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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Piccolo

    FOR PONY~!

  • Alucai Vivorvel

    I very much like Richard in this page. :D

  • Lord_foul

    Bad horse, bad horse, bad horse
    he’s bad!

    • Thule

      The Evil league of Evil
      Is watching so beware
      The grade that you receive
      Will be your last we swear

      • Rarazal

        So make the Bad Horse gleeful
        Or he’ll make you his mare…
        Get saddled up

        There’s no recourse

        It’s Hi-Ho Silver

        Signed Bad Horse

  • Alucai Vivorvel

    I’m very sorry you lack the maturity to allow others to enjoy what they wish.

    I really, truly am.

  • Mason Brekke

    Friendship is Magic & magic can set things on fire and reanimate the dead.

  • Rarazal

    Richard is a brony! I knew it!!! (I’m curious how much hate I’ll receive for this one)

  • Chastelier

    Fairly certain I own a 12 year old My Little Pony horse somewhere in my childhood memories.And who cares? This comic is full of referances and parodies. Personally I think this is not a referance to anything except for PONY!!!! But who cares what people want to think?

  • Black_Wisp

    Don’t be assholes, people.

  • Evil Pizza

    For those who were wondering, this comic was put up on May 10, 2007. Friendship is Magic didn’t air until October 10, 2010. That’s well over THREE YEARS between the two. At the time, it sure wasn’t a reference to FiM, though that doesn’t mean it’s not a reference to some other MLP generation…