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  • Eddy Blackmore

    It’s an even better way to START a conversation!

    • Alex

      Any conversation that starts after that is bound to be interesting…

      • Bricabrac

        …and fairly one-sided.

        • Fluffy

          Depends on where you stab them… I mean… ummm…

  • Fluffy

    Biology major… and slight sadist…

    • Speedy Marsh

      Yes, it can be very two-sided and not in the least sadistic, if the one doing the stabbing is using a metaphorical blade. Your first comment was a pretty good Shakespearean metaphor, for a Biology major.
      I was a Computer Science / Electrical Engineering major so, sadly, my degree only qualifies me to discuss such matters in terms of I/O ports and data transfer. (No, being a computer geek does not mean my only experience is hands on)

      • Fluffy

        unintended metaphor… I was thinking in the literal stabbity-stabby sense of stabbing… Human bodies are so very resilient!

        (and who said all majors make your experiences hands on? I’m a biology major and haven’t done a single dissection since high school)

        • Speedy Marsh

          Oh, sorry, I misinterpreted your sadist comment. Now you remind me of Bun-Bun from the webcomic Sluggy Freelance. (He’s a pet bunny that carries a switchblade and occasionally a Glock.)
          The “hands on” comment was a metaphor refuting the stereotype that geeks only have one-sided “conversations”

          • Fluffy

            Whatever works for you, mate.

  • Hubbabubba

    I take exception to the word “expert.” I prefer “trained and perfected individual on the matter.”