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  • Nulgar

    I found this page early, through the magic of altering the address bar.

    So, frequent hits in the right eye… that explains its current state.
    In unrelated news, I’ll be happy to see the fate of that nun.

    • Oliver Sundberg


    • Fellow

      That doesn’t explain the eye’s magic, though. I’m not yet convinced this is the pirate. After all, why would she endure this if she has a mother who runs a powerfull cult?

      • Matt Dameron

        Does she know, at this point?

        • Fellow

          The mother knows that her children are very valuable assets. I doubt she’d let one be orphaned.

      • Nulgar

        Well, the eye we know does not need to be her actual eye… though, I can’t recall, did we actually see her commune with the dead via the eye or was this just something she claimed to be able to do?

        • Hubbabubba

          She did see Richard in the gem.

  • chelvo56 .

    So the church has the same role as in the dark ages… The hypocritical people you want to ge divine retribution…

    • TMLutas

      Overgeneralize much?

      • Adamas

        Just the ones who supposedly took a vow of poverty and instead took more money then the Kings (Who at least had a legal reason).

        • TMLutas

          Now that’s fair, and an opinion shared by a good many churchmen. The guy who told me “the road to hell is paved with the skulls of bishops” is a catholic bishop.

          There’s a difference in going after the corrupt in a church and condemning the whole thing when there were plenty of people who walked the walk as well as talked the talk.

          • Aurora_Dimmet

            Completely agreed. The vocal minority who spread hate and intolerance based on their stolen and warped authority to suit their personal needs have caused a horrendous upswell in the angsty and impressionable these days to the point that the numbers who view all religion and those who subscribe to it to be the source of all troubles. Which, ironically, makes them even MORE intolerant because they condemn all for the actions and words of the frankly evil few.

            If you are going to hate, hate the people who deserve it specifically. Never generalize and spread that hate around, or you are the same as those you oppose, people. No better, at all.

          • Carpenter E

            “or you are the same as those you oppose”. Um, no.

          • JZSquared

            I’m against organized religion completely. You know what they say, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

          • TMLutas

            The times that religion has absolute power is vastly overestimated by atheists.

        • houngandave

          Except that the kings made the laws, thus making it entirely up to those same kings how much “competition” they allowed themselves to have, …

  • TMLutas

    Did we have a hair color change between page one and two?

    • Nulgar

      First page, it was in the shadows of her hood, with a few glinting highlights.

      • Eoraptor

        I wondered the same thing at first.

      • houngandave

        I have to go with “artistic license” here – if her hair were actually in the shadows of her hood, her entire face would be shadowed as well. The Artist need not explain the decision-making process leading up to a narrative point, as long as it doesn’t completely wreck suspension of belief, really.

  • LaughingTarget

    If the Gods created the universe, why would they want money? They can just create money. Unless the Gods are Austrian Economists and don’t believe in inflation.

    • Eoraptor

      to quote james t kirk “what does god need with a starship?” or a purloined purse in this case.

    • Carpenter E

      Austrian economists don’t believe in inflation? That’s an odd and ill-informed thing to say. Of course Austrian economists know there is inflation. They just don’t want it. Hmm, maybe with “believe in” you mean “want”. If so, no, they don’t think eroding people’s savings is a good thing. They don’t think that politicians borrowing and printing money to hand to their allied groups and businesses, at the expense of those who have saved their money, is a good thing.

      • LaughingTarget

        I think you misinterpreted my admittedly vague smartphone limited post. I meant “artificially driving inflation via the printing press”, Austrians are aware of demand induced inflation, but that sorts itself out via supply increases, by their model at least.

  • TruDivination

    Ironic because that habit looks almost like that of a traditional “mother superior.”

    • Rick

      not “ironic” at all. Irony would assume this was accidental or unintentional. :P

      funny thing is,over the last decade or so the schools send the kids to begging more than the churches do.

  • roxassword

    I like that in the face of this situation she still has a quick wit and a sharp tounge.

  • Valkeiper2012

    This nun needs a warm talk with Richard

    • Qurop



      • LaughingTarget

        It’ll the the only time in the nun’s life that someone refers to her as “hot”.

  • Lóránt Kolaj

    Eh. Fourth panel was pretty bad. I mean I understand the point, but it’s not very well presented. Not presented at all, actually. Author just gave his words to the character. I don’t think what she said was anywhere even close of what a child would ever say in her shoes.

    • Triscribe

      Except, y’know, her people age more slowly than others, so she could already be the human equivalent of adult; in which case, she’s seen, heard, and come to understand a lot more than a normal child.

      • Carpenter E

        Highly doubtful that “age more slowly” means staying in a child-like state longer. That would be very bad for the survival of the species. It is far more likely to mean staying in an adult state with skin and muscles etc deteriorating at a slower pace.

        And I agree with Lorant. The panel was simply the author making a political statement in a clumsy way.

        • Rod Giese

          Actually in traditional fantasy lore, such as using tolkien and D&D, elves as a whole age slower which does include staying in a child like state longer which goes for, i’m guessing a dark elf race that she is based off of. Which would give her the possibility of having an ‘adult’ mind set while still seeming as a child.

        • Pilgrim Ogorson

          When faced with child abuse and religion bashing you actually waste time having problem with the later one?

        • houngandave

          Hate to resort to reality here, but look at biology on Earth. The longer the life expectancy of pretty much any species does, in fact, have a proportional effect on how long it takes to “mature”, barring EXTREME predation factors, which do not usually apply to your “sentient” species. I might say this is art imitating life.

          • RoCr

            @houngandave:disqus That’s not how it works.

            Humans, parrots, elephants, and whales all have similar lifespans, but humans take longer than any of them to reach maturity. In fact, we take the longest of any species on earth that I know of, save maybe sea turtles. Why? Because our freakishly large brains (for our size) make birthing difficult and take a long time to mature.

            You’ll see a much stronger correlation between length of adolescence and size than with age, though that isn’t perfect either. Elephants and blue whales both take fairly long to reach maturity (almost as long as humans), but the blue whale actually reaches maturity faster than the elephant.

    • Nicole Katic

      while i respect your opinion, please, take a look at my comment i posted above you, if the child was as mentioned above, and especially since it looks like she is being housed by very religious people, and she seems to have a great dislike for the nun, she is fully aware of what she has been taught about god/s, and that she should keep faith in that/those gods. we don’t know what she’s seen, what she’s been through, but for her to pipe off like that to an elder, i doubt her childhood has been anything warm and sunny. and go google search “things children say” you’d be suprised at what some kids, possibly this child’s age or younger, have said.

  • Nicole Katic

    for people going on that the “child” is too grown up for her age, you obviously haven’t seen children who have come from abusive or even worse life styles. they learn to grow up fast, they learn very quickly just how cruel and unforgiving the world can be. they have to learn quick if they want to make it, or they can lay down and accept their fate. the child here clearly has a strong will, and knows EXACTLY what the world is like, or at the least, has heard the teachings of their religion enough to know this nun is NOT practicing what she preaches, and its sad she has been jaded at such a young age, but this and was reality for A LOT of children, and sadly probably still WILL be reality for many more.

    • Pinkie D. Pyrite

      When you’re in her situation, you probably gain a bit more of a cynical outlook on life, as well.

      • Nicole Katic

        well, you can’t use your outlook on life for this character or judge her based on what you know as “normal”, because the character isn’t you. thats what most people here are having a problem with. the biggest thing most people posting here have to worry about is what laptop they want, or if they are going to ask mom or dad to get them clothes from A&F, or Banana Republic… this girl has to worry about if she is even going to even get new clothes, or if she is going to be even able to eat that night. Its not a matter of being cynical, its a matter of seeing life for what it is, most kids are spoiled and don’t appreciate where the things they get come from….

  • Silly Zealot

    What a fun comic to have on Easter Friday.

  • Paul

    Also between 2 and 3. And so far yes, you were. ;)

  • Millennial Dan

    Oh brother. What kind of ridiculously contrived cliché is this?