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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Lord_foul

    we aren’t very good at ths surrendering thing

    • Hubbabubba

      Looks to me like they are very good at the surrendering thing, just their own version of it. XD

  • Zoltan

    Fist one :)

    Still HOT and now Evil too

  • TruDivination

    Wait….but….this explains everything! I can’t…….HAHAHAHAHA THis is just too funny for me somehow!

  • Wanderer

    Well, we did not really seen him dead right? He was still talking on last panel on page 25…

  • Gottfried Alexander

    I knew it!!!!! I told you it would happen!!! Take that, Steve!!!

  • Pyremist

    So, the trolls (and Richard) saved him from the misery of watching his friends and family grow old and die by killing them in battle. Now who’s the bad guy?

    • Piret Rhapsodos

      Still Richard and the Trolls. Next?

      • Matt Dameron

        And coming up next on Stage B, it’s Richard and the Trolls! *cheering and applause*

  • Gottfried Alexander

    When is Fitch coming back to LFG? He kind of needs to now.

    • Godzfirefly

      No more or less than hctibelttil does.

  • Frank Altpeter

    So Fitch was not dead,
    I should go read,
    page twentyfive once more.
    this is the way
    I – everyday -
    do love this more and more

    • Yupyup

      dead and read does not rime in this sentence. “read” as how you meant it is past time sentence you wrote it a present time sentence however so it doesn’t rime. Next more and more makes no rime really either, since it is the same word. nice try though.

      • Frank Altpeter

        Thanks for your kind corrections. I’m sorry that I’m not good at rhyming as I’m not an English native. But I’m sure your¹ great at rhyming.

        (¹ Funny joke intented)

  • safyrejet

    I don’t suppose Fitch has ever seen “Death Becomes Her”. He’s gonna need to make sure he’s marries a good plastic surgeon. Maybe Richard can give him some tips.

  • Joshua Greenway

    Next Panel:
    Witch:”Well, I can’t really do that, I was just asking.”

  • Fusionater

    I was wondering how this would all matter given his fate in the main story-line.

    Though I sincerely doubt that Sohmer planned this. :p

  • MsFlyingSnake .

    Ouch. Why would she curse him like that? He just wants to be taller. Now he has to be short FOREVER!!!

  • roxassword

    The only way to not die is to already be dead, thus indicating he is a zombie gnome. Fear the zombie gnome and also the creepy witch’s smile. Damn that smile be creepy.

  • LaughingTarget

    What’s really bad about the misspelling is that browsers these days have built in spell checkers.

    • OgreDee

      But not grammar. Rime is a correctly spelled word, it just happens to mean Frost, and not words which sound alike.

  • Chris

    face of boe?

  • Fusionater

    Oh wait, I see, now he’ll live long enough for robotic legs to be invented.

    Or maybe a witch that can change height…seriously…immortality…no big whoop, leg extensions on the other hand? Impossible man! Can’t be done.

  • Trogdor

    Ewwww…. this new site design… pale red background, twitching image panes…It’s like the site is trying to give me a headache.

    • Fusionater

      The image panes wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t use such an overwhelming red color.

  • JZSquared

    And so we witness the birth of Kenny. Also I have to say that the shaking panels are a bit jarring. Everything else looks great.

  • adekii

    Obviously he went looking for an inferior witch. This is the one he should have gone to: