what’s going on?

    • Ash Ketchum

      Something is on fire.

  • Crandall

    I hope Tim is like Brick from Anchorman where he will randomly say some profound thing that’s really deep and blows your mind, but then goes back to being regular Tim

  • Fusionater

    A very astute observation on Tim’s part. :p

  • Jeff Davis

    I always ask “Why see air?” when applicable

    • Jon Sills

      Yesterday, my wife was watching some Arthurian movie. The characters were on a pathway; a nearby field was afire. As the smoke curled behind them, I couldn’t stop myself. “Air! Why see air?”

  • Mr_FJ

    She’s so angry…

  • Mr. K

    I get the feeling that Richard is hoping that Cale turns into a disfigured rabid soulless beast. He could train him.