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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Raptor052

    Oh hctib, you are in for such disappointment

  • Efe Tunçay

    If only he knew. *sigh* Such enthusiasm, it breaks my heart knowing how it’ll end.

  • safyrejet

    He doesn’t have his Mickey Mouse pants yet.

  • Adamas

    tsk,tsk,tsk. Such hope from a Denizen of the Pit.

  • Josh Curzon

    Aw, such an adorable story arc already developing! Chtib is way nicer than you’d think, and that lil’ guy is so cute!

  • Jeff Davis

    Wonder what happens to make him talk fast?

    • Carlos Gomes


  • Boris “BoroFreak” Grigorov

    The green guy is so adorable in the last 2 panels ^_^

  • Feleas

    “Certainly we’ll be friends”

    the irony of that foreshadowing… I love Lar and Sohmers haha

    • Kaelhound

      I know. I saw this and the first thought that came to mind was, “Oh Hctib, you poor, little devil you.

  • yamifira

    abit he says

  • Brendon Leenheer

    Hey! maybe we’ll see Richard in NPC… Seeing this bonding ritual/ceremony/assignment with Richard should be fun!

  • BatchElder69

    They are moving at their normal rate …. in their realm.
    In our realm probably less gravity/pressure so they ‘seem’ accelerated, but they are still moving at their normal rate.
    We ‘seem’ slower/encumbered to them.
    Just a matter of perception.

  • Alex Wadegrove

    Well, this will be fun.

  • Darnel Cooper

    hmmmn,.. this is ,… different.

  • Tim M.

    Oh wow, this actually makes me feel bad for him. XP

  • Rosie-roo

    Ohhh, poor Hctib. He must end up so disappointed!

  • TruDivination

    …Ahhhh, Hctib, you have made the dreaded “friend” mistake. The only people who do not suffer plot repercussion for this transgression are those who refer to their lessers, not their potential masters.

  • Ian


  • Selvec

    I bet Richard isn’t even his master, and he stole Hctib from his best friend.

    • Da’Zlein

      While singing a catchy tune…

  • Mr. D

    Poor Hctib. He seems so nice right now, and then he met Richard…….Poor guy

  • Crimson Rhallic

    Well, that is his master’s name after all…

  • Mr. D

    Yes Richard did say that, but are we sure that is the only factor? I would imagine working with Richard would put a lot of stress down before the summon/banishing cycles took a toll.