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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Gottfried Alexander

    Well, he found the witch.

  • Gottfried Alexander

    The real question is: Did the witch make Fitch un-killable?

  • Numaire

    His eyebrows retreated under his helmet in the first panel

    • Liquid

      Well, he wouldn’t want to get them dusty from brushing himself off…

  • roxassword

    I knew thats what bears really want out of life.

  • TruDivination

    Well hey, we all know he will. Dramatic irony and all. I guess it’s hard to have cliffhangers this way, isn’t it?

    • Da’Zlein

      Maybe he was secretly undead when we met him… it would explain how he took a spear to the heart and lived…

  • Matthew Vincett


  • safyrejet

    Well hey now that’s convenient. Librarian Fitch got clobbered by just the vegetarian bear minion who would take him to this witch. Now the question is will she tell him how to grow?

    • Christian G

      ermm partly ;)

  • Rick

    I keep hearing this in my head with a phat bass beat. Word, g-nome!

  • Adamas

    The witch wanted Fitch to scratch a troublesome itch?

  • chelvo56 .

    Hmm… Well, did the Witch tried to make Fitch a… It begins with B…

  • Selvec

    So into the cave, Fitch was taken away, with fear of meeting the hag,
    Only to find, the witch was a lie, and just Richard dressed in drag.