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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Piccolo

    FOR PONY~!

  • Alucai Vivorvel

    I very much like Richard in this page. :D

  • Lord_foul

    Bad horse, bad horse, bad horse
    he’s bad!

    • Thule

      The Evil league of Evil
      Is watching so beware
      The grade that you receive
      Will be your last we swear

      • Rarazal

        So make the Bad Horse gleeful
        Or he’ll make you his mare…
        Get saddled up

        There’s no recourse

        It’s Hi-Ho Silver

        Signed Bad Horse

  • Alucai Vivorvel

    I’m very sorry you lack the maturity to allow others to enjoy what they wish.

    I really, truly am.

  • Mason Brekke

    Friendship is Magic & magic can set things on fire and reanimate the dead.

  • Rarazal

    Richard is a brony! I knew it!!! (I’m curious how much hate I’ll receive for this one)

  • Chastelier

    Fairly certain I own a 12 year old My Little Pony horse somewhere in my childhood memories.And who cares? This comic is full of referances and parodies. Personally I think this is not a referance to anything except for PONY!!!! But who cares what people want to think?

  • Black_Wisp

    Don’t be assholes, people.