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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Alex

    He shouldn’t leave his FWOOSH unprotected like that. That’s two children on Cale.

    • Fluffy

      Eh… from his stand I guess… from where I’m sitting there’s technically 0 on him. The first was the archmage and this one he told the kid to leave it alone and the grabby little vagina-destroyer didn’t listen.

      • Filipe Bonito

        Also… he’s made of wood, so technically not a boy? :p

        • Rarazal

          Racist! Only because he looks different! ;)

        • Speedy Marsh

          Did the little Cyrano de Bergerac lie about having a splinter-free nose? (He was carved more than 18 years ago, wasn’t he? He lied about being a boy, too) He just keeps on becoming a bigger and bigger liar…

      • Speedy Marsh

        Gah!!! See what you and Filipe made me do? My mind’s eye just went Fwoosh!

  • Rarazal

    Two children? The “child” he “killed” in Kethenicia was the archmage, right? So this boy here is the first child on Cale’s Bodycount. Or did I forget anyone?

    • ZathrasSquared

      As far as Cale’s concerned, it’s two.

  • Speedy Marsh

    Pinocchio, urine luck! Cale has a built in fire hose. Oops, Cale is dehydrated from spending the day in the desert heat. I bet he’ll drink at least a gallon of water tomorrow. :)

    See little guy, your death was not in vain. You taught Cale the importance of staying hydrated in the desert. Aren’t you happy your life had meaning? :D