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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Lord_foul

    dang that archer dude is weird,

    • Chastelier

      Really? I feel like he is one of the most normal ones among all of these soldiers. I mean he is rather down to earth about the whole situation. Given ofcourse he is insanely relaxed for someone who is fighting a battle they will lose. And come on Lord, who in the world actually likes spoilers?

  • LaughingTarget

    Richard also demands additional pylons to throw the Protoss off their game.

  • Brendon Leenheer

    okay if the zerg invasion had “casualties in the billions…” how many could Richard pull off?

    • Dosh

      Uh, that’s kind of a far cry. A single “Warcraftian” warlock whose powers could be stifled by a small group of feeble old troll shamans (or whatever they were) versus all of the Zerg.

      Yeah, Richard’s great and all, but that’s a bit much comparing him to the entire Swarm… He MIGHT be able to pull off Zerg-level casualties in HIS world, given enough time, but dropping him in the Starcraft universe he’d be lucky to handle a couple of Ultralisks. Unless he HAD an Ultralisk in his purse, in which case he might be able to handle a bit more.

      • Brendon Leenheer

        lol! Didn’t mean to make it a big debate, but while we’re at it:
        There are NO feeble old troll shamans in the SC universe!
        One massive “Rain of Fire” (warcraftian style) would obliterate thousands of tiny Zerglings!
        Bullets from Marines and ghosts would hardly stop him!
        And if any Psionic capable humans (like Ghosts and Spectres) or Protoss wouldn’t be able to look into his mind without going blind! :)

        • Dosh

          Eh, debates are fun as long as everyone’s civil.

          Zerglings would be no match for Richard, for sure. I’d say Dick could even handle Hydralisks and basically any Zerg that isn’t enormous or fireproof.

          As for fully automatic, space-age firearms… A couple bullets wouldn’t stop Richard like a normal person, but a few bursts would reduce his body to a state in which he likely couldn’t do much. Unless he can fwoosh while entirely dismembered… Which, admittedly, is possible.

          Psionics would be a crapshoot. Who’s to say how they’d interact with his magical properties?

          I’d still say Dick wouldn’t be able to accomplish much in the long run, but he could likely have a whole lot of fun in the Starcraft universe. Also, “purse Ultralisk” is a frankly hysterical concept to me.

          • Brendon Leenheer

            lol I agree totally about the ultralisk purse thing!

      • Nathan

        Well the troll’s were dedicating ALL their power to that warding and Richards power is continually swelling higher and Richard is INDESTRUCTIBLE plus there’s Purse Dragon, Scooter AND Sooba he also didn’t care much about the Troll Battle whereas with Purse Dragon he DESTROYED A MOON if he got pissed off nothing could stop him not even Slaanesh from Warhammer 40,000 AND all the Eldar Gods AND all the Eldar in full power

        • Dosh

          Can’t tell if you’re trolling or not, but you know you’re being ridiculous when you compare anything that isn’t 40k to 40k.

  • roxassword

    Poor Richard, we all know the feeling of losing your beloved space ant. T_T

  • o0m-9

    Those Terran marines look suspiciously like Buzz Lightyear…

    • Matthew Vincett

      To the Korpulu sector, and BEYOND!

    • Brendon Leenheer

      good grief… your right… well played LFG, well played…

  • Râven

    Richard needs to be the new face of PETA, he cares so much for his animal friends.

    • Shade

      Yeah he took such good care of the baby animal petting zoo…

    • Guest

      He made sure they were nice and warm in that cold damp cave.

  • Zeissmann

    To be fair, Richard sort of looks like a Protoss Dark Templar.

  • chelvo56 .

    Well… I think “Fwooosh” will happen ;)

    • Dosh

      Zeratul may or may not get wrecked.

      With Raynor, I’d wager he might shoot first while Dick tries to be clever, reducing Dick to a fwooshless pile of bonemeal. Richard would probably just enjoy the sensation though, and no doubt somehow come back from it with a newfound respect for Raynor. (And now I’m imagining Raynor and Richard in LFG, Raynor replacing Cale… Think of the shenanigans.)

      Kerrigan… Yeah, good luck Richard.

  • Kadotu

    I KNEW IT! Screw the xel’naga its been Richard all along. “Do you hear it, Zeratul? Whispers from the stars? The galaxy will fwoosh with his coming.”

  • Rick

    explains sooo much!

  • Philip J. Uys

    Richard: “ignore the fireball in my hand… it’s not meant to be an aggressive gesture… it’s how i say ‘Hello’ “

  • John Raynor

    This is just priceless.

  • TruDivination

    XD stop killing Richard’s mounts!

  • Séan Michael Milljour

    That would be the scariest Drill Seargent ever…

  • Segelbranth

    Hahaha, love it! :D

  • Joris Windels

    I’m going to magnify this one, print it out, have it framed and hang it up somewhere