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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • TruDivination

    Ahh Richard. Only looking out for the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable infants. Wait….that sounds weird…..,

    • Slartibart

      Safety? Maybe (he might have his reasons). Wellbeing? Naah, unlikely :)

    • Kirby Whovian

      Well, you’re not letting you’re snacks getting tossed around either, do you?

  • Fellow

    This is confusing.

  • LaughingTarget

    And now we know how Krypton was really destroyed.

  • Paul

    Maybe Richard was about to have a snack when he was discovered.

    • Speedy Marsh

      Well, they didn’t provide peanuts for him to munch on during the in-flight movie, so it’s their own fault.

  • Râven

    Its a bird, its a plane, no wait FWOOSH! ITs RICHARD

    • Matt Dameron

      It’s a birdplane! On fire!

      • GzeroD

        Always more room for the Axis of Awesome mashups on the internet.

  • roxassword

    Maybe we all misjudged Richard, maybe he wants to save him…. Well, for his own purposes, in the Man of Steel movie LOADS of people died. He wants the chaos.

  • Jacob Barlow

    He has a sun on his shirt, PRAISE THE SUN.

  • Dosh

    Never thought I’d say it, but this couldn’t end well for Dick. Considering this looks like old-school Superman (pre-red sun nerf), between Krypton’s gravity and the Kryptonians’ powers, Dick would be screwed. Especially without radioactive kryptonite, which prior to Krypton’s explosion, there is no such thing to weaken the Kryptonians to my knowledge.

    • Eric Claypool

      Doesn’t mater what incarnation it is, this appears to be the destruction of krypton, ya know before he arrives on earth… and has whole yellow sun to super power him. At this point he has no super powers, do to kryptons red sun.

      • Esperologist

        As Dosh pointed out, this looks to be pre-’red sun’ nerf. I haven’t read many comics, but the old movies didn’t indicate that Kryptonians weren’t super powered on their planet. If Krypton was higher gravity then they would have to be more dense to survive it and would at least be able to jump really high on Earth… much like a human on the moon…. though, they would find our atmosphere to be on the thin side, much like we find while up a mountain.
        However, Dick is there because of magic… surviving because of magic. On that basis, I don’t see him as being in danger but not really being able to do much to them since his magic experience is against powerless humans.
        Think of it like this, Dick is accustom to hunting animals… some are bears and other deer… now he is off hunting tanks. He has never heard of a tank before, never mind fought one, but he himself is basically a tank anyway. Neither one is equipped to fight the other, so one of them has to upgrade.
        Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if Krypton going up in smoke was Dick’s fault. Sure, the planet may be more dense then Earth, but the planet can’t stop Dick from using magic on it… probably took him a lot of licks to get to the gooey center.

        • Dosh

          The fact that Dick stops and goes out of his way to make excuses for why he’s there tells me he’s probably realized that he’s an “unstoppable force” up against an “immovable stone”. Responsible for the PLANET’s destruction or no, I think he can tell that he doesn’t stand much of a chance melting these folks’ faces.

          • Enepttastic

            You’d have a point if it weren’t for the fact that he comes up with excuses for doing damned near anything.

        • Geordin Soucie

          Who says Richard is from Earth? We just know he is dead…ish.

    • Jonsey

      But wasn’t Superman quite vulnerable to magic?

  • Ian

    I knew Richard was behind Krypton’s destruction! I knew it all along!

  • Râven

    Zod was Richard’s friend before Cale.

  • RadBaron

    Ahh, the joys of a wrongly adjusted 5 point harness…
    Should straps too tight? Hard to maneuver (plus bad back)
    Waist belt too tight? Makes it hard to breathe.
    Fifth belt too tight? Make funny faces and noises at the crewmembers…

    • Speedy Marsh

      The fifth belt. That explains why Clark Kent always seems to be suffering from low testosterone.

  • JZSquared

    LFG and Gutters are merging…

  • Thaylok

    Before Cale-L was Kal-el

  • nonPCrealist

    I’ll admit that I don’t get this one..

  • That guy

    As far as I can guess, Richard was just caught attempting to switch places with Kal ‘El and is just trying to cover his butt. That’s an edjemecated guess though.