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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Lord_foul

    did I mention I’m richard?

  • TruDivination

    Wow Winnie the Pooh, you finally broke your addiction. Good for you!

    • Fengor

      It took multiple trips to rehab, and drove poor Rabbit to alcoholism.

      • Rudi Gerber

        Not really; by those red eyes id say he replaced one addiction with another

        • Rohan

          His dealer only accepts cash

          • Rarazal

            Geez, man, right in the childhood!

          • Ethorin

            that is not Winnie
            to brown not round enough
            and no stitches

            especially since I still watch Winnie the Pooh when I find it

          • Mr. D

            Damn Straight

          • Matt Dameron

            Oh, bother…

  • David herbert

    He wants the money to get some meth.

  • bears

    I’ve only just realized Fitch’s eyebrows are on his helmet..

  • Nathan David Alexander Burgess

    So, he went into the forest and got mugged by a bear?

    • Adamas

      was either that or Bugged by a Mare?

      • The Gray Watcher

        Perhaps he didn’t even care to share?

        • Cody Brunelle

          I can’t believe you guys went there.

          • The Gray Watcher

            But we did go with a beastly stare!

          • Someone Else

            …and you did it all without leaving your chair!

          • wowfood

            this conversation made me rip out my hair.

          • Adamas

            And now it’s floating through the air.

  • Selvec

    The thumbnail for this made my imagination run to places I really wish it hadn’t gone.

    • cpc65

      Did you hear banjo music with that?

  • Frankie D.

    “Hello. We are magical talking bear prostitutes”

  • safyrejet

    What kind of bear mugger is this? Doesn’t he know enough to search pockets while the guy is knocked out. Why wait until he comes too, now Fitch can ID him. I’m no criminal and even I know about that. I watch crime drama TV shows. ;P

    • safyrejet

      Also, where was Fitch keeping that honey jar?

      • Matthew Kahne

        Let’s just say it was a “pain in the ass” to hide it.

  • Râven

    Yawn!!! yet again, go back to HTCIB story much MUCH more interesting.

  • MsFlyingSnake .

    Wonder if that’s the bear that had it’s arms taken by Richard.