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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Piccolo

    well then…..

  • Paul

    On the label: “… for younger looking skin”

    • Triscribe

      Shouldn’t that be older-looking skin? As he’s trying to appear dead-like?

      • Paul

        Yes, well, at the time I wrote that comment I thought things were going the other way. lol

  • Ethorin

    OH he is “ironing his robes”
    as in adding Iron to his robes…
    interesting idea…

    • Chastelier

      Actually he is adding the colour to human looking skin. Earlier in the story it was mentioned by Cale that he wasn’t dead.

      If I recall correctly:

  • Kaidah

    Wait, if he’s not not-dead then how is ironing his robes with a giant boulder not making him dead? How does he still have his powers?

  • Speedy Marsh

    He’s not dead. He has porphyria. That’s zinc oxide sunscreen he’s slathering on. ;)

    Maybe his undead curse requires him to be evil. If he stops being evil, he starts getting his life back and with it his mortality. Richard has been doing a lot of fairly good deeds lately. What if there is some prophecy about Cale, and Richard got himself cursed to “live” long enough to protect and help Him?