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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Jeff Davis

    Funny hats indeed :-P

  • Fluffy

    Nnnnooooo…. not really. Climax of the “fight against Legera” or whatever storyline uses the fire shooting stuff and then some. (as spoiler free as I could make it, sorry guys.)

  • Poiuytreza

    Tim on fire! Tim hot!

    • Chastelier


      Tim is easily pleased.

  • Speedy Marsh

    If the good one shoots ice, and they’re both singing swords… then we’ll end up with a story where all our favorite characters get killed off. :p
    Oh, wait, that’s already happening. Time to make an LFG TV series for HBO. ;)

  • Speedy Marsh

    Benny broke him before she learned how to heal. That’s why Link goes around smashing things instead of forming intimate relationships.
    The fact that he’s always stuck in kid friendly games doesn’t do much to help his frustrations either.

    “It’s dangerous to go with Benny!”