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  • Lord_foul


  • Dosh

    The desert completely threw me off at first for what this was referencing… Seriously, why the desert?

    • Segelbranth

      You don’t get the same feeling of desperation (in this case a way from the deadly desert) if he’s walking in a beautiful forest for example. The fact that he then kills his way out is the joke ;)

  • Rarazal

    Ok, to be honest, I don’t understand this strip at all. Can someone explain it to me, please?

    • Segelbranth

      It’s a reference to “Lord of the Rings”

    • Felemoth

      As Segal said it’s a reference to Lord of the Rings, namely “The Hobbit”, where Gandalf speaks to a butterfly and sends it off to call upon the great eagles.

      In this strip, Richard is Gandalf.

      • Bound Fenrir

        To be fair, from the perspective of someone watching the movies, he did it in the Two Towers first. Chronologically he did it in The Hobbit first, but The Hobbit isn’t actually Lord of the Rings. It just happens in the same world to some of the same characters.

        • Felemoth

          See I don’t remember the scene from Two towers where he did it. I remember Hobbit way more in that regard because it’s more recent.

          • Bound Fenrir

            Remember in Two Towers when Gandalf went to visit Sarumon the White, and they argued and had most magic-effect-less fight between two wizards ever? And then Gandalf was stuck on top of the tower watching while the orcs dug the land up? That was when Gandolf caught the moth and sent him to go get an eagle.

          • Felemoth

            Oh right that scene. Thanks for the reminder!

          • Bound Fenrir

            No problem :)

  • Paul

    Wait, he COOKS his food now?

  • roxassword

    Home, Home on the Range. Where the Richard and the Eagles play. Where seldom is heard a deathly fwoosh. And the skies are not cloudy all day.

  • SilverNightwing

    Can anyone read what Richard says in panel 3? The text is too small for my eyes to make out clearly

    • Qurop

      I doubt those are coherent letters.. probably random signs ^^

  • Rael

    There are sparse plants in a desert. The rock formations are based on ones in Arizona and New Mexico.

    • Ralph Schaddelee

      then where does the wood for the fire come from?

      • DerpyKee

        It’s a comic strip. Do you really expect everything to be perfectly realistic when we’re talking about an undead, magic using WARLOCK that can apparently talk to butterflies?

        • Roborat

          Yea, it’s as silly as pointing out that the spit is mounted too low to allow the bird to rotate over the fire without hitting the ground.

          • Adamas

            oddly, that was one of the first things I noticed…

      • Arthur Robinson

        MAybe it’s just mesquite.
        Mesquite roasted eagle…

  • OnceAHat

    Well done Eagle.

  • Brendon Leenheer

    He should have told the butterfly to come back! Gandalf’s did… then he could make the butterfly call another eagle!

  • Esperologist

    I was less surprised at the roasted eagle and more surprised at the survival of the butterfly… although, what eagle goes ‘kaw’? That is a crow sound… a crow disguised as an eagle is getting roasted. Obviously the eagle council was suspect of the caller and sent the spy among their ranks, just in case it went foul. Hehehehe….

    • Joris Windels

      was that pun intentional? (foul – fowl)

  • LaughingTarget

    It’s odd seeing DIck do something productive with fire. Granted, murder was involved, but this time something ancillary resulted of it. Maybe he’s losing his touch. The violence was no longer wanton.

    • Joris Windels

      He was only a child at the time…