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  • Lord_foul

    I was expecting liquor

  • Bricabrac

    Only in the Netherlands, LF.

    • Chastelier

      I’ve lived in the Netherlands most of my life, and not a single thing on this page is something we actually have :/

      • Bricabrac

        Sorry, that should have been a direct reply to Lord_foul’s comment; I was obliquely referring to the phrase “Dutch courage”…

        • Chastelier

          Oh I see XD However you do realise that that is a saying thought of by the english back during the war between the Netherlands and Great Britain (one of the three) right? Great Britain was losing and out of spite they named some of the most “shameful” things they could think of after the dutch people. Dutch Courage is something we rarely see here, though there is no denying that “going dutch” seems to be something we can not deny here…. Dutchies are pretty darn cheap with their money.