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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Lord_foul


    • BiggyDingus


      I’m sure anyone reading through for the first time appreciate you spoiling the next comic for them in an attempt to appear clever.

      • Hubbabubba

        Not a spoiler. The shadow looks like Tim. Thus, it is a reasonable reaction and thought to think “TIM HERE. TIM FIND CHICKEN. TIM HAPPY THAT TIM FOUND CHICKEN.”

  • Robert

    Oh boy, new character. Although I think I’m gonna miss that rhyming gnome. He did end up growing on me

    • Jacob Søndergaard

      Don’t think its a new one. I think it is.. The pirate lass

      • Segelbranth

        Aaa, was trying to figure it out myself. Gonna stick with your theory :)

        • Fellow

          Could be her mother too, though.

          • Boris “BoroFreak” Grigorov

            Imo, it’s almost surely Gid’s mother, the blue-skinned pirate.

          • Fellow

            They’re both blue. I suppose we’ll know for sure once we see her eyes.

          • joey g.

            Or maybe it’s the story about what happened to her eyes

          • Rael

            That’s because they’re the same person. Weird how that works, innit? =P

          • Fellow

            The blue pirate is her own mother, now? Is she a time lord or something?

          • Boris “BoroFreak” Grigorov

            I feel like I’m missing something here… Since when is Gid blue and not green? ~_0

          • Fellow

            The blue skinned pirate has a mother. Said mother is blue as well. For example, check LFG book 11 page 285.

          • Boris “BoroFreak” Grigorov

            Note taken! :) Need to reread the whole thing, probably x)

      • Robert

        I just meant new as in we’re done with the dwarf and on to a different character. I assume with a title like “the mother” we’re starting a short arc on gid’s mom/the pirate

  • Nulgar

    So, Krunch x Tah’vraay?

  • TruDivination

    Aww she looks adorable already!

  • Chin

    I don’t get it. On the Home page it says “The Mother” but in that last panel it says “The Daughter”. What’s it going to be? I’m so confused xD on a different note: Loving these NPC pages :)

    • Nulgar

      The mother, the daughter, and the holy ghost of Krunch.

    • Hubbabubba

      The Captain is the daughter of the Sisterhood, but the mother of Benny. Thus, both are right. If this is about Benny’s mom, that is.

    • Will Attar

      Typo. My bad.

  • Christian G

    I knew it, she’s a Chiss running from an evil Empire and is stranding in that little backwater harbortown called… Tatooine

    • Philip J. Uys

      funnily enough… i thought the same thing ^_^

    • Nicole Katic

      but… but… her eyes aren’t glowing red *yet*!!!!

  • roxassword

    Gid when you read this I will have passed, I’m sorry for not telling you this story sooner. This is the story of How I Met Your Mother.

    • Orannis

      Inb4 Belair.

      • roxassword

        Good sir, I have no idea what you are trying to say although I’m sure it is witty and well thought out and not redundant or asinine.

    • LaughingTarget

      Ah, so this NPC tale is going to last 9 years and go through a long list of women the narrator banged before meeting Mom.

      • roxassword

        And then have a disappointing end, yes.

  • CalTheOnly

    That last frame looks amazing. Great work Hawk & Ed! I wanna steal it! If I was a girl (or I felt like pretending) it’d be my new avatar pic.

  • safyrejet

    Awww, it doesn’t rhyme anymore. I’m gonna miss that. New story! Cue the plethora of theories which somehow all relate back to Richard.

    • Selvec

      Well there is lots of people, and civilization looks rather untouched. So unfortunately I think its safe to say that Richard probably isn’t here. I mean…buildings are standing. Thats usually a good sign Richards nowhere nearby.

      • safyrejet

        That’s not quite what I meant.

  • roxassword

    So true, the entire show was amazing, the last episode was a rollercoaster. It was shaping up to be a good end… but then *SPOILER ALERT* they kill the mother off so he can go get the girl that he has moved on from. The whole show was about moving on and by doing so you can be happy but they basically undo all of Teds character development in the last 10 minutes of the show.

  • Nicole Katic

    though, one funny thing i’d like to note, from someone’s comments down the page about the sisters, the mother, their leader, and the brothers…. tah’vraay is the only “sister” that is blue, like her mother, so only the two of them as “sisters” are blue, the rest are pale skinned, don’t look anything like the mother, yet, all the sons are blue with white hair…. i wonder why that is….